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Summary: Naruto's forced his overworked boyfriend Neji into going on a holiday, when he bumps into widower and hot shot journalist Uchiha Sasuke and his incredibly annoying daughter. Naruto finds himself steadily falling in love with the bastard himself. Yeah, the god's of irony must love him! Yaoi, SasuNaru a little bit of NejiNaru. Cuteness incarnate.

A/N: Sasuke shows up at the end of this chapter…after that he's a constant. So don't worry he will be there!

Sasuke is 24, Neji is 25 and Naruto is 19.

Chapter 1:

The blond man ran through the airport, hurriedly shoving people his way and that. Shit his boyfriend was going to kill him for being late. The security check had taken so long he'd thought he was going to miss the plane! His phone started to vibrate, but he ignored it, knowing it was Neji calling. Finally he could see the gate he was supposed to be at, the long haired man was waiting outside, fuming.

The moment Naruto got there, Neji turned and handed his boarding pass to the flight attendant who was also looking a bit put out. Naruto smiled at her charmingly. "I'm sorry about the delay. I must have caused you so much trouble."

The girl was completely wooed by those sparkling blue eyes. She grinned at him and waved a hand self consciously. "I was no problem honestly! Ii would wait for you anytime…"

Neji's eyes narrowed and he slipped an arm around Naruto's waist possessively. Then he guided the blond into the plane never letting him go until they were seated and the plane was going to take off. Naruto unthinkingly shrugged off Neji's arm and placed his hands on either side of the window.

"Wow! I love take offs! Don't you love planes, Neji?" Naruto turned to his boyfriend, who was looking slightly green and holding the brown paper bag in front of him. The plane hit turbulence and Neji's head jerked forward into the bag. Naruto looked back out the window…the view out there was much better than the one with Neji barfing. He watched until they were completely above the white cotton clouds and had lost view of the ground. Then he turned to see Neji handing the brown paper bag to an airhostess for her to chuck.

"Aww, Neji…you must be feeling awful. Don't you have any medicine for that?" Naruto asked trying to put a comforting arm around the brunette. Neji pushed him away and frowned.

"I forgot to take it. Now can you give me some space, Naruto? Really, don't you have any consideration for other people's private space?" Neji sounded tired and over worked.

Naruto looked away, his smile dropping. "Oh…sorry. And I'm sorry I was late, Tsunade baa-chan gave me some last minute assignments to finish. I'm supposed to finish before I get back, so she can give me a few internships. Isn't that great?"

Neji was lying back with his eyes closed. "Yeah…totally great Naruto. Now if you don't mind I'd like to get some sleep, I've had a long night."

Naruto shrugged and continued to look out of the window. He really hoped the vacation would be good. He'd finally convinced Neji not to over work himself and booked ticket for a holiday in Wave Country. Wave country was rumoured to have the best beaches and holiday resorts in the world. The food was excellent too. And Naruto had thought, since they could afford it; why not opt for the best.

Neji's phone began to ring at that and the brunette flipped it open at once. "Kurenai-Shachou (president of a company)? Yes…I'm all ready on the plane. I see…oh ok." He glanced at Naruto. "No I'll convince Naruto. No need to worry, I'll be perfectly fine. Yes I'll get back to you after I talk to him."

Naruto turned to give Neji a sour look. "Work isn't it?"

Neji sighed and massaged his neck tiredly. "Look Naruto I'm really sorry. I know you told me to take two weeks off, but then Shachou just got this contract from Wave country. And since I'm all ready heading there, she was wondering if I could take care of it. It'll only be for a week or so…so I will get to spend time with you. Plus it's being held in our hotel. So I won't be far away. You could you know keep yourself occupied for sometime. There will be lots to do…you could bathe, surf, eat…?"

Naruto felt his heart sink…oh god here it was again…work always came first for Neji. Here their relationship was on the rocks and Neji was trying to convince him into letting him work. He nodded dejectedly. "All right…go ahead. Sure I'll find something to do…it's a vacation spot there will be loads to do!"

"Really?" Neji's face lit up at that and he smiled at Naruto. "That's great. I promise I'll make it up to, Naruto. I'll spend the whole of my free time with you ok?" Then he excitedly gabbled on the phone oblivious to Naruto who was currently wishing he could find someone he got along with…someone who wouldn't take him for granted all the time.

"Ah, the great outdoors!" Naruto stretched and looked around at the shacks and umbrellas along the beautiful beach. He wondered what he should do first, since Neji had all ready bought some suits and left for the meeting. He decided to sun bathe for a while…now was the perfect time since it was still about nine in the morning and he just wanted a light tan. Any later and he'd look like a fried chicken.

He brought a big straw hat that his best friend had given him and found a nice beach chair to stretch out on. After stretching again for a minute of two, he put on his ear phones and shoved his mp3 player into the pocket of his trunks. Covering his face with his hat, so the sun didn't get into his eyes he dozed off, dreaming of giant bowls of ramen. The peace lasted for half an hour and then suddenly it was gone. Naruto's dream was interrupted by a loud giggle and then there was light in his eyes.

Naruto sat up blinking trying to focus his eyes on a blurry image. When they did eventually focus, he saw a little girl standing in front of him; she looked about four or five. She was staring at him with innocent black eyes; her long black hair flowing around her and in her small hand was Naruto's straw hat. Naruto frowned and blinked at it, before realising that the kid had interrupted his sleep.

"Hey kid, gimme my hat back!"

The little girl looked at him and shook her head. Naruto stared at her open mouthed. "Come on, you aren't letting me sleep! Gimme my hat back okay? It's my hat."

"It's my hat now!" the girl said, glaring ice at the blond. She put on the hat which was too big for her and ran away. Naruto hesitated a little before running after her.

"Hey!" he marvelled at how fast she could run. They made a circuit of the beach. He'd chased her into the ladies locker room and gotten a little roughened up because of that. And he'd been called a paedophile and lectured about chasing little girls, then she'd made him bump into half a dozen people and he'd gotten soda, ice cream and a milkshake down his front. He was huffing by the time they got back to his beach chair. "I'll kill you, if you don't give it back to me this minute! You can't just steal people's hats!"

"Shan't!" The girl began to wade into the water. Naruto followed, zipping his mp3 player into the water proof pocket. "I don't like you…"

Naruto glared back at her. "Yeah? I don't like you either. If you do not hand it over I'll fry you and feed you to the fish. You annoying little brat!"

The girl picked up a small stone from the shallows and hurled it at him. It struck him on the shoulder. Naruto was speechless for a minute and then he began making his way towards her with a murderous expression. "You…you…perfectly horrible, insolent little gaki! I'll murder you…I'll…I'll put you in jail! You thieving…little…"

At that point a gust of wind came out of the no where and the hat flew off the little head and into the sea, where the current pulled it away. Desperation welled up in Naruto since it had been given to him my his best friend and long time crush Sakura-chan. Seeing the hat float away was too much for him…he snapped.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! NO! GET BACK HERE…" Naruto punched the water a few times, before pulling his hair out and yelling some more. He turned to the girl who was rooted to the spot looking frightened and at the same time looking like she wanted to laugh.

"Oh god, I hate you! I really hate you kid! Go some place else and stop making my life so miserable." Naruto clenched his fists and stomped off to some quiet place little shack.

He calmed himself a little and ordered a stir fried shrimp. He'd heard about how good they were in these little shacks and couldn't stop drooling over them. At last the chef came up and placed it in front of him. Naruto closed his eyes to take in the aroma and poised his fork over one. He brought the floor down with a flourish and heard a thud. He looked down to see that the plate was no longer in front of him.


He turned as he heard a giggle. The little girl was standing in front of him holding the plate which was wobbling in her hands. "My shrimp."

Naruto attempted a smile. "No, honey, it's my shrimp. Could you please give it back to me? I really really want to eat that, I'm hungry. I'll share some with you…"

The girl looked mutinous. "No, my shrimp only."

"Can you at least give me half? Let's go halvsies on this…"

The girl pondered a moment, before… "No" then she smiled trying to stagger away with it and dropped it instead. Both she and Naruto stared gravely at the remains of the shrimp.

Naruto called out to the chef. "Hey, Ossa…can I have another of that please?" the old man poked his head out looking at the ruined remains and then sighed.

"Sorry mister….but we just ran out of shrimp. And you'll have to pay for that plate too."

The girl heard a thump and turned to see Naruto repeatedly bang his head on the table. Then the blond paid for the damage, bought himself a sandwich and headed for the beach again. After looking around to make sure the girl wasn't around he pulled out his mp3 player and turned on some rock and lay back to listen to it, sorely missing the hat. It wasn't five minutes later that he felt a small hand cover his mp3 and pull it out of his grip. Naruto sat up and groaned…the little girl again and now she'd taken his player and run to the rockier part of the beach.

Neji had given him that player…he followed the girl, at a walk this time; he was too tired to run. The girl stopped a few inches away from him.

"What's your name?"

Naruto scowled. "Why would you want to know?"

"Tell me or I'll break it."

Naruto sighed. "Uzumaki Naruto."

"How old are you?"

"I'm nineteen."

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

Naruto's eyes widened. "Now look here, you don't need to know that. Just give me my player back all right?"

The girl frowned. "Fine, catch it!" she tossed it to him, but it was a short throw. Naruto dived, but it hit the ground before he could get it and smashed into few pieces. Naruto stared at it and then sat down beside it head in his arms. Somehow it seemed so final that the player Neji had given him had broken…on rocks. That's where their relationship was now…on the rocks.

There were voices and then Neji sauntered up. "Naruto…there you are! Do you have any idea how hard I've been trying to find you?" The brunette walked to the blond and saw the broken player. "Naruto, what happened?"

"It broke."

Neji observed the quiet blond for a while. "Well, it's ok. I can always buy you a new one."

"It's the gift you gave me when we started dating…" Naruto looked away. "It means a lot to me, Neji."

Neji rubbed his back in what he thought was a soothing manner. "Don't be so sentimental. I told you, I'll get you another one. Hell we can afford a lot more."

Naruto stood up angrily. "Don't you get it? I said it meant a lot to me…your buying me another one won't cut it. Aren't you supposed to be at a meeting?"

"Yeah, we took a fifteen minute break. It's almost up…I have to go in a minute actually." Neji shrugged. "I thought I'd come and see if you were keeping yourself amused."

The blond fought to keep tears away. It had been one tiring day and now Neji was acting all casual about going back to the meeting again. The blond sighed. "Yeah whatever, Neji. Why don't you just go, huh? I'm doing fine by myself."

Neji's cell phone buzzed and he picked it up. Then he gave Naruto a quick peck on the cheek. "Sorry kit, I'm going to have to leave. I'll take you out for dinner ok?"

Naruto watched him go, not aware of the two tears making their way down his cheek. Growling he wiped them away and started trudging back to the hotel room. Even Neji's nickname for him 'kit' because he insisted Naruto was like a fox cub, had lost its meaning. Naruto forgot about the little girl who was watching him with wide guilt filled eyes.

Naruto stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He was feeling a little better after the long walk to the hotel and the shower. He fell onto the bed, still wet and not bothering to wipe himself off. Sunlight filtered in through the windows and warmed. Gosh I a going to have such a tan. He was about to doze off at last when the door bell interrupted him.

The blond grumbled to himself and opened it, to find himself looking at the most gorgeous man he had ever seen. The man had eyes like dark pools he could drown in, his obsidian black hair framed his face in dark bangs and spiked at the back. Pale skin contrasted with the black of his hair and a smirk adorned his face. Wow…am I dreaming? No wait I'm drooling. Shit…

"How many I help you?" Naruto said, once he'd gathered his breath.

"You must be Uzumaki Naruto. I'm Uchiha Sasuke...could we come in for a minute?" The man asked. His voice was deep with touch of huskiness to it.

Naruto nodded and stepped aside to let them through. "Forgive the mess, I just began unpacking…" wait…did he just say we? Naruto watched a small shadow walk in next to the Uchiha. "It's you! You're that annoying kid from today!"

The man's smirk widened. "I'm sorry, it seems like my daughter gave you a lot of trouble."

Naruto stared at him…Sasuke looked no older than his early twenties…he seemed too young to have a daughter. Naruto looked at the little girl's wide eyes and then sighed. "Well, she was a little annoying, but it was nothing to worry about."

Sasuke's eyes crinkled in amusement. "Uzumaki-san, I do know my daughter really well…she is extremely troublesome and refuses to listen to anyone but me. And from the number of babysitters who have abandoned me, I assure you, I know how you must feel. What's the damage?"

Naruto rubbed his head nervously. "Nothing really. Just a straw hat…but it's really nothing. Would you like anything to drink?"

A small voice piped up from behind the raven haired man. "Could I have some soda please?"

Sasuke sighed. "Rie, what did I tell you about being polite. We're here to apologise to Uzumaki-san…"

Naruto handed her a bottle of soda. "Nah, its ok. She's a kid after all."

"Rie told me everything she has put you through, Uzumaki-san. I feel some compensation is due…" Sasuke's stoic face acquired a business look. "Please tell me what I owe you?"

That pissed Naruto off. "I said it was nothing, Uchiha-san."

The bastard refused to leave it at that. "Dobe, I don't have all day and I dislike being in debts. So tell me, how much for the hat, the shrimp and the player?"

"Don't call me dobe, Teme!" Naruto frowned. "Listen Uchiha…I don't want anything for the hat or the shrimp or the player. I'm not in the least bothered by losing them."

"That's not what Rie said. She said she'd broken you player…I have the bits…and that you just 'sat down and looked sad'." Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "So let me replace the player at least."

"It's irreplaceable."

"Hn?" Sasuke grunted questioningly.

"I said, it's irreplaceable, teme. It was given to me by my boyfriend when we started dating two years ago. A new one just won't do. I'll take care of that ok?" Naruto stated, suddenly looking a little down.

"Oh…." Sasuke studied the blond, who was still in his towel. He was very good looking…in fact, Sasuke ran his eyes over the toned chest and flat tummy…he was very hot. "Where is your boyfriend anyway?"

Naruto sat down on the couch. "At a meeting. But then he said he'll be back to take me to dinner."

Sasuke nodded. "Ok then….I think we should leave. Rie, say you're sorry."

The little girl poked her head around her father's waist. "I'm sorry, Uzumaki-san."

"That's all right. Just don't do that again please." Naruto was about to usher them out, when his phone rang. "Just give me a minute ok."

Sasuke waited and watched the blond pick up his phone. He heard the blond's voice light up.

"Hello? Neji?"

"What about tonight? You said you'd be coming…"

Then his voice fell.

"Oh…fine then. I won't wait up for you."

Sasuke watched the blond put the phone down and sigh. He felt a little bad for the loud blond. He felt Rie tugging on his shirt and bent down so she could whisper into his ear. Then he straightened.

"Dobe, Rie wants to know if you want to have dinner with us. To make up for the trouble she caused." Sasuke asked his voice devoid of emotion.

"Don't call me dobe, teme!" Naruto thought about it and then shrugged, "If it won't be any hassle."

"Fine. We'll meet you here at seven…make it an early dinner, so Rie can go to bed." Sasuke said as he walked out the door. Naruto frowned for a moment wondering what he'd gotten himself into…going to dinner with a gorgeous man and his little daughter…who was incredibly annoying. Oh well…it wouldn't be too bad right?

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