Kataang fluff. Set sometime during the episodes A Waterbending Master, Siege of the North parts 1 and 2.

Disclaimer: I own everything Mwhahaha! Except Avatar…


It was late evening, and snow was beginning to lazily drift down form the heavens. Of course this meant nothing to the young Avatar and a certain waterbender in training. They were walking in a comfortable silence, lost in their own thoughts. Aang lightly brushed his hand against her wrist, in a silent request to hold her hand.

Katara took his hand without question. Aang smiled to himself, and looked distractedly up at the cloud heavy sky.

"So, are we going any where specific?" Katara asked, "You were muttering something about the stables when we left"

Aang grinned, with mischievous glint in his eye.

"Actually yes, we're going to the stables"

"Then why did you ask me to come? I mean you don't need my help to check on Appa" Katara said, while looking at him curiously.

"That's because we're not checking on Appa" Aang answered with a lopsided smile.

Katara sighed, whatever he's planning on doing better not get us in trouble.


In a small round pen were three tundra elk. Tundra elk look like a reindeer crossed with a draft horse, they have a muscular stature, a soft, thick gray coat, and a pair of horns that point toward its back. Its head and nose are reindeer like, with a pair of small ears that stand up, similar to a horses.

"You're going to ride one aren't you?" Katara asked, crossing her arms over her chest and giving him a look that said 'I know it all'

"Yep" was his reply before hopping over the fence, a halter in his hand.

Katara sighed in exasperation, there was no stopping him, but she smiled anyway. She smiled because he was going to have fun, and nothing could beat his smile or his laughter.

Aang led the large creature through the gate, and up to Katara. The tundra elk sniffed her placidly. Aang airbended himself onto the beast, and held his hand out to Katara expectantly.

Katara stared at his hand and then at him. The tundra elk snorted impatiently. It swung its head around and looked at Katara with an expression that said 'come on, I don't have all night'.

"I don't know Aang…" Katara said hesitantly.

"Come on Katara, I promise not to let you fall" he said encouragingly.

"Ok" Katara said, although she still seemed unsure. She took Aang's out stretched hand, and he pulled her up behind him.

"Hold on tight" Aang warned, blushing lightly when she put arms around his waist.

Aang kicked the beast forward, and it burst into a gallop, spraying freshly fallen snow everywhere. They laughed and shrieked and for one small moment they got to be exactly what they were.

Not two people destined to save the world.

Just two kids playing and falling in love.


I thought that might be something Aang might do. If you don't know what those tundra elk are go to…

www(dot)avatarspirit(dot)net once you get there go to the world of avatar then to creatures. They call the tundra elk a buffalo deer there.

P.S. make sure to replace the word dot with an actual dot.