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Ch. 1: The Illness

Tohru was quietly making breakfast when Kyo and Shigure came downstairs. "Good morning, Tohru-kun, what's for breakfast?" Shigure asked as he sat down at the table. Kyo walked over to the fridge and took a swig from the milk carton.

"Pancakes!" she said with her usual smile. "Where is Yuki-kun?"

"He wasn't feeling well so he went to see Hatori-san at the main house."

She turned around with a panicked look on her face. "Is he alright? Maybe I should-"

"Nonsense," Shigure interrupted, "he will be fine. He should be home soon anyways. I'm sure he would love some of your delicious pancakes." She set two plates full of pancakes down on the table so Kyo and Shigure could start eating. Just then, they heard the front door open and Tohru rushed over to see Yuki walking in.

"Oh, Yuki-kun, how are you feeling?" she asked with a concerned look.

"I'll be fine in a day or so." He said as he shut the door behind himself.

"What?! What is wrong?!"

He glanced into the kitchen to see Kyo and Shigure eating breakfast before he leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Don't tell Kyo, but I am fine. I am just going to be a little week for a day. I should be fine by tomorrow, but if he finds out he would take full advantage and I would never be able to rest."

"Gotcha!" she said with a stern look on her face. Yuki chuckled at the sight.

"How are you, Honda-san?" he said returning to his normal tone.

"I'm fine. Would you like some pancakes?"

"Thank you." He followed her into the kitchen and they ate breakfast together. Later that day, Kyo was out in the yard practicing his martial arts when Yuki and Tohru headed out towards the secret base.

"Come here you damn rat! I am going to finally defeat you!" Kyo said as he leapt in front of Yuki and Tohru. Yuki ignored him and attempted to brush past but Kyo wouldn't let him. "What, are you too afraid to fight me?!"

"Baka neco!" he shouted. Just then, Kyo launched a punch put missed when Yuki moved out of the way. He raised his leg to strike with a kick, but Tohru jumped on Yuki.

"No!" she screamed as she tackled Yuki hearing the all too familiar 'poof' and Kyo's foot collided with her right elbow. She rolled over and lifted the small rat with her left arm as right arm fell limp on the ground beside her body. "Are you alright, Yuki-kun?"

"I'm fine, thank you." Tears began forming around the edge of her eyes. "Are you alright?!"

She began to full-on cry. "Yes…it's just…my elbow hurts."

"Damn rat!" Kyo screamed. "You made me hurt Tohru-kun!"

"Quick, go call Hatori-san!" Yuki ordered. Kyo ran into the house.

"I'm sorry, Yuki-kun." Tohru cried still holding Yuki up in her palm.

"Oh, don't be-" he was interrupted as he poof-ed back. Tohru looked the other way while Yuki got dressed. "Like I was saying, you shouldn't be sorry." He bent down and helped Tohru to her feet. He supported her limp arm and walked her into the house. Hatori arrived a few minutes later and examined Tohru's arm in her room.

"It seems as though you have bruised the cone, Tohru. What happened?" Hatori asked as he wrapped Tohru's arm in an ace bandage.

"Oh, nothing, it's fine." Tohru smiled. Yuki shot Kyo a mean glance.

"Okay then, well, I'll stop by the day after tomorrow to check on it." he stood up. "Actually, I need Yuki-kun and yourself to come back to the main house with me."

"What?!" Yuki blurted out.

"Yes, Akito has requested to see you two together."

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