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Dragonball Sue

It was a glorious spring day in Hercule City. The Sun was shining, the birds were singing, and all was well in the Dragonball Z world.

Under the shadow of Orange Star High School's main building, a young girl with naturally curly, jet black, shoulder length hair with an also natural electric blue streak in it stood before the structure, nervous about checking in for her first day of high school in this world. The girl's emerald green eyes reflected the present nervousness, but also the pain and misery from her past that was now behind her. She wore a simple, yet complex pleated khaki skirt and a blue vest to match her hair's streak, both of which accentuated her refined, feminine features.

This young beauty had transferred to Earth from Arusarrena, a small planet near the edge of the northern galaxy, from which she was also the princess of. Unfortunately, Arusarrena had been the very last planet to be taken over by Frieza before he went to Namek in search of the Dragonballs, so the girl had traveled the galaxy in search of the best planet on which to continue her education, Earth.

Normally, such a transfer would not have been allowed on Earth because Humans do not believe in alien beings from other planets, but this young woman was just so beautiful, the school officials had no choice but to let her register for classes and to accept her Arusarreanean transcript, which they couldn't even read because it was in the Arusarreanean language of Arusarrena.

After effortlessly completing the entrance exams and scoring perfectly on nearly every section, she was placed in the senior class of 3-D. The first period teacher of 3-D, who taught philosophy, introduced her to the class, all of whom were eagerly awaiting her arrival after hearing that an Arusarreanean princess had transferred to their class.

"Hello, everyone," said the princess of Arusarrena in perfect English, which she naturally had learned on the way to Earth from watching old Ed Sullivan transmissions in her spaceship. "My name is Alisondra van Hanassan de Garsilona of the house of Arusarreanean Royalty, but you may call me Alison." Everyone oooo-ed at how lovely Alison's full name sounded, dismayed by the fact that they could never articulate it as well as she could.

"I am honored to become a member of your class, and hope that I make a wonderful addition to this learning facility," she continued in the most perfect crystal clear voice anyone in the room had ever heard. "I look forward to meeting all of you personally."

"Thank you, Alison," said the professor. "Please take a seat. There seems to be one open on the top row next to that young man, if you wish to take it."

"Certainly," responded Alison with a smile, as she gracefully carried her books up to the top row.

Alison slid between a boy and girl to sit elegantly in the middle seat. "Hello," she said to the boy. "My name is Alison, and I am honored to sit next to you in this fine classroom of learning. What's your name?"

"I'm Gohan," said the boy, blushing at her beauty and sincerity. "It's nice to… um… meet you, Alison."

"Don't mind Gohan, he's a bit of a dork," said the blond girl on the other side of her. "My name is Erasa, the buff guy down there is Shapner, and the girl next to Gohan is-,"

"I'm Videl," said a girl with hair the same hue as Alison's, but without the natural curl and blue streak. She grabbed Gohan's hand pulling him out of an Alison-induced trance. "Gohan's girlfriend."

"Alison, what dye do you use to get your hair that color," asked Erasa, pointing to Alison's streak.

"Oh, this?" asked Alison running a slim hand through the vein of blue. "It just naturally grows like that. I've tried everything I can think of to get rid of it, but it always comes right back. Isn't that strange?"

"Yeah," said Erasa, "But I think it looks good on you."

"Thank you so much," said Alison gratefully.

Just then, the bell rang signaling class change.

"Oh, no!" exclaimed Gohan. "I forgot to take notes, and there's a test tomorrow!"

"Don't worry, Gohan," said Alison soothing him. "You can see my notes if you want to. I'm a master at multi-tasking, so I took notes while I talked to all of you. I hope you don't think that's rude!" she added suddenly afraid she would loose her newfound friends.

"No, that's okay, Alison," said Gohan. "I'm glad you're such a good multi-tasker. Maybe I could see your notes later?"

"Sure thing!" she chirped. "By the way, what is our next class?"

"Yuck, it's Phys. Ed," said Erasa. "I hate dressing out for gym. It's so gross wearing those nasty gym clothes all the time. You can follow me and Videl, Alison. We'll show you where to change."

"Alright," agreed Alison following the two girls into the locker room.

End of Chapter One

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