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WARNING! This story WILL be slash! Since that's my specialty ^^; If you don't like this, feel free to hit your back button now. Just don't flame me with things like it's "gross to have two guys/girls like eachother" I don't think it is. You can't choose who you fall for, it just happens. Besides, I know that the pairings will most likely NEVER happen in the book. And I know that it most likely wasn't Rowling's intention to have either Harry or Draco be gay, but this is a FANFIC. Writers make those so they can have situations that would probably never happen in the story/show, happen. Be it that aliens come and take over the world, or that some characters are gay. Who cares? It's all in entertainment and we know it's not really going to happen. Just let the people who like slash enjoy it, okay? Thank you ::bows:: ^_^
Oh, and another thing. My beloved Slytherin girl: Star Pellerin is in this, because, well, I like her ^^; This is also a 'find-out' fic. As in the characters find out they love each other, they don't know yet. Why am I writing another like this? Well, because I adore find-out fics. Most of mine are just that! ^_^ Thank you and enjoy the show! :)

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"Mr. Malfoy! Ms. Pellerin!"

The students in Transfiguration immediately fell silent as Professor McGonagall stood in front of the class with her hands on her hips, her hard eyes transfixed on the two Slytherins. They looked at her with questioning eyes, but stayed silent.

"Something you find funny?"

Draco and Star smirked at each other, they had just been playing their favorite game: torment the Gryffindors.

Professor McGonagall did not look one bit pleased with the two, "Both of you spend far too much time bothering the other students." She glared at the rest of the Slytherins, "the same goes for all of you. This is MY class, and I will not have it being interupted by such childish behavior. You two," she gestured to Draco and Star with her wand, "are not going to get away with it this time. I *will* talk to Dumbledore about this. Mark my words."

"Yeah sure, what can he do?" Draco remarked cockily.

"I hope they get whatever's coming to them," Ron said darkly to Hermione and Harry.

"As long as we get left out of it," Hermione replied.

Harry nodded, "For real. Whatever they do get, they deserve it."


The next day, the students had forgotten all about McGonagall's threat. That is, until the end of class.

"You'll be happy to know," she said calmly, "that I kept my word and talked to the Headmaster about yesterday's behavior." She smiled, and somehow it made the Slytherins feel uneasy. "Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Pellerin, since they find such amusement in tormenting their fellow students, will for one month and one month only, trade houses and become Gryffindors."

"*What!?*" Star, Draco, Harry, Ron and Hermione all cried simultaneously.

"You can't do that!" Draco yelled angrily.

"Oh, can't I?" MacGonagall chuckled. "I believe I can, Mr. Malfoy. Headmaster Dumbledore thought it was a wonderful idea, it'll hopefully help you two to realize that your fellow students are the same as you, and there's no need to make fun of them."

"When my father hears of this--"

"Oh, don't try to turn to him for support, Mr. Malfoy. He can't change anything within this school system."

Draco glared darkly at the professor. Beside him, Star looked both shocked and angry at once.

"But Professor," Hermione objected, "is this wise? I mean, what if they make us lose points?"

"I've already thought of that, Ms. Granger," MacGonagall assured her favorite student. "Any points they lose during the month will not be taken from Gryffindor, but will instead be deducted from Slytherin ten fold." She looked triumphantly at the two Slytherins, "This change is effective starting tomorrow. You will sleep in the Gryffindor dorms, eat at the Gryffindor table, and spend time with the Gryffindor students. Which reminds me, your to spend time especially with Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, and Ms. Granger."

"Why should we??" Star demanded hotly.

"They seem to be the students most tormented by you, so this way, you'll learn what they are really like and hopefully won't judge them so harshly."

"*Them* spend time with *us*??" Ron cried. "But Professor!"

"No buts, Mr. Weasley. You'll see, it's best for everyone this way."

Harry wasn't so sure. He glanced at Draco and Star, who looked absolutely pissed. The other Slytherins didn't look too happy either, and were throwing dirty looks at the Gryffindors. Most likely, they blamed them for this incident. Harry groaned, this was going to be one long month.