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Here's Your Letter

Chapter One

The girl's fingers were tracing the window as she whistled softly to herself. She winced as the bruise on her cheek hurt from the effort, and her free hand immediately flew up to it. Careful not to rub off any of the makeup covering it, she careful ran her hands over it, wishing the pain would just disappear. It would take a while though, and she was glad that a girl at the group home had shown her how to cover it with makeup so no one would notice it. She hated it when people gave her those looks as soon as they saw it, she'd been through worse, she didn't need their pity.

Beside her, her brother had his hands in his lap, staring intently at his feet. He was leaning forward, with his back away from the seat. The girl knew that it was because of the bruise on his back, it still hurt him to lean against anything. He was lucky; a bruise on the back was easier to hide than a bruise on the face.

"Camela stop it, you know I hate it when you whistle!" Tobias Little, their social worker, said from the front seat. The girl stopped immediately, as if she'd been electrocuted. Tobias sighed and turned his attention back to the road. He'd given up on trying to have a conversation with the siblings years ago.

"Freddy, not Camela, Freddy!" The boy said, his voice rough. Tobias sighed again and looked at the boy in his rearview mirror. No one would ever know that they were siblings just by looking at them. Freddy had shoulder-length blonde hair hidden by a blue Toronto Maple Leafs baseball cap. Her eyes were a deep green, and they were sad, as if they'd seen too much. She was wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and ripped blue jeans. The boy, on the other hand, had thick, unruly red hair and dark brown eyes that were angry. He wore a black Greenday sweater and faded black jeans. Nothing about their appearances suggested that they were brother and sister.

"Jasper, please, please do not introduce your sister as Freddy, her name is Camela, not Freddy!" Tobias insisted. Jasper didn't say anything; he just looked over at Freddy. She didn't seem to have heard their conversation; she was still tracing the window with her fingers, humming now.

"Camela, for heaven's sake can you stop? I've never heard you talk but you whistle and hum all the goddamn time!" Tobias said angrily. Again, as if she'd been electrocuted, Freddy stopped immediately, looking at Tobias fearfully, as if he'd just hit her.

"Goddamnit Camela, don't look at me that way, I didn't do anything to you!" Tobias said. Freddy stared at him for a second longer and then she looked away. Jasper nudged her leg gently with his foot, but Freddy ignored him. Jasper gave her a disapproving look, but didn't say anything. Instead, he looked out the window, wondering if they were getting closer to their new "home" if you could call it that. It was more of a temporary residence, like all the other places. Sure, Tobias probably intended it to be permanent, but like that was ever going to happen. Who was going to want two siblings with more emotional baggage than a ward of psychiatric patients? Jasper had heard one woman in one of their early foster homes say that.

And it's true, you know it is. Jasper thought to himself bitterly. He had anger issues, or at least that's what Tobias said. Jasper had always just thought of it as being protective of his sister, not anger issues. But, like everyone said, Tobias was the adult, and Jasper was just the fuck-up.

And he couldn't help it if he got into a lot of fights; it wasn't his fault that everyone seemed to take an interest in Freddy. It wasn't Freddy's fault either, she didn't ask to be pretty, she just was. It was Jasper's duty to protect her from all the creeps in the foster homes, if he failed, well, Jasper didn't want that to happen again.

And of course, Freddy couldn't help the way she was, off in her own world most of the time. She had a condition; at least, that's what Tobias called it. Jasper couldn't remember the name of it, he just knew that Freddy had been like this forever. Ever since she was a baby, but she had gotten a lot better for a while, until their parents died. Then she disappeared back into her shell and refused to come out. It scared and interested people at the same time. Many people were convinced that they could "save" her. Jasper knew that they were just being foolish. Freddy would come out when she wanted to, not when someone forced her to.

"We're almost there, now remember, I want you two on your best behavior! Jasper, that means no fighting! And Camela, just, try to act normal, okay?" Tobias said, glancing back at the siblings in his mirror. Jasper nodded grudgingly, but Freddy didn't acknowledge that she'd heard what he'd said. Sighing in exasperation, Tobias parked the car in front of one of the many houses on the street. Immediately, Jasper sat up a little straighter, putting on a brave face. Freddy acted like she hadn't noticed that the car had stopped.

"Come on, let's go." Tobias said, getting out of the car. Jasper hesitated, but he quickly followed his social worker. He was nervous, but the sooner he got in there, the sooner the old lady would be calling Tobias to come pick them up and the less pain they'd have to endure.

"Come on Freddy, we're here." Jasper said patiently, motioning for his sister to follow him. It took a while, but finally he got Freddy to acknowledge the fact that he was talking to her, and got her to get out of the car. Tobias was looking at his watch impatiently.

"Come on you two, we're already late!" He said irritably. Jasper just nodded and grabbed for his sister's hand. For a second, Freddy stared at him as if she didn't recognize him, but the moment quickly passed. Nervously, she started whistling again.

"Camela, stop it!" Tobias said sharply. Freddy fell silent and Jasper glared at Tobias as the social worker led them up the walkway. Walking slowly, the siblings followed him, but Tobias still ended up waiting at the door for them.

"You guys, don't be like this, this isn't the first time you've met a new family. Besides, this woman is a saint, you couldn't have asked for a better place." Tobias said sternly. Jasper ignored him, trying to remember what he'd been told about the old lady.

Her name was Evelyn Mercer or something like that. Apparently she made a habit of taking in foster kids and trying to find them permanent homes. She was supposed to be really good at it too; Jasper knew that Tobias was hoping the lady would find him and Freddy a permanent home.

Fat chance. Jasper thought. He and Freddy were different from all the other kids, he'd heard many people say that. What could be so special about this lady that everyone expected her to be able to "change" him and Freddy? Many people had tried, and they had all failed, so what was different about this one?

"Now don't be scared, everything will be all right." Tobias said, ringing the doorbell. Jasper resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Tobias said that at every single foster home they'd gone too, and he was wrong every time. There was no doubt in Jasper's mind that he would wrong this time too.


"Oh, that must be them! Jack, do you mind getting the door while I go wash my hands?" Evelyn said, wiping her hands on a towel. Hesitantly, Jack nodded and walked towards the front door. The last thing he wanted to do was be the first to meet the new kids, but he couldn't say no to Evelyn. Besides, if these two kids were going to be his new siblings, he might as well meet them and get it over and done with.

Jack swung open the door and was surprised to see Tobias Little standing there. He'd meet Tobias a few other times, because of other kids. Those kids had come and gone quickly though, and there hadn't been nearly this much excitement about them.

"Jack, it's been a while." Tobias said, flashing Jack a grin. Jack just nodded and stood back to let them in. Then he took a good look at the two kids. Apparently, they were supposed to be siblings, but Jack didn't see how. They didn't look a thing alike. The boy, Jasper or something like that, looked angry, and he was holding his sister's hand. The girl, Carmella or something, was staring above their heads, at the ceiling. Jack looked up, expecting to see a spider or something. There was nothing there though.

"Jack, this is Jasper and Camela, kids, this is Jack." Tobias said. Camela, at least Jack had been close.

"Nice to meet you." Jack muttered. Jasper stared at him for a few seconds and then looked away, not bothering to say anything. Freddy was still staring at the ceiling with interest.

"Tobias, it's so nice to see you again!" Evelyn said, coming out of the kitchen. Jack couldn't help it, he smiled. He'd been a Mercer for three years now, and he was certain that Evelyn was the nicest person in the world. It wouldn't take too long for the new kids to figure that out.

"Evelyn, it's been too long!" Tobias said happily. He and Evelyn embraced, and Jack took the chance to glance at the new kids. Jasper was staring at Evelyn with a look that Jack was sure was surprise. He probably hadn't expected Evelyn to look like a grandmother. Freddy had stopped looking at the ceiling and was now staring intently at the wall, as if she were the only person in the room.

"Evelyn, this is Jasper and Camela." Tobias said, motioning towards the siblings. Evelyn smiled warmly at them, but didn't extend her hand so that they could shake it. Jack knew it was because many kids didn't like being touched.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you." She said softly. Jasper shook his head and looked at Tobias for reassurance, as if he couldn't believe that this was the woman who was going to take care of them. Tobias gave him a disapproving look.

"We can have proper introductions later, for now, Jack, why don't you show them their rooms and introduce them to Jeremiah and Angel?" Evelyn suggested. Jack nodded and started towards the stairs. He glanced back to make sure Jasper and Freddy where following. They were, and none of them spoke as Jack led the way upstairs.

Author's Note: So that's it, there's the first chapter of my story with an idea that's been used over and over. I know, I should really be more creative, but I can't help it, this idea just came to me and it stuck, it just would not leave me alone. So I really hope that you guys like this. Also, I have a question, assuming that someone is actually going to read this, who's older, Jerry or Angel? I keep getting different answers.