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He opened the drawer with an almost devout care, as if not wanting to disturb the contents inside. In there, neatly tucked between an old toy car and an old love letter, lay the key to his most precious secret. A secret so cherished he was willing to go to extremes to protect. A secret that, unfortunately, he was going to have to reveal in order to protect those he loved the most. He didn't regret having taking the decision; he regretted having to part with the last remnant of a long lost childhood.


They knew what was happening, and still, they pretended to go about their everyday routine as if today was no different from the previous day or the day before that. If they had been asked, one of them would flatly deny having prior knowledge, and the other one would end up coming clean, as it wasn't in his nature to resort to treachery or untruthfulness. The third one will simply huff and puff and putter with indignation and mumble under irate breath about conspiracies and entrapment theories.


The woman in charge saw him coming, and watched at first with puzzlement, then with curiosity and finally, when realization hit her, she awaited whilst holding her breath to see where he was headed and how it would end. It wasn't long before she realized where his steps were headed and disappointment left a bitter aftertaste in her mouth. She chided herself for holding such foolishly romantic notions so dearly to her heart and moved her attention back to real life and the work that conformed 97 of it.


She tried not to smile too knowingly when his head timidly showed through her doorstep. She tried to act humbly albeit that feeling was the furthest from her mind at that moment. She knew why he was there, and the sense of triumph made her feel elated. "Finally it's mine! I won", she thought, "Oh, the thrill of seeing Reynard de Cassville humiliated and

"Bones? What are you doing?"

Booth's voice caught her completely off guard and she nearly deleted the document in her haste to close it before he got a chance to read it.

"Nothing… nothing… I …"

He looked at her with a warm smile. As tempting as it was to tease her, he decided to give her a break.

"Shh, Bones. It's okay. Renowned trashy romance novel writer Temptress Breathen has nothing to worry about. Her secret is safe with me."

And he winked an eye.

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