Part Five
Warning: Slash pairing. If you do not like slash pairing, i just got three words for you Don't Read this

Some times he wished he could disappear into a little puddle of water.

But he knew he couldn't there was always another day,

instead of his wife as he stared unhappy at the dirty plates she was loading mechanically into the racks,

He felt Hunter standing beside him as he washed the dishes.

"Want some help?"

"I'm okay," Shawn said softly. " Do you want something, Hunter?"

"No thank you Shawn why don't you just forget it. You've had a long day Friday. why don't you just relax for a while?"

Shawn nodded, and went back to loading the dishes.

He disappeared up the steps and into his bed room, and it was an hour later when Shawn had finished.

All the food was put away, and the kitchen looked impeccable.

The dishes were in the drainer drying, and the living room looked tidy and spotless.

Shawn was well organized and he bustled throughout the house straightening furniture and pictures.

It was a way of keeping his mind off of what just happen sense that day Rebecca died.

When Shawn went to his room, hunter was already in the bed sleeping.

He guest that hunter was very sleepily and decided to take a nap

The kids and John were already up.

As He lay down in the bed, thoughts came back to him about the times him and Rebecca would lay down together cuddling close to each other,

Warm in each other's arms as they slept.

Becky's hair felt like string, her mouth like cotton, her body like an angel.

Shawn closed his, as he lay there miserably, and two little rivers of tears flowed from the outer corners of his eyes to his ears.

"Why, Becky why ... why did you leave me?…"

Shawn cried out in the air.

Shawn heard Hunter sit up from his side of the bed.

His cries must have woke him up from his sleep.

"Shawn Hunter cough are you OK?"

Shawn didn't answer him, He was too stressed out to speak to anyone, even Hunter, as he lay on the bed facing the wall crying softly for Becky.

Hunter then got up and sat on down beside Shawn and helped him sit up.

"Shawn baby why are you crying Love"

"I still miss Becky Hunter"

Shawn let even more tears fall down his eyes and Hunter kissed Shawn's cheek before pulling him into his arms.

Shawn lay his head on Hunter's chest and cried even more.

Hunter Started to rub his back whispered words of comfort in Shawn's ear.

"Shh I'll be OK Love just claim down I know you still miss her baby just relax baby."

Shawn ralaxed a bit by Hunter's comforting words and the feeling of him rubbing his back.

Ten min. later Shawn pulled a way from Hunter and looked up at him.

Hunter then cupped Shawn's face with his hands and pulled Shawn into a romantic kiss that left both men breathless.

Shawn was the first one to pull a way.

"I love you Hunter"

"I love you too Shawn"

"Shawn are you OK babe?"

Shawn smiled

"Yes, I'm OK now lets take a nap baby."

Hunter kissed Shawn.

"that's sounds let a great idea babe.

they both laid back down on the bed and hunter raped his arms around Shawn and close his eyes


end of part five