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Dragonball Sue

Chapter Four: Ellis Rocbern

The afternoon air was pure and chilly as Alison and Gohan blasted through the atmosphere towards West City and the Prince of Saiyans. Alison sped easily through the sky; comfortably keeping pace with Gohan who was amazed at her velocity and how easily she was soaring next to him.

At last they saw the gleam of the skyscrapers that decorated West City's skyline. Near the edge of the metropolis, the Capsule Corporation complex came into view.

"This is it," announced Gohan when they came close for a landing.

"Wow, it's big," gawked Alison.

"Yeah, I get lost in it all the time," smirked Gohan. "Come on. I'll introduce you to Bulma. She owns the place."

Both Alison and Gohan walked to the main driveway and swung a right. "The Briefs family lives over here," explained Gohan. When they reached the Brief residence, Gohan knocked on the door.

The door to the house opened, and there stood Bulma holding a cooking pot with something in it that emitted a very burnt smell.

"Hey, Gohan," she said, dumping the blackened contents of the pot outside beside the door. Most of what looked like what used to be a pasta-like substance still clung to it. "What brings you over, and who's your little friend? Don't tell me you and Videl have already broken up."

"No, no, it's nothing like that!" Gohan said frantically waving his arms. "Bulma, this is Alison. Alison is a friend from school."

"Hello, ma'am," said Alison bowing. "It's very nice to meet you. My name is Alisondra van Hanassan de Garsilona of the house of Arusarreanean Royalty from the planet Arusarrena, but you may call me Alison."

"Errrr…. It's nice to meet you, …Alison," responded Bulma giving up on emptying the soiled pot. "I'm Bulma."

Alison smiled and asked, "I was wondering if it would be possible to speak to the Saiyan Prince. I have a message for him. Might I add that, whatever you are cooking smells delicious. What is it called?"

"This?" asked Bulma holding the container back up. Its blackened chunks bubbled forebodingly. "It was going to be macaroni and cheese, but now it looks like we're having takeout again."

"Take-out?" asked Alison. "Take what out?"

Trunks rounded the corner. "Takeout… yes! I won't die!"

"No one appreciates my cooking," sighed Bulma as Trunks ran off. "So, what did you say you had to tell Vegeta?"

"I'm sorry ma'am, but that is private business only to be discussed in person," Alison apologized. "It is of the utmost importance that I deliver this message to the Prince at once. The future of this galaxy may be at stake!"

Gohan stepped back. "But you talked about it so casually at school and just a minute ago. What makes it so important now?"

"I forget."


"I must speak to the Prince."

"Well, okay," said Bulma. "He's probably in the Gravity Room training… like always. I'll show you where it is, but I'm not making any promises he'll actually come out," she added.

Bulma led Gohan and Alison through Capsule Corp. to the entrance of the Gravity Room. She walked over to the override switch and brought the gravity level down to normal. Within seconds, shouting could be heard over the loudspeaker.

"Darnit, Woman!" bellowed an angry Vegeta. "How many times have I told you not to interrupt me when I'm training?!!! I can't possibly surpass Kakarrot if my training is repeatedly interrupted!" He let out another string of angry sentences before Bulma could reach the speaker button.

"First off," started Bulma. "I thought you had given up on the whole 'Kill Goku' thing. Secondly, you have a guest from Aru- Arusa-… from outer space who has a message for you. She says it's about the future of the galaxy, which includes you, I might add."

The gravity room opened as aggravatedly as a door can open.

"Who are you and what do you want?" snarled Vegeta.

"Greetings Prince Vegeta," said Alison in a courtly bow. "I am Alisondra van Hanassan de Garsilona of the house of Arusarreanean Royalty from the planet Arusarrena, but you may call me Alison. I have a message for you from my late father, the King of Arusarrena."

Vegeta did a doubletake. "The Arusarreanean King?! Listen, if this is about his galactic motorbike, I was a little kid! I didn't know the missile system was loaded!"

"Father never told me he had a galactic motorbike," said Alison. "He always told me they were dangerous."

"They are," said Vegeta, his ears turning red. "So… erm… what is the message from your father?"

"Ellis Rocbern."

"That's the message? 'Ellis Rocbern?'" asked Vegeta.


"What's that supposed to mean?" shouted Vegeta. "Who is Ellis Rocbern? I thought you had something important to tell me!"

Alison's lip quivered. "It… it is important," she sniffed as tears fell from her shining eyes. "I thought you would be… be able to u-understand it. My father said you… you would."

"Aw, Vegeta, you made her cry," reprimanded Gohan unable to take Alison's unhappiness. It was like all the flowers of the world withering at the same moment. "You big meanie."

Vegeta smacked his hand to his forehead and slid it down his face. He hated seeing women cry… for some reason, especially this girl. "Okay, okay, isn't there anymore to the message?" he asked as nicely as he could. "Maybe a part you forgot?"

Alison sniffed trying to recall some hidden memory of the true message. "That's all he told me," she said. "But some of the Arusarreanean royals also have the power to gaze into the future. Maybe Ellis Rocbern is someone you will soon meet."

"Maybe it's a code," suggested Gohan. "You know, like the information wasn't safe to know, so the King gave it to her in code?"

"Yes," said Bulma. "Gohan, you could be on to something. Alison, do you know how to spell the name?"

Alison nodded and pulled a small piece of paper from her skirt pocket and placed it on the counter. "Father made me write it down when he told me. Here it is."

The group stared down at the note.

"E-L-L-I-S R-O-C-B-E-R-N," read Bulma. "It could be a jumbled up message." She pulled out a pencil and began rearranging letters. Within minutes, the blue-haired genius had uncovered the hidden meaning.

"Oh my gosh, guys," Bulma whispered holding up the message so they could see. "You're not going to believe this. Look what it says!"

-To Be Continued

BTW, "To Be Continued" isn't the message. It's another cliffhanger! Yay, cliffhangers! Digital cookies and kudos in the next chapter for anyone can guess the hidden message! I'll give you a hint. It's three words. Good luck, and see you next time on Dragonball Sue!