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The rescue party presses on through the jungle. They've been going for hours at this point; the sun is now high in the sky.

The men are currently beleaguered by swarms of large CICADAS, each 6 inches long – the trees in this part of the jungle are covered in these insects. they fly from them to examine their human "visitors."

The Sailors swat at the annoying, disgusting bugs.

Finally, Jack, unable to take it any more, pulls out his pistol and SHOOTS at one of the cicadas.

Everyone gives him a look.

What? I don't like bugs.
(pause; whimsical)
Except weevils...that is, the ones in biscuits. Gives it a unique flavor, ye see...

Everyone moves on before Jack can continue talking.


The men have left the cicadas' territory, and enter a GLADE in the midst of the jungle. The trek is taking it's toll.

(gasping for breath)
I'm knacker'd!

Many of the other sailors GROAN in agreement. Both Helstrom and Jack would be rolling their eyes in frustration if they weren't so exhausted themselves.

All right everyone, take a breather ... five minutes! Everybody stay in sight.

As the group rests, Jim sees something on the ground a few feet away. He walks over to it; Helstrom notices and follows inquisitively. Both of them stop and stare down at:

A KONG FOOTPRINT in the mud: 4 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 1 foot deep.

Bloody Nora!

Helstrom looks up: the rest of the Sailors have joined them around the footprint. Among them is Jack – this is a somewhat awkward moment for him.

As everyone processes the footprint, all eyes turn toward Jack. Acting perplexed, he turns and looks behind him: no one there. He turns back to his audience.

Hayes glares daggers at him – someone has some explaining to do...again.

Jack throws his arms out – what can I say?

Well gents, there it is.

This is what took Anne?


Helstrom looks back at the footprint in awe.


Kinda fits with yer overgrown monkey theory, eh mate?

Helstrom gives Jack a bewildered look: he wasn't thinking of an animal like this. He looks back at the footprint.

How the hell are we going to kill this?

A ripple of fear spreads through the group. There is random chatter of turning back among some of the Sailors.

Hayes forces a smile as he turns back to Jack.

Not exactly what we were expecting.

(plays along)
No...I suppose it's not.

(still calm)
Creature that can leave a footprint like that must be, what? Twenty, twenty-five feet tall?

Yep, sounds 'bout right.

Hayes' smile vanishes, replaced by a look of pure contempt.

And you didn't tell us any of this when you first saw it.

No one asked. I, for my part, told you exactly what I saw: a type of anthropoid ape, as hitherto unknown as our two scaly friends back there in the jungle.
(sees something from the corner of his eye; frowns)
Or as that...

He points to his right. Hayes looks over:

Standing at the edge of the clearing is a DINOSAUR, 15 feet long, with a sleek, bipedal body. Its scaly skin is dark green, with a red stripe running down the length of its body on either side. Both of its feet bear a hooked claw, pointed upright, like the hammer on a flintlock pistol. This is a juvenile Venatosaurus saevidicus, and it belongs a family of dinosaurs known as the "dromaeosaurs"... AKA "RAPTORS."

Helstrom, Jim, and the rest of the Sailors quickly notice the creature as well. All of them stare warily at the Raptor. It doesn't move; only stares back at the men with wicked little yellow eyes.

Jack instinctively backs away and turns around...

...and comes face to face with 3 RAPTORS BEHIND HIM. Jim looks to his left – ANOTHER RAPTOR!

The Sailors quickly take in the situation: the 5 Raptors have them SURROUNDED.

Looking around desperately, Jim sees a gap in the Raptors' perimeter. At the same time, one Raptor crouches, then LEAPS ferociously at the Sailors!

Jim breaks into a RUN – the Sailors follow his lead, and RUN FOR THEIR LIVES ... THE RAPTORS GIVE CHASE!

The Sailors leave the clearing as they run, and re-enter THICK JUNGLE. Visibility here is poor, so everyone runs even faster.

One of the Sailors is STRUCK DOWN by a Raptor!...The rest of the pack continue chasing the men.

SUDDENLY! The ground FALLS OUT from under the Sailors' feet – the flat terrain has given way to a steep SLOPE, which everyone slides and tumbles down, man and beast alike.


The Sailors and the Raptors LAND at the bottom of the hill. They rise, disoriented, attempting to get their bearings.

One Sailor has landed a few feet away from the rest of the group. He rises to his feet...

WHAM! He is SQUASHED under a huge FOOT! This belongs to another DINOSAUR: a BRONTOSAUR, with its characteristic massive body and long neck & tail. And it's not alone...

The surviving men stare at the spectacle before them: only three feet away from them is an entire HERD of Brontosaurs – 12 in all – rampaging through the valley ... A STAMPEDE.

The ground they run along is cobbled – all around is evidence that this place was once a streetway of some ancient civilization, which the jungle has now reclaimed.

Behind the gawking Sailors, the Raptors are also starting to recover.

Realizing this, the men, led by Hayes, make a dash for it. There's no option but to try and lose their pursuers in the herd.

Within seconds, Brontosaur feet come and go all around them, like moving redwood trees. The men do all they can to keep pace with the giant animals ... to fall behind would mean getting crushed.

Unfortunately, the Raptors are onto their human prey, and have dodged and weaved their way into the herd.

Jack, now right in the thick of the herd, runs as fast as he can. Suddenly, something COLLIDES with him – one of the Raptors; it seems to have been swept up by the herd, and is now panicked. The pirate and the dinosaur, running alongside each other, exchange a quick glance before focusing once more on their mutual goal: to get the hell out of here.

However, within seconds it dawns on the Raptor ... he's a predator, and this little creature running beside him is prey!

Jack sees the realization forming in the dinosaur's eyes, and shoves him away. The unfortunate reptile is CRUSHED under one of the Brontosaurs' feet.

Suddenly, Jack is aware of a new presence all around him – 12 ADULT RAPTORS, up to 21 feet long, have arrived, flanking the edges of the stampeding herd.

One runs past Jack, towards a Brontosaur up ahead. With one swift LEAP, it lands on the sauropod's long, thin neck, and locks its jaws and claws around it.

Jack and the others swerve as the unfortunate Brontosaur staggers to one side ... Now more adult Raptors have arrived, to help finish off the giant.

The rest of the Brontosaurs continue running, leaving their doomed companion behind.

With the herd gone and the Raptors occupied, the Sailors reconvene. With Hayes in the lead, they begin to climb a STEEP ROCKY SLOPE, slipping and sliding on slimy, moss-covered rocks.

Halfway up, the group stops, looks in the direction the Brontosaur herd ran:

Before them, the canyon opens up into a HUGE, SPRAWLING, PREHISTORIC VALLEY ... Like the African savannah, except instead of antelope and zebras, there are instead vast herds of DINOSAURS – long-necked sauropods, horned ceratopsians, and duckbilled hadrosaurs as far as the eye can see, against the backdrop of the Island's jungle-covered mountains.

What the hell kind of place is this?

(recalls something)
...We're off the edge of the map, mate; here there be monsters.

A sudden NOISE makes everyone look down:

4 juvenile Raptors have broken off from the kill, and are now clambering up the slope towards the Sailors!

Time to go!

The group scramble upwards. Ahead is a network of NARROW FISSURES between HUGE ROCKS, which the dinosaurs cannot squeeze through.

The Raptors' powerful legs work furiously, driving them closer and closer to the flailing Sailors.

The Sailors reach safety: a narrow fissure, too small for the Raptors, leads into steamy jungle beyond the valley.

Behind them, the Raptors give up their pursuit, SNARLING and HISSING in frustration.

Author's Notes:
We're coming up on another part of the story over which I've been banging my head against the desk for sometime...Stay tuned.

To Be Continued...