Here's Your Letter

Chapter Seven

Jasper lay in his bed that night, his hands behind his head. He was replaying the conversation with the little girl over and over in his head. He'd wanted to slap her and was glad that Jerry had held him back. If not, Evelyn probably would have had to have called Tobias to come pick him up, and just when things seemed to be looking up too. Jasper was just deciding that Jerry, Jack and Angel weren't that bad when that stupid girl had screamed and ruined everything.

Sighing, Jasper rolled over onto his side. If only Freddy would act normal, then everything would be fine. He wouldn't have to protect her so much, and people wouldn't hate her. Sure, Jasper loved her and everything, but he couldn't help but wish that she was normal.

Japer got to his feet, there was no point in lying in bed for hours trying to sleep when he had the pills. He'd be asleep in no time and have a dreamless slumber, the kind he liked the best. Holding two pills in his hand, Jasper decided to take two more, to make sure he fell asleep right away.

Twenty-minutes later Jasper got out of bed again. The pills weren't working, he felt more awake than ever. This irritated him, he should be asleep by now, totally oblivious to the world. Taking two more pills in his hand, Jasper quickly swallowed them, deciding to take two more to make sure that this time, he really did fall asleep. Feeling satisfied, he crawled back into bed.


Jack awoke the next morning to someone shaking him. He sat upright, ready to punch the person until he saw that it was Freddy. She looked scared, and for a second Jack wondered if he was just dreaming. Why would she come to him, she and Jasper were practically glued together!

"Fr-Freddy? What is it?" Jack asked, yawning. Freddy already had her notepad out and was scribbling something down. She looked so scared and worried Jack began to feel nervous, had something happened? He didn't have to wait long to find out as Freddy thrust her notepad towards him. There's something wrong with Jasper! It said. Jack jumped to his feet, causing Freddy to stumble backwards.

"What's wrong with him Freddy?" Jack asked, starting towards his doors. It only took Freddy three seconds to scribble something else down on her notepad. I don't know, there's just something wrong! Irritated, Jack gave the notepad back to Freddy and went into Evelyn's room. She was still asleep and surprised, he glanced at the clock. It was five-thirty in the morning, what the hell was Freddy doing up this early?

"Hey Ma, Freddy says there's something wrong with Jasper." Jack said loudly from the doorway. Jack didn't know how she did it, but in seconds Evelyn was out of bed and standing beside him.

"Let's go." Evelyn said. She led the way downstairs as Jack and Freddy followed. Once she reached the basement stairs, Evelyn slowed down, nearly causing Jack and Freddy to walk into her. She knocked softly on the walls, to let Jasper know that she was coming down.

"Jasper, honey, are you all right?" She called. She got no response so she picked up the pace as she led them down the stairs. She motioned for Jack to stop. Jack nodded and held out his arm, blocking the way downstairs so Freddy had to stop too. Within seconds Evelyn disappeared from view into Jasper's room. Jack heard her say something and then there was a loud moan. Freddy's face went white and it looked like she was debating whether or not she should try to get past Jack.

"Oh my, Jack, go call an ambulance, hurry! Jasper, I think, well I think he's overdosed on something!" Evelyn cried. Jack ran up the stairs past Freddy and grabbed the phone. He dialed quickly, his hands shaking. As he was talking to the lady who answered the phone, Jerry and Angel came downstairs. They listened in on Jack's side of the conversations and then quickly ran downstairs once they realized what had happened. As soon as he hung up the phone Jack joined them.

He'd only reached the bottom of the stairs when Jerry yelled at him to stop. Jack halted, unsure of what to do. Angel was standing near Freddy, trying to keep her from going into Jasper's room.

"You don't need to see this dude, just stay out of here!" Jerry yelled. Jack nodded numbly, terrified. He didn't know what to do, nothing like this had ever happened to him before.

It didn't take long for the ambulance to show up. Angel and Jack kept Freddy out of the way while Evelyn and Jerry helped the ambulance people load Jasper up. Freddy looked close to tears and Jack had to fight the urge to hug her.

"I'm going to the hospital with him, but Freddy, I need to know, do you know what Jasper overdosed on?" Evelyn asked. Slowly Freddy nodded. She slowly walked over to her brother's backpack and took out the bottle of sleeping pills. Evelyn nodded and took the bottle from her.

"I have just one more question Freddy, please answer it, this is really important if Jasper is going to get better, does he take sleeping pills a lot?" Evelyn asked. Freddy hesitated, looking from her brother on the stretcher to Evelyn. Finally, she nodded, tears streaming down her face.

"No…Freddy…this…is…your…fault!" Jasper gasped as he was carried up the stairs. Freddy's face went white as she stared at her brother. Angel felt like hitting the boy, even though he was close to death. Jasper being an idiot and overdosing was not Freddy's fault. Angel felt like saying that but he kept silent. He knew it wouldn't do anything.

Evelyn got into the ambulance with Jasper, leaving Jerry in charge. Freddy disappeared up into her room, refusing to come out. Jerry, Angel and Jack all sat on the couch, staring at the blank TV.

"Why would he do it? Did he really find it that bad here?" Angel asked finally. Jack shrugged as Jerry shook his head.

"I think he did it by accident, I don't think he was trying to kill himself." Jerry said. Silence fell over them again as they all got lost in thought.

"Wait, does this mean Ma won't be able to keep them?" Jack asked suddenly. His older brothers shrugged.

"I don't know, I hope she can keep them, if they go somewhere else…" Jerry said, letting his voice trail off. Angel and Jack knew what he meant though; if they went somewhere else they'd get treated bad, and probably be abused again. If they couldn't stay with Evelyn, they probably wouldn't live much longer.

Author's Note: Sorry it's so rushed, I wanted to get it up and I was being rushed. I hope you guys like it, I promise I'll make the chapters longer!