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The Love that Would Save the World

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Lily was in her bedroom, staring dreamily out into the yard and trying to imagine what was in store for her the next day: she was finally returning to Hogwarts for her seventh and final year. This alone would have given her enough to think about, and that wasn't even including the contents of the letter she held loosely in her hand.

This letter was from Professor Dumbledore informing her that he wished her to take up the duties of Head Girl for the next year. She was not quite sure how she felt about this. It was gratifying to her to think that she had been chosen out of all the girls at Hogwarts, and she wasn't denying that it would be quite fun to have the extra power that came with the position. But at the same time she was a little concerned. She was worried who was going to be Head Boy.

She had a nasty little suspicion in the back of her mind that it might just be James Potter, and that would take all of the fun out of being Head Girl. She hated James. She had hated him for nearly as long as she had known him, at least, she had disliked him that long. She probably hadn't started to hate him until that day towards the end of fifth year… Even thinking about that day made her seethe with anger…

They had just finished taking their Defense Against the Dark Arts OWL—an OWL that she had received an O in, mind you—and she and her friends were talking down by the lake when she had looked up to see James Potter cruelly humiliating and picking on Severus Snape. Now Lily had very little sympathy for Snape, he never failed to spit out the title of Mudblood whenever he saw her, but she still did not want to see him humiliated like that. No one deserved that. She had tried to stop James, demanding to know what motivation he had for torturing the other boy. His response was a shrug of the shoulders. He was torturing Snape simply because he could.

That was why she hated James Potter. He wasted him amazingly large amount of talent causing as much trouble and pain as he could. Not to mention the fact that he kept on asking her out last year. Like she would ever go out with that bigheaded, self-assured jerk. The fact that he even thought she would say yes was disgusting to her. He thought that just because of who he was she would fall all over herself to be with him, just like every other girl at the school had. Sure he was decent looking, and his flying was unbeatable, and he was brilliant, but he was still a jerk, and she didn't date jerks.

Lily dwelt on these satisfying reflections for a long time. She relished the hatred she held for James Potter, like it gave her life meaning or purpose. She just hoped she wouldn't have to put up with him all year as Head Boy. Maybe she would simply resign… no, that was giving up too much for someone she didn't even like. She would simply treat him like the jerk that he was whenever she had to deal with him, and ignore him when she could.

With this resolve Lily turned and stared around at her room. With a start she realized just how little progress she had made towards packing her trunk. She looked at the clock by her bedside; it was 12:30, and she was exhausted. Then she felt a shock course through her: It was 12:30! I'm seventeen! I can do magic! For the last thirty minutes she had been legally allowed to use magic outside of school, and she hadn't even noticed. She had been too busy being angry at James. Well, now that she could use it, she was going to have a little fun with it.

She pulled her wand out of her desk, and with a casual flick, filled her trunk with most of her possessions—she even managed to make her socks fold themselves. She very much liked these householdy charms. To be honest, she really liked charms. Eager to do more, she turned and saw her reflection in the mirror hanging on the back of her door. She looked at herself intently; it was time for a change. Her parents had never allowed her to do much with her appearance, but now there was little they could do to stop her.

She examined her reflection for a few more minutes and then with a wave of her wand, cut off nearly six inches of her long hair. She even gave herself a stylish new cut with layers and curls. She then gave herself a pair of earrings—not large ones, just an elegant curl of silver, and a new outfit. Although she would be wearing school robes for most of the next year, there was no harm in showing up to the train in a stylish new outfit, in this case a slimming sundress in pale green that brought out the color in her eyes. She gave one more look at herself and conjured up some small items of makeup, thinking that it couldn't hurt. Then, smiling to herself, Lily Evans climbed in to bed, looking forward to the morrow.


A few hundred miles away a boy with the most untidy of black hair and startlingly hazel eyes was staring dreamily out of his own bedroom window. He was exceptionally good looking, with a roughish and carefree look that had half of Hogwarts in love with him, and the other half green with envy. He wasn't unusually tall, but his body was built well from years of hard training on the Quidditch field. He held a letter in his hand, a letter informing him that he had been chosen as Head Boy, and he was doing some serious thinking. For the past six years he and his best friends had had the goal of causing as much trouble as possible and having as much fun as they possibly could in the process. But he was slowly coming to the realization that maybe he needed to change. Partly it was because of the letter he held in his hand. He needed to set an example for the rest of the school, and it shouldn't be by sitting in detention every other night. But he had another reason. He needed to change because that was the only way he would ever get the girl. And he sure was in love with that girl.

Into his minds eye floated a radiant vision: a beautiful girl with red wavy hair cascading down her back and piercing green eyes. He had dreamt about those eyes all summer long, and he wanted those eyes to approve of him. Besides, he was getting a bit old for the troublemaker persona; he was simply done with it. He wanted to be someone who he wouldn't regret being later in life, someone his children would one day be proud of. So as he sat looking out the window as the sun set in a brilliant bath of red and gold he made a plan for the rest of his life, for what kind of person he would be and what he would accomplish, and he vowed to stick to his plan.

As he went to bed that night with these plans running through his mind, these thoughts occasionally being interrupted with the image of a girl with brilliant green eyes, he wondered if it would be enough. He wondered if she would ever like him, if she would ever forgive him for being the world's biggest prat for the last six years. And he secretly wondered if he could live another year without that redhead in his life.


September first dawned bright and early, and all across the country young witches and wizards were excitedly traveling towards King's Cross Station in London where they would board the train to return to Hogwarts. As she walked on to the platform, her Head Girl badge pinned to her new dress, Lily Evans felt a thrill run through her: she had missed school. She had spent all summer with her depressingly Muggle sister Petunia, and she was anxious to get back to a place where she wasn't despised and where she didn't feel like a freak of nature—or rather a freak who didn't fit in with nature, as Petunia called her. She was standing on the platform trying to catch sight of her best friend, Shannyn Jones, when a quite voice called her around,

"Evans?" It was James, the prat himself. But he didn't have a haughty expression on his face as she had expected. Instead he was staring in disbelief at the girl in front of him. He had always thought Lily beautiful, but today was the first day he had ever seen her care about her appearance. At the sound of his voice Lily whipped around, her read hair flying, expecting to have to tell him off for something or other, and instead she ended up stared right back.

Lily's first impression was that he looked good, but she quickly suppressed this thought—she didn't want to think those thoughts about James, but this thought was almost immediately replaced by a resigned sigh—he had a badge pinned to his chest, a badge carrying the words Head Boy.

James was feeling the pressing need to find a reason to excuse the way he had been staring at her for the past few minutes. He couldn't exactly tell her that she looked so beautiful that she had taken away his ability to speak, move, or even think. His eyes fell on the badge pinned to the strap of her light green dress—wow that color made her eyes look amazing—and stammered out,

"I didn't know that you were going to be Head Girl?" His voice was subdued, almost shy. But Lily noticed that it was missing the arrogant tone she had always heard in his voice. A small voice snuck into her head, maybe he's changed…maybe he's changed for YOU!

"Um, yeah… I just got the letter last week."

"Well, I guess I'll be seeing you around. Bye, Evans." She just stared at his retreating back. Wow, James Potter said hi without acting like a prat, and without asking me out… that's got to be some kind of record.

James had other thoughts on his mind. He was thinking of the way the light played across Lily's lusciously red hair, and the way her eyes seemed to see right through him, and the way she made him feel—as if a large weight was bearing down on his chest keeping him from breathing and as if his insides were fighting to free themselves from the confines of his body. He was completely unnerved. It didn't help that she looked like she could be a model. She had silver twists hanging from her ears that wove in with her styled hair. Her eyes had been accented by a hint of silver, and her lips sparkled… he shouldn't be thinking about her lips…, and then there was that dress. He had never seen her look so beautiful.

Thus the end result of the combination of all these things was that James Potter wasn't even able to walk in a straight line towards the door of the train that Sirius Black, his best friend, was holding open for him. Nor was he able to focus on the conversation in their compartment for at least an hour. Peter Pettigrew, a small little mouse of a boy, was inclined to be mad about James' lack of input into their conversation. James had never before not been interested in helping to plan their expeditions during the full moon, especially when it was the first full moon the four friends had spent together for a few months.

Remus Lupin hadn't noticed. As it was full moon in two nights he wasn't feeling extremely well, and he was only half listening to the conversation. But Sirius, strangely enough, hushed Peter's protestations. From the sly smile he was giving James it seemed certain that he had witnessed the interaction that had taken place on the platform and he knew James was thoroughly occupied in thoughts of Lily. Or perhaps Sirius' smile was because he had seen what James had not—the look on Lily's face as she watched James walk away. For the first time since Lily and James had met, Lily had not looked at James with a look of dislike. Sirius couldn't say exactly what her look was, but the fact that it wasn't dislike boded well for his lovesick friend.

James was sitting in a corner of the compartment lost in a sea of green, the startling green of her eyes. He was trying to figure out why the only thing he could think about was how nice it would be to run his hands through her long hair while staring into those eyes. He was trying to figure out why the cool and ever confident James Potter had completely lost his presence of mind. It wasn't as if he had never lost his cool around Lily before, but typically his reaction was to become haughty and conceited, for some reason he had thought this would attract her to him as much as it had attracted every other girl in the school to him. But she was different, and he knew that he needed to be different if he was ever going to do more than stare at her, or daydream about running his hands through her hair.

Yet even more than this, today he was suddenly overwhelmed with the possibility that he could ever do more than stare at her. Maybe it was the fact that this was the first time they had ever been in each others presence for more than ten seconds without her yelling at him or him making a complete and utter prat of himself. Maybe it could happen… Maybe that hair wasn't as far beyond his reach as he had thought…

Sirius watched his best friend. James was like a brother to him. Well, actually, James was closer to Sirius then Sirius' own brother Regulus had ever been. And Sirius could read his friend's mind with a simple glance. James and Sirius had been the heartthrobs of the school for the last few years, but James had always seemed uninterested in all the girls but the one he couldn't have. Sirius, on the other hand, had become something of a playboy. He never had had an actual girlfriend, but he had numerous flings, and he had often tried to get James to follow his example instead of lingering over a girl he could never get. But as Sirius watched his best friend wander in the land of day dreams, he silently wondered if maybe James didn't have it right after all. Maybe it was better to find someone to love instead of having Sirius' more carefree attitude towards girls… it was worth thinking about at least.

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