Naruto knew they were coming, it was only a matter of time. He sighed, looking around anxiously at the snow covered rooftops of Konoha no Kuni. 'No one would ever even notice...', he told himself as he walked forward, rubbing his arms in a vain attempt to warm himself in the extremely cold winter weather of the Fire country. He had been kicked out of Sasuke's apartment with nothing but a t-shirt, shorts, and his bare feet. "Effing prick..." he said bitterly, more to the air than anyone else. Eventually, he stepped on ice and slid, falling back and onto his head, hitting it rather hard.

Naruto groaned, rubbing his head when he heard a large crack underneathe him. His eyes widened as he tried to stand up, but a sharp pain shot up through his leg, making him hiss in pain. He looked at his leg and found the bone protruding from his flesh, blood gushing into a pool around him. "When the hell'd that happen!?" He went to push himself up but the ice fell beneathe him, hand hitting water colder than anything he'd ever felt. "Shit!" He sucked in oxygen as he fell through the ice, water so cold it made his limbs heavy quickly. The water seemed to calm him even though he knew he would die. He smiled softly at the thought of a freedom from the hell they called 'Earth'. He was about to drift off to the black void when he saw the shadow of a figure reaching into the water. His eyes closed as he smile grew, drifiting into the black void called unconsciousness.

"He fell into the water... yes, through the ice..." Naruto listened to the smooth voice talking rather quietly. He kept his eyes closed, mostly from the weird feeling that crawled through the veins of his body. He was in a bed, the blankets wrapped tightly around his body and the room was warm. He sighed contently and snuggled into the covers, before it dawned on him that he was last in the forest, drowning in freezing water. He shot up, looking around him at the room.

"Well, you wanted the Kyuubi, ne?" Naruto cringed, remembering that was why Sasuke threw him out. He sighed and looked at his hands, tears forming at his eyes. He had been so sadistic about it, laughing as he threw the nin out. "Too fucking bad." Naruto blinked, looking at the door as a man with blonde hair walked in, hair tied back and bangs covering one eye. He blinked but smiled at Naruto.

"Well, it seems as though you're awake." Naruto blinked but nodded. The man's (or was it woman?) green eye scared him slightly. "Are you hungry? I could make soup or ramen or-." Naruto's expression brightened at the mention of ramen. The man blinked but laughed, smiling at Naruto again. "Well, I'll make you some ramen. I'm Deidara. Who're you?"

"Ah, I'm Naruto!" Deidara laughed again, nodded, and walked off, his hair swaying slightly but Naruto still couldn't see his other eye. And, thus, he was left alone in the room again, leaving him to brood over the loss of his best friend, rival, and lover. He curled up into a ball on the bed, never once noticing someone walked in until they spoke.

"If he had really loved you, he would've accepted you." Naruto looked up at a man who had long black hair that had slowly slipped off his shoulder, dark onyx eyes, unnaturally pale skin, and two marks on his face, one under each eye that trailed to the bottom of his nose. The man stood straight up again and pulled his back into a low ponytail, which only added to his sexy charm. "My brother can be so stubborn, the brat. He never takes what he has for granted." He looked to Naruto, who looked lost. He rolled his eyes and held his hand out to Naruto. "I'm Itachi, Sasuke's older brother."

Naruto looked at his hand for a moment like it was an alien. "Wha... what am I supposed to do?" Itachi blinked, pulling his arm back to his side. "You really don't interact with people much, do you? You're supposed to shake my hand and say your name. Care to try again?" Naruto shook his head no, trembling softly. Itachi blinked but nodded, stretching his arms above his head until three pops were heard. Naruto blinked. "What was that popping?"

"Me moving vertebrae back into place. Hurts like hell." Naruto gave him a slightly disturbed look. "What!?" Naruto blinked. "So, why do you do that?" Itachi blinked, but laughed like it was the most hilarious thing he'd ever heard. "What? Did I really say something that funny?"

"Huh? No, just not used to people asking me 'why' I do it. Actually, it runs in the family, the damned genes. Sasuke will hafta learn to do it about two years, give or take a few months." Naruto groaned, holding his stomach. "That time of the month?"

"Shut up. I'm not a freakin' girl." Itachi snorted. "Really? I never would've guessed." He turned his back to Naruto and laughed heartily, Naruto sweatdropping like crazy. 'I really do think insanity runs in their family...' Itachi turned, a full out glare placed on Naruto. "I heard that!"

"B... but I didn't say anything..." Itachi blinked but chuckled, scratching his chin. "Must've been my conscious then..." Naruo stared at him bluntly. "Are you sure you even have one?" Itachi stared at him but turned and walked out, leaving Naruto speechless. "Wha... what the hell?"

"He's a weirdo, s.o.b. more like it. Here's your ramen, Naru-kun." Naruto nodded and toke the bowl from Deidara, slurping it down quickly. "So, do you know how to use the Forbidden Arts?" Naruto must've done the World's best spit take at the question. Deidara laughed, slapping his knee, looking at the now wet Naruto.

"W.. wha?" Deidara smiled, resting his chin in the palm of his hand. "I asked if you know how to use the Forbidden Arts. Everyone here does; mine are Earth based. Kisame's are Water based, Zetsu's are Air based(1), Kazuku's are based on Man-made materials(2), Hiden's are based on Death, Tobi has Illusion based Arts, nobody knows who the Boss's and other guy's Arts are based on, and Itachi's Arts are based on Fire." Naruto nodded, blinking stupidly. "Odd." Deidara blinked, confused. "What is?"

"Mine are based on all the elements, though mostly centering around mixing Fire and Water, Fire and Flower, and Water and Death. I even know the Shadow Arts." Deidara's jaw dropped at the last element, Naruto thinking he might've said something wrong. "THAT IS FRIGGIN' AWESOME! C'mon! We gotta show the others you can do Shadow Arts. They'll be so awed! You know how hard it is to find someone who can do the Shadow Arts?" Naruto shook his head and Deidara continued to run down the stairs, finally stopping when he came to a large (seriously large) dining room. "HEY GUYS! THE NARUTO KID KNOWS THE SHADOW ARTS!!!!"

Everyone turned and looked at Deidara and Naruto. Itachi raised his eyebrow, looking slightly amused which meant Naruto thought he looked damned sexy. "Well, that's nice, but shouldn't we tell poor Naru-kun who everyone is?" Deidara nodded and turned to everyone patting Naruto's shoulder. "Yo, this is Naruto, still haven't figured out his last name. He knows every element, including Shadow." A man with slick silverish hair stood up, smiling softly. The first thing Naruto noticed: he was super muscular and very large. 'He could crush me like an ant!'

"I'm Hidan, the Death Artisan." Naruto nodded slowly, staring. "Don't worry! I won't crush you or anything." Naruto, again, nodded slowly as a man that looked oddly like a shark stood up. "And I'm Kisame, the Water Artisan. Ya know, you look really tasty..." Naruto's eyes widened and thought about running to hide behind Itachi. He settled for hiding behind Deidara, causing half of them to laugh and Itachi to smile slightly. A man who wore a mask with only one peep hole stood up. "I'm Tobi, the Illusion Artisan. Touch me, and you'll be missing a hand in the morning."

"Stop messing with the poor kid." This time it was a man who's skin was two different colors spoke. He had a fly-trap like contraption around his head. "I'm Zetsu, the Air Artisan. Don't mind them, they're mostly just sadistic." Naruto groaned. "That makes me fell a lot better..." A man who's face was hooded and had a scarf around his neck looked at him, and he cringed. "I'm Kazuku, Man-made Artisan. I could rip off all your clothes without even touching you."

"HOLY SHIT! HENTAI!" Naruto shouted, pointing accusingly at Kazuku. Everyone burst out laughing, but Itachi only glared at Kazuku. "Naru-kun, why don't you come sit by me?" Naruto nodded, walking over to the chair Itachi pointed to, yawning stiffly. "So, Naruto, why don't you show use one of the Shadow moves?" Naruto looked at Hidan, who was the one that spoke. "Um, sure." Deidara and Hidan cheered while everyone else just stared. Naruto stood up, jumped onto the table, walked into the middle, and stood there, looking around quickly. He smirked and closed his eyes, mumbling softly until the whole room was covered in a blank darkness and screaming could be heard. He opened his eyes to reveal his eyes had rolled back into his head, and the screaming got louder as the windows began to rattle in their frames and priceless knick-knacks fell to the floor. Soon, spirits could be seen floating around, caressing them and cooing to them to come along. Naruto opened his mouth and spoke, those both his voice sounded odd and he lips weren't moving. "You have seen what most people die from. You have seen the spirits of the dead, calling to you and touching you. And you have seen my Kit at his weakest point. You have also seen me... if you've been paying attention..."

With that, Naruto slumped over the table and onto the floor, unconscious once more. Everyone looked at him then at each other. Itachi was the first to speak, eyes closed. "It seems we have misjudged him. He is more powerful than even the Empress." He stood, walking over to pick him up bridal style. "I'll take him back to the room." He opened to the door and disappeared from the others, who were looking at the damge caused, including a large burn mark in the middle of the table where the blonde stood.

(1)I just gave him air .

(2)Man-made is anything made by a man... or woman