Hello! for those of you faithful readers this is a oneshot of what later happened in Blaise and Harry's relationship. I'm sorry if it appears disjointed- its unbeta'd- but I hope it gives some form of closure to the story that I couldn't finish. It takes place when Harry is 24, so a big jump in time- for those of you that read the original it goes on from there, missing out a large chunk of time. I don't have a copy of the original on this computer, so I apologise to those of you who haven't read it, but you're gonna have to use your imaginations for what happens in the time gap, until I am able to upload the rest of the unworked version.

That said, please enjoy!

A New Beginning

Harry stood on the doorstep of the large house still debating whether or not it was still an option to bolt- even if he had just knocked upon the door. Six years had passed since he had last seen Blaise, their last meeting had been an intense explosion of passion that had came and gone at an alarming speed. He remembered the burning look in her eyes when he came to her, she had known he was leaving, they had both known that there was a good chance that he wouldn't ever return, that it would be the last time they would be together. They were eighteen and young and desperate and in love. Their relationship had been generally met with hard looks and disbelief yet the inevitable end that their world was rapidly coming to made them cling to each other all the more. Though it was dangerous, and Harry had often feared for her. But Blaise could be as hard, cold and unforgiving as ice and she was more than capable of taking care of herself- despite this, and her determination to fight at his side, he left her when he went to Voldemort to finally fight it out. He could still clearly recall the memory of her sleeping form in that dim room; her black hair spread across the pillow like an ink stain, her drowsy pale hand questing for the warmth that had disappeared from her side.

Harry snapped back to the present as the door before him was flung open and a small girl blinked up at him. Harry blinked at her; she looked like a miniature more petulant version of the eighteen year old Blaise he remembered, only her eyes were a very familiar green.

They stared at each other for a while before a boy, the same size and almost perfectly identical moved beside the girl. He arrowed an unfriendly glare at Harry and demanded, 'Who are you?' His eyes were grey and his black hair stuck up oddly at the back. Harry felt his hand creeping up to the back of his head to flatten down his own hair as he looked at the pair.

'What is this?' A sharp voice called from the back of the hall. Harry jumped as he recognised it to be Blaise's, a deeper, warmer voice than the one he remembered, but the stuffy tone was still the same. 'You're letting all the cold in,' the voice continued to grumble, and then she appeared before him.

Harry's breath caught in his throat as her eyes met his. She was still Blaise, but- Merlin she had grown up! He found his eyes drinking in the sight of her gorgeous figure and pale face, the mouth now no longer looked pouty but had a pleasant curve to it and her round cheeks had a healthy flush. Absently he noticed that the boy was addressing his mother in a grouchy voice about the odd man that had knocked on their door.

Blaise gaped at him, her grey eyes wide.


The little girl screamed and Harry rushed forward to take Blaise away from the door, who had promptly fainted on seeing her old sweetheart.

Well, it could have been worse, Harry thought dryly to himself as he carried Blaise over to the couch, ignoring the little boy who was whacking him around the shins with a cane and telling him to leave his mother alone.

He quickly assured the two that he was an old friend of their mother's, and took a chair opposite Blaise as he waited her to come to. The girl sat beside him, staring at him in an owlish manner. The boy hovered protectively over Blaise, glowering at Harry and waving his cane around as a warning gesture for Harry to move any closer. Behind him Blaise's eyelids flickered and she breathed in deeply. The little boy turned around and so the first thing she saw was his anxious round face peering at her. Blaise exhaled sharply, 'Oh... Caspian,' she raised a white hand to his cheek, sounding immeasurably relieved.

Then she caught sight of Harry seated behind him and let out a rather undignified squawk. 'Oh my God!' she gabbled, pressing her back into the couch. 'You- Your-' She gasped.

Caspian leapt into action, and Harry had to jump behind the couch to avoid getting hit by the crazed stick-wielding five-year old. The little girl was wailing her head off and Blaise was still doing the best- and undoubtedly the most embarrassing fish-out-of-water impressions he's ever seen. She'd no doubt kill him later for so thoroughly making her loose her cool like this.

Then Blaise pointed dramatically at him crouching behind the table and said, 'But you're dead!'

There was a brief silence, before both children ran to cower behind their mother, although the boy was still striving to look brave about it, he had come to eh conclusion that his cane wouldn't work on ghosts.

It seemed it could get worse.

Harry got awkwardly to his feet and looked directly at Blaise. She flinched. He tried moving closer but then the girl began to wail again. 'Blaise,' he said softly, looking into her grey eyes. At the sound of his voice she seemed to gather herself and gently pushed her children towards the door. 'Go upstairs now, please, I'm going to have a talk with this man here.'

The boy didn't move, 'What if he tries to hurt you, Mother? I think I should stay.'

Blaise smiled reassuring at him, 'Don't worry about me, this man is an old- acquaintance- of mine, he won't hurt me.'

The boy whispered loudly, 'I don't trust him.'

Blaise stiffened slightly and her expression became severe. Caspian stuck out his bottom lip and moved, dragging his sister behind him, he gave Harry one last parting glare before slamming the door shut behind them and stomping down the hall.

Harry looked at Blaise, looking at him. There were so many things he wanted to say and do. He wanted to take her into his arms and kiss her senseless, he wanted to feel her touch. But he didn't. Instead her name fell from his lips again in a soft sigh.

Then she moved towards him, and Harry realised that she too had had the same thoughts as him- he spread his arms to accept her passionate embrace-


It appeared that he was sorely mistaken, he thought as the hard slap forced his head to whip to the side and his cheek to burn like fire. The second slap also took him by surprise and he almost stumbled over the coffee table. The third one he caught before it made contact, and he found himself angry and both hopelessly confused at this violent reunion.

Outside Caspian snickered as the sound of his mother's slaps permeated through the door. Then came the shouting.

'How could you do that to me?!' she bawled at Harry, slamming her palms against his chest and pushing him backwards again. 'Where the hell have you been?! I thought you were dead, you selfish prick! How could you just leave like that?!'


'You abandoned me, you worthless piece of s-'


'I waited for you!' she cried, tears spilling down her flushed cheeks. 'I waited as long as I could- hic- I-' She broke off to dash her tears away and sagged against the back of the sofa. 'God, I need a drink.'

Harry quickly took charge of the break in her rant. 'Blaise, Blaise, let me explain what happened. Please.'

Blaise glared at him and Harry tried not to wince, he had forgotten how acerbic her gaze could be. 'What could you possibly have to say to me?' she said quietly. 'You left. Everyone said that you died when you killed Voldemort- but I didn't believe them- I couldn't- but you never came back. You left me in such a heap of shit- I- I was pregnant you idiot! You got me bloody pregnant!' She started sobbing again, quietly, but when Harry reached out to comfort her she pulled away. 'You have no idea how it's looked upon in our society- a pureblood witch getting pregnant before she marries, it would have ruined our family name.' She sighed and brushed the hair from her eyes, 'My father was set to disown me- mother persuaded him not to, but they were furious about all of what had happened at Hogwarts and my disloyalty to my family by going against their wishes. I didn't tell anyone who the father was, but I knew people still suspected us, from before we decided to keep our relationship quiet.'

'Blaise I'm sorry,' Harry said moving to touch her shoulder. 'I should have ended it before any of this happened.'

Blaise suddenly went still and then rounded on him incredulously, 'Don't you dare say that to me, Potter! Even if all this shit has happened I don't once regret what we did. I have the twins now- they look just like you, you know? It almost broke my heart seeing Fiore's eyes after they were born; they reminded me so much of you.' She moved towards the couch and sat down, summoning two crystal tumblers and a whisky decanter. 'Drink?' she asked out of an ingrained courtesy, as she poured herself a generous measure.

'Er, no thanks,' Harry replied, watching with some awe as she necked the amber liquid in one gulp.

Blaise wiped her face again, her eyes bright. 'Oh Merlin, I must look so awful to you right now.' She laughed shakily but seemed to be lot calmer after a dose of 'dutch-courage'.

Harry took in her red rimmed eyes, and tear stained face and smiled. 'You could never look awful to me Blaise.' The words sounded corny as soon as they left his mouth, Harry realised, inwardly cringing. But they were true.

Blaise snorted then pinned him with her grey eyes, 'So what's the excuse then, Potter? Why do you come back to haunt me like this after so long?' There was a bitterness hiding beneath the playful question and Harry felt his heart constrict within his chest.

'Well after I battled Voldemort there was an explosion. A blast of magic. I don't know what happened really, only that one moment I was stood over his body and then I woke up in a muggle hospital somewhere.' He looked at her soberly, 'My aunt was there. She said I'd been in a coma for the past four years.'

Blaise's face wasn't openly sceptical when she heard those words, and Harry took heart from this. 'That was six months ago,' he continued. 'It took a while before I could get back normal. I stayed with my cousin Dudley- he's not so bad now he's grown up a bit. But I was desperate to find you, and I had no idea what was happening in the magical world, I couldn't understand why no one knew I was still alive. One day I came across Mrs Figg- she's a squib that I used to live by and she-' he laughed humourlessly, 'She almost went into cardiac arrest when she saw me. Apparently there was nothing left after the explosion took place and everyone assumed that I had been obliterated along with it. I think I must have apparated somehow, just before it hit. Some muggles found me and contacted my mother's sister, who chose not to inform any of the wizarding community- she's not very supportive of magic. Well I found out that you had a perfumery in Hogsmeade, so I checked there as soon as I could, but the workers told me you rarely visit there because of your kids.' He looked down at his hands, 'I thought about giving up then, because you'd clearly moved on, but I just had to see you again, so when I found out you lived here I came- and- well, I can tell the kids are mine, heh-' A goofy grin spread across his face at this odd turn of events.

Blaise's lips curled upwards at the corners, then the smile faded and her eyes grew sad. 'I'm married, Harry,' she said softly.

Harry's smile disappeared like a snuffed candle, 'To who?' burst from his mouth before he could prevent them. He reddened slightly but faced Blaise.

Blaise eyes began to grow shiny again, 'You remember Theodore Nott?'

Harry nodded and gripped the fabric of his trousers into his clenched fists. It had been amazing to find Blaise like this, to find the children were his, and all the wild possibilities of them getting back together and raising their family had suddenly been rammed into a brick wall with this unwelcome, but not unexpected news. 'He was that quiet slytherin that used to hang around with Malfoy sometimes- with the brown hair,' he answered morosely.

Blaise nodded, her eyes tearing up again. 'After you left he offered to support me, he claimed the kids as his own and married me so that they weren't born out of wedlock.'

'Decent of him,' Harry found himself saying.

Blaise leaned over and took his hand. 'Don't be like that Harry, he was good to me. If he hadn't have done that my whole family would have been shamed, and I would have had to bring up the twins by myself.'

'Well we can't have that can we?' Harry said sarcastically, his nails biting into his palms.

Blaise drew back a little. 'Merlin, Harry, would you be a bit more grown up about this? This is so hard for me to tell you, and to take in. I can't believe you're here right now.'

Harry gazed at her with frustration, 'I'm trying, Blaise, but I've missed four years in this world that I can't ever get back. I still love you! But you're married to some bloke-'

'I love you,' Blaise responded fervently. 'I never stopped loving you- I couldn't- I tried, for Theo's sake, because he really loved me, but I always thought of you, and I felt so guilty all the time.'

'What do you mean, he 'loved' you? Did he divorce you in the end?' Harry said eagerly, hope sending sparks of anticipation down his spine.

Blaise broke eye contact, 'He... passed away, a few years ago.'

Harry suddenly felt like a dick. 'Oh.'

'The children think he's their father,' Blaise continued, still looking into her lap. 'I thought it best they were brought up that way.'

Harry took her hand in his again; it looked so small and delicate against his. 'I think you made the right decision,' he said after a moment.

Blaise smiled again and looked up at him, 'Oh Harry,' she said breathily. 'How much you've changed.' Her fingers gently brushed his fringe back to trace the lightening bolt scar.

Harry grinned, 'It was quite a shock looking in the mirror after I woke up,' he agreed. His face turned serious again, 'Blaise, I'd really like to get to know the kids- I mean, it's weird waking up and finding out your a father but I really want to see them grow up and all that.'

Blaise smiled prettily a slight dimple appearing in one of her cheeks, 'I'd like that,' she said softly. 'But Harry, I don't think we should tell them about us until they get used to you.'

Harry laughed and ran a hand through his hair, 'No we shouldn't tell them for a long time- they might freak out if they find out that I'm they're father.'

'I didn't mean that,' she replied, a calculating look in her eyes. 'I think the whole wizarding world will freak out when they hear Wonderboy returned from the dead. Mind you- only you would pull off a stunt like that.'

Harry didn't know whether to be pleased by that or miffed, he instead decided to respond to what Blaise had said before. 'What did you mean th-'

'Kiss me you idiot.'

There was a rap on the wooden door to my laboratory; I quickly dowsed the fire beneath the minute cauldron and emptied its contents into a series of glass phials. 'Child or adult?' I called out as I carefully measured the shimmering purple liquid into each container.

There was a muffled giggling from behind the door, and then a male voice sighed and called out 'Both.'

'I'll be two minutes,' I said, corking the bottles with a flick of my wand and quickly cleaning up the work surfaces. I then banished all the phials save one to the uppermost shelf in my cupboard. I slipped the remaining one into my robes and moved towards the door.

As soon as it opened Fiore flung her small arms around my waist, 'Mother, Uncle Harry bought me this ribbon!' She waved the bright red item around in the air excitedly, her green eyes sparkling. 'Uncle' Harry shifted his feet, looking uncomfortable but pleased as he watched my face. That intense green stare still made words stick in my throat and thought process slow to the bare minimum. I swallowed and opted to look at my 6 year old daughter instead.

'It's very pretty, flower, but wouldn't you like me to put in your hair for you?' I ran a hand through her soft black hair.

Fiore shook her head stubbornly, 'It's not a hair ribbon!' She shook it at me for further emphasis.

'Where is your brother?' I asked.

'Here, Mother.' Caspian said, moving from behind Harry. Unlike his twin, he had not yet taken to Harry's presence in their lives, but he was steadily cultivating a grudging respect for Harry (on finding out that 'Uncle' Harry was also the Saviour of the wizarding world), this did not bother me that much because Caspian was always slow to take to strangers, he was much like Theodore in that respect.

'Caspian doesn't like my ribbon,' Fiore told the whole room in a scandalised voice.

I looked at Caspian and winked at him, 'Well it is in Gryffindor colours, flower.'

Caspian smiled and Harry mocked an outraged expression. 'You hear that, Fiore? Your mother just dissed Gryffindor!' he swept Fiore into his arms and she giggled happily.

'Slytherin is way better!' Caspian spoke up, actually participating in a discussion with Harry for once. 'Mother was in Slytherin!'

'And Uncle Harry was in Gryffindor!' Fiore retorted, poking her tongue out at her brother. 'Gryffindor is the best!'

'Is not!'

Harry looked over Fiore's head to meet my eyes, his mouth was twitching, 'This is vaguely familiar,' he commented.

I smirked at him, 'Slytherin is better, you know.'

Harry rolled his eyes and put Fiore back down, where she and Caspian took off to the garden, Harry had been trying (and failing) to build them a treehouse of sorts, it had taken the combined efforts of the Weasley men, who were a lot more practical than Harry, to construct the wooden box in the tree. The whole thing looked rather dubious to me, but Harry assured me it was a common thing to have as a muggle child, though he himself had never been in one. Which probably explained why he spent so much time up there with the kids. Typical man.

Harry twined his hands through mine and pulled me towards him, he was slightly taller now, his hair a bit longer but just as messy as ever, I hated and loved the way he made my heart stammer in my chest and my knees go weak every time he looked into my eyes, those stupid, beautiful, enrapturing eyes...


'Hmm...?' I blinked, jerking myself out of the vapid lovesick expression that had stuck on my face when I looked into his eyes. Why was it that I could never look dignified when he was around?

Harry was blushing slightly and my mouth quirked into a smile, cute. 'I said,' he mumbled, going pinker by the second. 'Would you marry me?'

I gawked at him for a few seconds, it must have taken Harry weeks of practicing to say those words without them sounding like that had been mashed together and spewed out.


Harry overcame his embarrassment somewhat to peer at me curiously, 'Uh, Blaise are you okay?'

Oh Merlin. This should not be happening. I was a twenty-five year old mother, I was a successful business woman, a moral upstander for wizarding society! I was also hopelessly in love with an ex-gryffindor who had a serious hero-complex who had also asked me to marry him. Unfortunately my mind had sped up during this momentous time, whilst my body had- deteriorated in a sense.

'Uh, Blaise, you're drooling on me.'

Even this wasn't enough to wake me from my stupor, I finally slurred at him, 'Sure, why the hell not?' Before collapsing in a boneless puddle at his feet.

I was dimly aware of Caspian appearing at my side and yelling accusingly at Harry, 'You did it again!'

I sighed dreamily, Blaise Potter, eh? Who'd have thought?


Yup, that's it folks: the ending. I won't be writing any more for this story but am happy to have laid it to rest- somewhat. Thank you everyone for reading Stupid is as Stupid Does (a fic which seems to have very little relevance to its title) I hope you enjoyed it, thank you for your reviews over the years (that looks really bad when I realise I haven't updated this in so long!)

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