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Title: Gratitude of a Fallen

Rating: K

Couple: Laharl/Flonne

Takes place after good ending of the first game.

Once before she was known as Angel Trainee Flonne. A young girl who came to the Netherworld from Celestia to assassinate the great King Krichevskoy--only to find out that he was already deceased.

She walked down the halls of the large castle she lived in now. It wasn't as strange for her to be there now.

Her once small, bow-tied ribbon on her head was now a dark crimson, flowing up to look slightly like a demonic rabbit's ears. Her white gown was tinted pink, covering a red bathing suit-like outfit and was pulled together at her neck with a red ribbon. Her white, feathered angel wings had turned sharp and as red as the rest of her new look. Her new, crimson tail followed behind her with a pink ribbon tied around the end near the heart shaped point.

She thought back to the last time she was in Celestia, her old home. Her beloved leader, Seraph Lamington knew all about the attack on the Netherworld. He said she was to be punished for attacking the angels, despite it being for the reasonable cause of protecting her friends. She accepted that punishment...To be turned into a flower.

Flonne thought that it would be best to accept the punishment, not knowing how much pain it would bring the two demons she befriended.

She giggled a bit, thinking of the demon Overlord she came to adore. He really did learn about love. She was really grateful for all he did for her. He was willing to sacrifice himself for her...she smiled sadly, happy that Vyers--or Mid-Boss--had stopped him. If he didn't, she would have become a fallen angel still but Laharl wouldn't be with her...

The fallen angel peeked into the throne room, smiling as she saw him yelling at the Prinnies. Flonne giggled again, her red eyes twinkling in amusement as she snuck up behind him, wiggling her fingers.

"AND MAKE ME FOOD! FOR I AM THE GREAT KING, LAHARL!! HAAAHAAHAHA-ack!" He growled as he felt someone pulling on his attenae, "Stop that, stop it!" He turned around, holding the long hairs while looking up slightly at the girl who was grinning cheerfully at him. "What do you want?"

She looked down, seeing a certain pendant hanging off his neck. She smiled softly and pecked him on the cheek, "Hehe!" She let out her small laugh before running off in the other direction.

Blinking confusedly, Laharl rubbed his cheek, ignoring the blush that formed on them. "Stupid love freak..." He muttered under his breath with a small smile. He froze and turned around slowly, seeing the many penguin creatures staring at him.

"Dood, you and Flonne are in lo--!"


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