Spoilers: Through Heroes.

Rating: FRK

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I can't believe Mac wants me to work Aiden Burn's murder. Why? Why me? Mac's reasoning is that I'm not emotionally involved, I didn't know Aiden. Which is true, but Mac doesn't get it, I AM emotionally involved, I owe Aiden everything. It was because of Aiden that I got the chance to live my dream. Aiden was the reason why I got the chance to start over. I met all of my new friends because of her. I met Danny because of her.

As I start going through my evidence, I make a promise to myself and to the woman who made my new life possible. I'm going to do whatever it takes to find the bastard who did this to her and I'm not going to stop until he's led away in handcuffs. It's the least I can do for my friends and the woman I owe everything to.