Title: No Such Thing (Working Title)
Author: Cheysuli Night
Chapter: 2
Rated: R
Pairing: mentioned ?/Neji; established Gai/Kakashi; eventual Tenten/Ino.
Warning: Yaoi. Yuri Implied rape. OOC (but there's a reason).
Summary: There's no such thing as a safe place to hide.
A/N: Takes place a few years after the failed mission to retrieve Sasuke.
A/N2: Any medical information is from Wikipedia. Some of the articles were rather confusing to me so feel free to correct me if I got anything wrong.

Halfway across the village, a teenage girl with her hair up in buns scowled as floodwater lapped at her feet. "Gai-sensei told us to be here when the rain stopped," Tenten growled. "The least he could do is show up." But Gai was nowhere to be found; when Tenten saw that no one was at their usual training grounds, she had checked the rest of the park. And found nothing.

Now she was wet, cold, covered in mud and seriously contemplating hunting down Gai and her teammates - who were also no shows - and forcibly dragging them to the park. She sighed, shaking her head. //Lee at least should be here. Neji, on the other hand, probably got held up with some clan related issue.// It had happened before; Tenten had lost count of the times Neji had been late because of one crisis or another.

She briefly contemplated going to Gai's house to ask about the hold up but, remembering how bad the flooding was in town - the park was on higher ground so the flooding wasn't as bad - decided against it. It was too much trouble; and besides, they would probably show up the moment she left.

So she jumped up into the branches of a nearby tree and settled down to wait.

An hour later, they still hadn't arrived and Tenten was starting to get worried - not so much about Neji but Lee was never this late. And Gai was only late if he had had a mission the day before. As far as Tenten knew, he hadn't. No one had, not in that weather.

Tenten sighed and stood on the tree branch she had been resting on, smoothing the wrinkles from her clothes. "I'll just have to go find them then," she mused as she started through the trees, deciding to check the park one last time before heading to town.

...that means that someone in his family hurt him!

Gai sighed, Lee's words echoing in his head. He couldn't believe it; didn't want to believe it. But... Neji was a ninja, a skilled ninja. He would have been able to fight off any other attacker, but if it had been another Hyuuga, a member of the Main House...

He said 'hurts' and touched his seal.

Only with the activation of the cursed seal would Neji have been overcome. Gai shook his head, glancing over at Neji, who had woken up shortly after the doctor had left and was now listening as Lee talked. //If Lee hadn't been here, we would have just handed Neji over to his family,// Gai realized in horror. //He would have been hurt again; worse though since he can't fight back this time.//

It broke Gai's heart seeing Neji like this, not able to focus or understand. Even now, as Lee described an incident from last week that Neji had witnessed first hand, the white eyed boy seemed confused. But at least like this, he didn't really understand what had happened to him. All he knew was that a bad man had hurt him.

During his few moments of coherency, however, he remembered all too well.

Ikeda ran over the rooftops towards the hospital, worrying over what he would report to his supervisor. //How can I tell him that one of the Hyuuga was assaulted,// he wondered as he raced passed a teen girl with buns in her hair, //and that another Hyuuga might have been the one to hurt him?//

Ikeda shook his head, speeding up as the hospital came into view. //No good can come of this.//

Tenten frowned as she passed a doctor. //Did something happen?// She shook her head - it wasn't any of her business - and skidded to a stop on Gai's roof, flipping over the edge and landing in a crouch in front of his door. Forgoing knocking, she pulled a key from her pocket - they all had keys to Gai's home in case of emergencies - and unlocked the door. "Gai-sensei? You here?" she called as she entered the house. She frowned when no one appeared. "I can hear talking; I know you're here! Why didn't anyone show up for training?"

She glared at Gai when he trudged into the living room, looking like he wanted to be anywhere other than here. //Since when does he trudge Tenten frowned in worry. "What's wrong? Did something happen?" she asked, realizing that the doctor she had seen could very well have been coming from here. "Are you hurt?"

Gai sighed and shook his head. "Something did happen, Tenten," he began, glancing worriedly over his shoulder towards the hall. "Something... very bad happened."

Tenten glared. "Well, what happened? Did Lee get hurt? Did Neji get into a fight with his uncle again?" She shook her head when Gai didn't answer. "Don't leave me in the dark here! I'm part of this team too, you know! Tell me!"


Tenten stared in shock as Neji stepped into the room, wearing nothing but an oversized sweatshirt that went down to his knees. He smiled - smiled! - and cocked his head. "Tenten throw weapons now?" he asked, staring up at Gai, who was glaring over Neji's shoulder at Lee.

Lee flinched. "Sorry, Gai-sensei. He wouldn't stay when I told him to and I didn't want to grab him, so..." He trailed off as Gai glared harder. "I'm so sorry, I'll take him back to bed now!"

Neji frowned and backed away when Lee stepped towards him. "Sensei mad. Go away," he mumbled, moving towards the girl. "Tenten throw weapons now."

Tenten shook her head Neji, who was acting as if he'd soon start tugging at her shirt like a child. "What? No, I-" she cut herself off and glared, once again, at Gai. "What the hell happened?"

Gai sighed. And to think, the day had only just started.

An older man frowned as he looked through Dr. Ikeda's report, his eyes narrowed. "Imbalanced Chakra, you say?" he asked, glancing up at Ikeda, who was fidgeting nervously in the guest chair in the office.

Ikeda nodded, wringing his hand together in anxiety. "I strongly believe so, yes. He used no Chakra when he defended himself against what he perceived as an attack, which is why I suspect his problem is his Chakra and is not a chemical imbalance."

Ikeda's supervisor raised an eyebrow. "You also say here that he was assaulted," he said, glancing over that part of the report once again. "And that that may have contributed to the imbalance." Ikeda nodded and the older man continued. "How do you know that the imbalance didn't occur prior to the assault? The boy's a skilled ninja, one of the best in fact; if he had been capable of making use of his Chakra during the attack, he would have done so and would not be in the state he is currently in."

Ikeda nodded, looking thoughtful. "You're right, Akai-sama. I don't know for sure which occurred first, I just... strongly suspect that he was attacked first and that his Chakra became imbalanced due to something his attacker did during the assault."

Akai frowned and made a note in the report. "You also can't be sure if it is indeed his Chakra that is imbalanced and not his dopamine levels. You recommended that we not assign a Hyuuga to this case." He raised a questioning eyebrow at this, staring curiously at Ikeda, who squirmed uncomfortably. "So we'll need to find another Chakra specialist," he continued, looking back at the report and making another note. "We'll also need to consult a neurologist just in case the problem is in fact chemical. And either way, we'll have to bring in a psychiatrist."

Ikeda nodded in agreement and stood, sensing that the meeting was coming to an end. "I know a psychiatrist who would be good; he's had experience with similar cases. If I may..." He gestured to the door.

Akai nodded, waving in dismissal, not taking an eye of the report. "Go on Ikeda-san. I'll look for a neurologist." He scribbled some more notes, not paying any attention as Ikeda left the room. "I should also send a message to the Hokage," he mumbled. "She'll need to know to take him off of active duty." She would also be the one to tell the boy's family; he didn't envy her her job.

"Is she still locked in the bathroom?"

Gai nodded sadly at Lee's question. After Lee and Gai had related all they knew about the situation - with occasional rambling commentary from Neji - Tenten had calmly locked herself in the bathroom and nothing Lee or Gai could do would get her to come out. When Gai had heard the faint sound of crying, he decided to just let her come out in her own time.

Lee sighed; he was surprised by Tenten's reaction. He had expected her to do like Neji had suggested - throw weapons. But instead she had reacted calmly, only falling apart in the privacy of the bathroom. He could understand that. Neji, on the other hand, didn't seem to understand at all and after a few moments seemed to have forgotten the girl was even there.

Lee glanced worriedly over at his other teammate; Neji was just sitting quietly on the bed - they had finally gotten him back to the guest room - and was staring blankly towards the broken window. The white eyed boy was humming softly under his breath, occasionally mumbling almost inaudible words, and was twisting his long hair around his bandaged arm.

Gai frowned as he, too, watched Neji. //We should tie his hair back,// he thought, deciding that Tenten could do that; the girl needed to feel like she was helping and she was the only one likely to have a hair tie. Right now, he just slowly crossed the room and untangled the boy's arm, pushing his hair back over his shoulder.

Neji ignored him, still softly humming what sounded like a children's song.

Gai sighed, shared a concerned glance with Lee, and went back to waiting for Tenten to come out of the bathroom.

Neji stared out at the still cloudy sky, absently humming a song his father had taught him. It was about birds, always about birds. Everything was birds. //Fly... fly away...// "Be free..." //Be free little bird...// "Fly..."

Neji frowned as the world flickered and started to crack, falling like broken glass and being replaced by a still drowning sky, water rushing and covering everything. Neji shivered. "Fly..."


"Fly free..."

You'll never be free...

Neji flinched at the deceptively soothing voice, so different than the mocking shouts from moments before. "Free... little bird..."

I own you...

Neji started gasping, struggling for breath as the water continued to rise, never stopping never slowing higher and higher until it was all he knew...

I own you.

Tenten stared blankly at her reflection, rubbing half-heartedly at the reddened skin around her eyes. She hadn't expected that; what Gai had told her. She didn't want to believe it. Didn't want to believe that something that... that horrific could happen. She was a ninja; she knew... knew that the world could be a very ugly place. But something like this happening to a friend. //Oh god...// she choked back a sob, lowering her hand to her mouth in a futile attempt to block the sounds she was making. She wanted it to all be a dream. Just a dream. But...

Throw weapons now!

Neji would never act that way. Not if he was pretending, not if he was simply an image in a dream, he was always himself. Mature, calm, sane. Not this- this child wearing her friend's body.

They should be training now. They - Tenten, Lee, Neji - should all be down at their training grounds, filthy and soaked to the skin from the rain and mud and Gai's exercises. Right this very minute. They should be running, crawling, swimming through the flooded streets of Konoha. Yes, that's exactly where they should be right now. But they weren't and she just couldn't forget that.

A sudden commotion in the other room was the only thing that saved her from hysterics.

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