Heya! Sorry about not writing anything so soon... but I have had some computer problems... "XANA's Virus" will continue soon... I promise. But for now I wanted to write out this quick Calvin and Hobbes story... as a sorta tribute to the one thing that got me reading 13 years ago, and started my love of comics, cats and ... stupid stuff!
It had been several weeks since Calvin had last actually had a real conversation with his lifetime friend, Hobbes. It had been shortly after his thirteenth birthday, in which Calvin had finally become a teenager. He was now able to watch PG-13 movies, play rated "T" video games, and read even more action-y and brutal versions of the comics he so loved, without getting chewed out too much by his parents. He had told Hobbes that even thought he was now able to do all these cool things, he was now in Middle School (with Susie Derkins in half of his classes, urg... and Moe in more...) and he now had even more homework to do.

"...And in addition to Math, English, PE, and History..." He told his tiger. "... I also have to do Biology... Science!"

Calvin wasn't truly disappointed at this. He actually looked forward to using a microscope, and doing experiments. He went on about how, though, in order to be allowed to do these things, that he would have to do his work. Hobbes had offered to do it for him, but Calvin refused, and said that it would feel more rewarding to him if he did it himself. Truth was... whenever Hobbes did his homework, he alway got a worse grade then if he did it himself.

As the weeks went on, Calvin became more and more absorbed in his studies, finding the world of learning more interesting than he had once thought as a bore. He paid less and less attention to Hobbes as the time passed.

One day, he came home from school, announcing it out so he could receive his daily tackle and get cratored into the snow by 160 pounds of fuzz.

But it didn't happen.

Calvin took of his snow shoes and headed for his room. He found Hobbes on the bed, as the stuffed animal he became when they weren't alone.

This made no sense to Calvin. If they were alone... Why was Hobbes still a stuffed toy? Then it hit him.

Calvin had ignored the bliss of childhood, and by doing that... Hobbes no longer was real.

He knew what he had to do.

He grabbed Hobbes and a scarf, put his shoes back on and wrapped the scarf around Hobbes neck. Then He grabbed his sled and climbed up LookOut Hill. He sat down on it, Hobbes set down behind him, and started down the hill. He almost hit a tree when a familiar voice that he welcomed greatly sounded off behind him.


Calvin glanced behind him and saw, in all his furry glory, his favorite homicidal psycho jungle cat, had his paws over his eyes. Calvin grinned as the sled rode off the cliff, the two friends drifting in midair for a second or two, and began to fall as the law of gravity took effect.

No... he told himself as Hobbes flailed around with him, the ground coming closer as it always did when this happened. ...I won't grow up... not yet, anyway...

Well... what do you think... I always wondered what would happen if Hobbes stopped being real... even for a moment. I hope you liked this.