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The sun rose over the now passing thunderous cloud. The glaring light from the sun awoke Katara and Aang who together lay beneath a weeping willow tree. Sokka groaned at the beams of light that awoke him as well.

"Morning Katara, how are you and the baby today?" Aang said laying one hand on her swollen belly. Katara is 6 months pregnant.

"I'm fine and so is the baby." Katara replies with a smile. She takes her right hand and puts it over Aang's hand. Aang helps Katara up as Sokka roles up his sleeping bag and places it carefully on Appa.

"Ok Mr. Love-Bird, Katara is fine so how's about helping start a fire?" Sokka said stretching his arms high. Katara grabbed her canteen and headed for the river to get some water, while Aang and Sokka stood nearby picking up sticks for a fire.

"Katara let me get that for you. You know the doctor said you can't water bend until the baby is born." Aang warned Katara.

"Aang, I'm just going to fill my canteen. It won't take but one swift move." Katara said smiling.

"But the doctor said…"

"Don't worry about it." Katara said interrupting him. She lifted her hands and in one swift move had a handful of water under her control. She easily moved the water into her canteen and closed the top. "See? One swift move." Aang look at her with a soft smile on his face and went back to picking up dead wood for a fire. Katara starred at the water for a minute and thought 'I haven't practiced water bending in a while…' she then picked her hands up once more and began to glide small amounts of water through the air. After a few minutes Katara began bending larger amounts of water.

"Katara! Stop, listen to what he doctor said." Aang warned her once more. All of a sudden the water that Katara was bending dropped to the ground. Katara fell to her knees and then to the ground. Aang rushed over to her in her last minute of consciousness. "Katara, Katara? Stay with me! I'm right here." Katara's eyes shut until awaking once more on a warm and cozy blanket inside their tent. "Katara! You're OK." Aang said giving her a giant hug.

"What happen?" Katara asked with a soft voice.

"You passed out. The doctor was right. No more water bending Katara. You may harm the baby."

"I'm fine Aang. I didn't die, so what if I passed out for a few minutes that still won't stop me from bending." Katara said with a frown.

"Please Katara, just do me this favor. Don't water bend. Just for a couple more months. Think of our baby." Aang said holding her hand. Later that night, Katara woke to an urgent need of water. She quietly crept out of the tent and to a small lake in the woods. She would have gone to the nearby river but the sound of water may wake Aang or Sokka. Once at the lake, Katara slowly cupped her hands and scooped some water into her mouth. When ready to head back, Katara hear a loud noise.

"Search the woods! I want the Avatar alive." A voice sounded from behind the bushes. Katara crept to the bush and peeked out to see what the fuss was all about. She then saw him, Zuko. Katara fell back when she noticed him heading her way. She couldn't run or even jog so she just hid behind the bush. But sadly enough, Zuko heard her heavy breathing and threw a massive fire ball at the exact bush that Katara was hiding. She let out one high pitched squeal and started to head back to the river, but Zuko got to her first.

"The waterbender." Zuko said getting ready to fire another fire ball. But then he looks down at her enlarged stomach and stood down. Katara, knowing that she shouldn't water bend, creates a massive wave and fires it at Zuko. After so, she becomes weak once more and passes out. Zuko was thrown to a tree. He then gets up holding and shaking his head.

"Sir, the avatar and water tribe boy are gone." Says a soldier.

"Call all troops back to the ship." Zuko orders. Zuko started to head back to the ship, when he turns and looks at Katara, lying still on the ground. He hesitates for a moment. 'She is with the avatar. Why should I help her? But if I don't, she will most likely die.' Zuko thinks for a moment.

"Zuko! Let's go." General Iroh yells from the ship. Zuko still unsure picks up Katara and runs back to the ship.

"Zuko, what are you doing?" Iroh yells.

"Just start the engines." Zuko said while walking up the ramp to the boat. Zuko carried the young pregnant water tribe girl to his quarters and laid her on his bed. He starred at her for a moment, noticing that she was still unconscious. "What am I doing." He whispered to himself.

A few hours passed and Katara remained in her deep slumber. Zuko stayed in his room meditating, until a knock at the door disturbed him.

"Prince Zuko, Can I talk to you?" General Iroh whispered from behind the metal door.

"Uncle, I am meditating. I don't want to talk about the girl." Zuko said in a calming voice.

"Of course, Prince Zuko." Iroh said walking away. Zuko looked at the girl still in the same position, sleeping away. Zuko noticed small shivers that came over her. He starred at her for a moment than grabbed a blanket and covered her with it. Katara turns on her side and takes a deep breath, placing her hand on her stomach. Zuko lets out a small smile.