Title : Nostalgia.
Rating : NC 17
Summary: "This is the line that marks insanity, Sasuke."

He made a line in the dirt in front of him with his foot.

"Cross it."

Pairing : ItaSasu, NaruSasu, and slight GaaSasu

Itachi woke to find his younger brother asleep, pressed against his chest, like the child he so desperately fought to protect.

This is Sasuke, he reminded himself, fondly brushing stray locks away from the porcelain face that so much resembled his own.

This was the reason I did what I did.

He exhaled slowly, disentangling himself from the younger Uchiha as carefully as he could, he looked out the window, the country of mist lay sprawled out before him, a small quiet little village, one he had to thank Kisame for.

No one could take Sasuke away here.

No one.

Naruto had returned to Konoha feeling extremely stupid.

He'd spent a week searching the more secluded places of the country of fire, before realizing that he should have sourced for more information first, flying back to Konoha as fast as his legs could take him.
He arrived in the early hours of dusk.

The brunette had yelped when he heard the loud voice of his former student suddenly at his door, but set down the Academy papers he was marking and opened the door.
"Naruto? Where were you? You've been missing for a week!"
The blonde man ignored him, pushing past him to enter the house, as if searching for something.
"Where's Kakashi-sensei?"
Iruka blushed.
"What made you know I was here, Naru-chan?" A sing-song voice came from the kitchen, and a very happy Kakashi sauntered into the living room with a warm cup of tea in his hands.
Then the copy-nin's eye focused and settled on him.
"You're looking for Sasuke?"

It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"I need you to help me find him, Kakashi-sensei."
Blue eyes followed the silver-haired ninja as he made himself comfortable on Iruka's couch.
"Sure you do, he's with Itachi."
Naruto's muscles turned to stone at the mention of the older Uchiha, his chakra starting to prickle.
"Sasuke doesn't know what he's doing."
Kakashi's eye narrowed.
"And you do?"
Naruto didn't reply, settling instead for looking down.
Kakashi scoffed, a small smile visible through his mask.
"You're being unreasonably selfish, Naruto."
Blue eyes trained on the copy ninja once more, this time slightly startled.
Kakashi continued, keeping his eye fixed on the blonde.
"Have you thought about how Sasuke may feel about this? He'd just gotten back, just finally found a reason to stay here, and he's suddenly confronted with the single person who took away everything he had?"
Naruto barely blinked.
"...the single person who he respected, admired and maybe even worshipped?"
Naruto's throat felt dry.
"Feelings like that don't just disappear, Naruto."
Iruka shared a look with the silver-haired ninja, before disappearing into the study.
"He loves Itachi."
The blonde felt his heart sink.

It was cracking.
It hurt as if someone had gutted him alive with the blunt, rusted knife.

His eyes blurred, his ears registering every noise around him in return.

Kakashi's voice sounded like needles.

"But I'm sure he loves you too."

Kakashi looked away then, sipping his tea.
"He loves you too, Naruto. Which is why this is a delicate subject."
Naruto took a shaky step towards the man on the couch, his voice cracking.
"But that's..."
That's just fucking confusing.
Naruto fell silent, his hands trembling.
Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke.
Kakashi's voice persisted through his mental turmoil.

"I can see it, Naruto."

Fuck it.

Sasuke opened his eyes abruptly, his hand reaching for something that he could no longer see.

Tanned hands against his skin, warm, warm and delicious touches.

He lowered his hand; bringing it to his temples instead, a small frown gracing his beautiful features.

Warm lips pressed against his collar bone, everything seemed tinged with gold as he was engulfed in sheer warmth.

"Naruto..." The whisper had barely left his lips when he heard the door open, and was greeted with the sight of his brother pulling on a tank top before brushing off any lint on his pants.
He silenced himself as Itachi came closer, looming over him, cool fingers pressing against his forehead.

"Good morning, little brother."
Itachi was letting his chakra touch him, and it was dizzying. Sasuke let out a small sigh as he pushed the hand away, frowning when his brother let out a low rumble of laughter.

This is the Sasuke I fought so hard to keep.

He leaned forward to nuzzle the younger man's cheek, before planting a slow, languid kiss on pliant lips.

This is the Sasuke that's mine.

The kiss had somehow morphed into a battle of tongues, and Itachi growled, grabbing Sasuke's hand and lacing their fingers together, they broke away only for air.

Mine and no one else's.

Itachi finally pulled away from the younger Uchiha completely, slowly gathering their belongings and throwing them into one of the cloth bags he had found quite carelessly.
Sasuke sat up, frowning a little, his dark eyes focusing on his brother, a small breath escaping his lips.

"Where are you going?"

Itachi paused, returning the stoic gaze his younger brother cast him, a small look of apology on his face that went as quickly as it came.

"I have a mission, Sasuke. I won't be long." The older Uchiha continued in his intentions.
"I'm coming with you."
Itachi paused again, giving the boy a cold look.
"You're staying here."
Where I can keep you safe.

Sasuke cursed softly.
"I don't want to be left alone here!"

For all I fucking know you could be leaving me again for good.

Itachi didn't miss the little glint of fear in the boy's eyes.

"I'm not a child anymore, Itachi."
The older Uchiha dropped the item at hand, moving over to the side of the bed, sat down.
"I know."
Itachi reached over to stroke the younger boy's nape, before pulling him into an embrace, an awkward yet strangely welcome action.
Let me make it up to you.
Let me love you.

"You can come with me."

Sasuke was slightly surprised that his brother had given in so easily, but nodded, deciding to stay in that position for a little while longer.

Naruto had heard that the Akatsuki had been spotted near the area, and had just dropped by in the slightest chance that he might see Sasuke. He had already been let down twice before – where there was Akatsuki activity, but there was no Itachi, which meant no Sasuke.

He navigated his way through crowded streets, blue eyes bright and searching for that familiar silhouette, that familiar back. He had been roaming for hours, and was heading back to his inn room when he saw him.


…dressed in a cloak, looking as fresh and beautiful as the day he had left him.

Naruto's heart sank.

A million questions raced through his mind.

What if he doesn't want me?
What if he won't come back?
What if he throws me away again?
What if he never loved me in the first place?

Doubts clouded his mind, his vision.

"He loves you too."
Kakashi's words echoed at the back of his mind.
He made no sound, but continued to follow the cloaked figure. Itachi was nowhere in sight.
He wanted to call out to him, to embrace him, but he couldn't find his voice.


Almost as if the ebony-haired boy heard him, he turned.

Their eyes met.

He could almost hear the fairer boy's voice as he mouthed his name.
A single inexplicable tear slid down a fair cheek.

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