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Robin sat there in the dark, pondering. Pondering his own dark fait. How could one man bring him down so low? After everything he's been through, after everything he's faced, all that he stood for was gone, gone without a trace.

Robin was a criminal. He was working for one, and did his bidding in every single way. He had betrayed his friends, his deceased parents, his former mentor, and most of all, himself and everything he ever used to stand for. If only Slade knew... If he only knew what this meant to Robin as a failure, if only that son of a bitch would stop thinking of himself for a moment. All this was to him was a game, an obedient young apprentice to do his chores. A windup toy. Slade had brought him down so low, had made Robin the kind of a person he despised the most. Everything seemed so pointless now, so.. conclusive. Like he was never going to escape from the man's firm iron grasp.


He must not think that way. There must be a way out from the man's watchful eye. Robin was known for his continuous hoping, his believe that everything could work out in the end. But now... the only sparkle of a bright side would be...

That things definitely couldn't get any worse.

"Focus your thought on that", he pondered, as he silently repeated the thought to himself, "and then find a way out of this."


Slade sat in his throne-like chair made of stone, working on some blueprints, and occasionally, silently, eyeing the trapped bird in his monitors. Slade knew what the boy was thinking now, he had knew it was Robin behind the RedX mask, and he also knew what was going through his head right now. And he knew, Robin was right. He'd always known that forcing Robin to his side had crushed his righteous little soul. That had in fact, always been a part of his plan. The boy was still in denial however, searching for a escape or a rescue of some sorts. Someone needed to beat some sense into him. And after all...

No one else was around.

So I can't bring you any lower Robin?

Poor Boy

Don't you know...

That whenever that thought escapes your lips, that things couldn't possibly get any worse...

It always starts to rain...


Robin jerked from his thoughts when the doors of his room slammed open.


The man came toward him. Silent. Why wasn't he saying anything? Why no orders, no taunting? He was still comming towards him with this eerie sortof posture to him.

"Get up."

Robin sprang up from his bed. On the opposite side to where Slade was standing however. Slade narrowed his eye as Robin has displeased him in some way. The boy saw something in the man's movement, as he was getting ready for something. Robin subcontionsestly clenched his fists and crouched in a fighting stance.

Slade mearly tilted his head a bit in a taunting way, as if he were smirking underneath that thing on his face. And Robin was sure he was.

"Relax dear boy. I'm not here to fight you...

Robin just narrowed his eyes to the statement.

There was silence in the room, 'til the man spoke again.

"I'm here to fuck you."


Well this was probably the most unorginal fanfiction ever! XD And I would know since I've read probably read every SladexRobin fanfic there is to be found online Oo Not exaggerating. So I appologise for that. And note, this is my first fanfic ever. And probably the last. Just something that came out after reading WAY TOO much of this shit! Still can't thikn of writing some slashy action so sorry for ending it there too! But thank you to anyone who read. And what is it you people say here? Oh yeah, r&r