Releasing fire

Rating: T

Fiction: Kibbs
Disclaimer: NCIS...not mine. If it would be, would Kate be dead?

Gibbs House

Friday - late evening

Gibbs lay under his boat and closed his eyes. The last case had been tiring and a cup of bourbon did its part. Now he was enjoying the silence of his basement. 'Oh yeah, this is great.' He thought as the ringing of his cell broke the stillness around him. Gibbs growled. 'Oh damn. Please not another dead sailor.' He rubbed the bridge of his nose and reached for his cell without opening his eyes. "Yeah, Gibbs."

"Hello Gibbs. This is Kate." he sat up. Her voice sounded strange. "Kate? Not that I would mind so much of your attention, but please don't tell me, we have a new case!" Silence. 'Oh please don't bite my head off.' Kate thought. "Kate, what's up?" he asked again. "Um… well…" 'That doesn't sound good.' his mind told him. "Do I want to know, what's wrong, Kate?" he waited. "That depends!" she replied uncertain. "On what?" 'I never had such a strange conversation with her before.' He was curious now. "How much do you like me?" Kate hadn't intended to let it sound that way. On the other end of the line Gibbs remained silent. 'Definitely the strangest conversation I had in my whole life.' "Kate, please would you tell me why you called me at this hour?" He became more short tempered. "I need your help." she answered with a low voice. "Okay, where are you? I come over." Gibbs said. "Actually I am standing right in front of your door."

"You what?" In a rush he rose and with fast steps arrived at his door. As he opened, Kate stood there with tousled hair, smut all over her face and a small gym bag over her shoulder She held little Toni in her arm and looked like a mess, a shy smile on her lips. This sight made Gibbs speechless, but in a second he recovered. He shoved Kate inside his house and closed the door behind them. Once inside Kate sat Toni down at her feet and inhaled deep.

"Kate, what's happened to you?" The concern in his voice was obvious. "My apartment… It's burnt down. Something had caused a short-circuit. I don't know. Now it's uninhabitable like the Sahara… I didn't know where to go." She looked down at her feet, embarrassed of her lack of other friends. "I mean, I wanted to go to Abby, but she is with McGee. And Dinozzo… No, that's not an option. I tried to reach Ducky, but…" her voice trailed off and tears ran down her cheeks.

Gibbs made a step forward and took her in his arms. He stroked her back while she cried. "Sh… It's all right, Katie." He whispered in her brown hair. As her sobbing ceased, he took her hand and dragged her upstairs to his bedroom. She said nothing. She trusted him completely. He placed her on the edge of his bed and cowered in front of her, so she had to look at him. "Kate, it's okay. You and Toni can stay here tonight." With his thumb he rubbed a little smut from her cheekbone. "Well, I'm sure you want to shower. It's over there." He pointed at the door to her left. Kate only nodded, not able to speak. "I go down again and make new coffee. If you need something, just call!" Gibbs rose and wanted to turn as Kate's hand caught his wrist. Their gaze locked. "Thank you." She whispered. "You're welcome. And now… shower. You smell like a scorched roast." He teased. That brought back a little smile on her lips.

"Um… Gibbs? I have only my bag from the gym, but there are no clothes in it, I could use." She looked at him askingly and he understood her unvoiced question. He went to one of his drawers and pulled out a USMC tee-shirt and some of his older running shorts. "Maybe a bit too big, but it has to do for now." he put them on Kates lap and left her alone.

Kate watched the door where Gibbs had just disappeared, but after some seconds she came out of her reverie and entered the bathroom. She took a look into the mirror and sighed. 'What now?' she thought, undressed and stepped into the shower. The warm water worked its wonders. With closed eyes she let it run down her body. Now that she was here, in his house, she felt like everything would turn out fine, even if her 'whole life' was burnt to ashes in that fire.

After some more minutes under the water she stepped outside, refreshed and a little stronger than before. Surprisingly the clothes Gibbs had given her weren't so big… Okay the USMC shirt hung to her like an oversized nightgown and she had to search for a belt to hold the pants on her hips. But at least, she felt like a woman again.

Kate went down and the smell of coffee led her to his kitchen. As she stepped through the door, Gibbs had his back to her. "Smells great!" she said to let him know that she was there. He turned around with two mugs of steamy coffee. The sight in front of him let him marvel a moment. 'How can she be this gorgeous even in this old clothes?' As she noticed his trance, she stepped forward. "That's for me?" Kate reached out to take one of the mugs from him, but as she grabbed it, their fingers touched. The contact let a shiver run down her spine. Her eyes found his and tension rose immediately. She melt under his intensive gaze. A moment passed without any move.

Toni broke the spell as she came inside the kitchen and barked at them. Both withdrew quickly. Kate took her mug from him without looking at him. Gibbs was the first who found his voice again. "What about a more comfortable ambiance. We can go to the living room and there you can tell me, why you didn't want to stay at Dinozzo's!" Kate nodded and went out of his kitchen with a mischivious grinning Gibbs right behind her. 'This will get interesting!' he thought.


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