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(Zane is now nineteen)

Zane walked into his room, shaking his blue hair like a dog, he was trying to get the last bit of water out of it.


Zane sat on the fence, staring up at the storm clouds gathering, the small one looked like a cyber dragon, not that it mattered. He was waiting for the signal.

"Atticus don't scratch my car!" A voice yelled from one side of the fence.

"Chill Sissy! I wont hurt it at all, besides it's the INSIDE you should care about if you catch my drift," Zane's best friend Atticus said.

"I better not find one piece of evidence that you're not a virgin in my car when you come home!" She said.

"Oh so my secrets out huh? Chill Alexis, I know the consequences!" and with that the signal went off, Atticus turned on the engine and backed out of the driveway.

Zane continued to watch the sky. He was not impatient, besides, knowing Atticus was gone could avoid getting into a compromising position.

The neighbor's daughter walked up to him, climbing onto the fence as she had done many times before.

"I just had to get an SUV didn't I?" she said.

Zane snorted amused. Alexis was always making comments about her brother in very indirect ways, but he knew that she loved him anyway.

"Would you rather he not have to ask to borrow a car?" Zane asked.

"Good point Truesdale" she said.

They were back to the way they had spoken to one another when they were smaller, in a relaxed yet formal manner.

"So, two weeks until I start my senior year huh?" She said.

"Yeah…" Zane said, his senior year seemed like such a long time ago…

"Any advice from the former Kaiser?" She asked sweetly. This was her signal for YOU CAN KISS ME!

Zane thought about giving her the same advice he always gave to the question she always asked. 'No you can take care of yourself' and a kiss. But he was bored and wanted to shake stuff up (Chocolate milk).

"Don't bring your brother to a shadow game" He said.

Alexis stared at him for a long time (five minutes) then she began to laugh.

"Good advice" she said leaning back on the fence. Her long blond hair slid down her back as she laughed.

He loved the sound of her laugh.

"So are you really going to America for the whole year?" She asked suddenly.

"Yeah, I'm supposed to promote dueling there, you know go on tour beat some of Americas finest…" He said, this was a touchy subject and he didn't want to be serious about it…

Two ways he had to get out of a difficult situation, one be blunt and harsh or two be sarcastic. He hated being rude to her.

"Aw they shouldn't make you go; it's not fair they should send a B-Class rookie." The neighbor's daughter was clearly upset by this.

"Well, you could come with me…" He was so close to saying. He had tried giving her the offer all summer, but he never could get the courage to ask her.

"Its not my place," he said, the real truth was, he needed to coax his ego a bit more, he wasn't ready for real duels with his good persona.

"Yeah, I guess I wouldn't know would I?" the neighbor's daughter seemed to perk down a bit.

"Yes, you might get a taste of it." He said.

"What?" she asked.

"You know, senior year, with your year, there might be some interested scouts" He said, trying to cheer her up, it wasn't his place; he often made happy subjects awkward.

"What do your mean by might?" she looked upset.

Zane wanted to lie, but he was never good at dishonesty.

He inhaled, and then exhaled, preparing his answer.

"Your class, it might, even though your, your one of the best, not the best and the scouts seem to be picky lately," Zane said.

The neighbor's daughter thought for a moment.

"Maybe I should have taken the offer…" She said.

"What… What offer" he said.

She couldn't hear him over the thunder.

The neighbor's daughter took his hand and hopped off the fence onto his side of the yard.

"Sorry, but my brother told me that your hair dye would wash out if it got wet." She joked.

And so they made there way back to Zane's house. His parents weren't home, and his brother was nowhere to be found. And they did what teenagers do when there alone and dating.

Yup, they watched YouTube. (Oh got you there!)

The neighbor's daughter sat on his bed watching Zane dry his hair.

"You spend more time on your hair then I do Truesdale." She said running her hair through her golden hair.

Zane rolled his eyes and turned on the computer.

"You ran faster" He said, annoyed.

"Making an excuse Truesdale?" She said in a Heheheh, I'm going to be ironic and sarcastic matter… (Like going WHAT NOW? In a big showoffish manner)

"You're faster" He said bluntly.

"Really? Because according to my brother you're pretty fast." She said.

"No your brothers just slow" Zane said, where was this conversation going?

"Really!? Because what he's doing in my car right now pretty much qualifies as being pretty damn fast" The neighbor's daughter said, she seemed angry at something.

Zane was shocked to see such, vulgar language come out of her mouth. He actually thought it was pretty hot.

"I believe that you have not seen Crapsule monsters yet?" Zane asked. (oh subliminal messaging… check it out it's a hysterical video)

"No, but it got high ratings… just wondering, is New York City near Manhattan?" the neighbors daughter asked, she seemed hopeful. (Yes I'm from Long Island, I know how New York City works.)

"That was random" Zane said. Manhattan was where he was going to stay during most of his time in America and New York City was…. Well… he had no clue.

"Seriously though." She asked.

"What significance does that have?" Zane asked.

"Well, I'm just, its nothing Truesdale" The neighbors daughter seemed upset.

Zane got up from his computer chair. She was upset. Zane had only seen the neighbor's daughter cry twice since she turned ten. Once when Atticus went missing, and once when she found Atticus again.

"What is it?" He asked, he did not want to see her cry. He hated seeing her cry.

"Its just, I don't want you to go! I don't want to leave you! Its one year in America, then another, then another, then all of a sudden your living there permanently." She said.

Zane sat on his bed, next to the neighbor's daughter.

"And this has to do with New York City and Manhattan because?" He asked.

"Don't talk down to me Truesdale! For your information, I got an offer to spend my first term abroad in the New York duel academy." Alexis said rudely.

"Really? I got that offer as well, but I was supposed to do my spring term." Zane said.

"And I guess the world is more important then studying abroad." The neighbor's daughter said jokingly.

"yeah, so are you thinking of taking the offer" he asked.

"Google it, the distance between the two" She commanded.

She had lost her upset manner and was back to her cheerful self.

Zane took one look at her and went back to the computer.

He snickered, as much as a laugh you get out of Zane Truesdale.

My god I had no idea we were so dumb. He thought

"What, why are you laughing Truesdale?" She asked jumping off the bed.

"The New York duel academy, is in Manhattan," Zane explained

"I had no idea we were so dumb. And now I know I'm taking the offer." She said.

"Alexis, I lo-, Okay so want to watch youtube?" He said.

Your such a WIMP! He thought.

Screw it, he had time.


Okay so that's it. I might work on it a bit more, but I think I'm going to keep it like this… I've gone over to the dark side (what, they had cookies!!) Meaning, I actually published a Naruto Fanfiction.