It was already dark outside when Gibbs woke. It seemed he'd slept some hours after making love to Kate that afternoon. 'Make love to Kate…where had this come from. One moment you're her boss, then you call her a friend and now you're laying in your bed between sheets that hold her scent after having made… love.' Gibbs who lay on his back reached out to touch her beside him. But she wasn't there. Thousands options ran instantly through his mind. 'Was she having second thoughts now?'

He climbed out of his bed, pulled his boxers on and went downstairs. Everything was dark and silent except that the basement door was open and light shone through it. He hadn't been down there since Friday, since… her. Slowly he made his way down, but stopped when he saw her tracing the wooden surface of his boat. She touched it like a precious porcelain doll. Kate ran her fingers fascinated over the material. Nothing she'd ever felt was so perfect - smooth and hard in the same moment. 'Just like him.' Gibbs watched her making her way around the boat. She was only wearing one of his NIS-shirts and her wonderful long legs poked out of it. Her graceful moves mesmerized him. Feeling eyes on her, she looked up and saw Gibbs staring at her. Their gazes locked. But instead of anger that she'd intruded his private realm, she saw appreciation in his eyes. "This is beautiful." Her voice was low and he could barely hear her. "No, you're beautiful." Gibbs made his way to her side. "What's her name?" she asked him, feeling that she already knew the answer. "Kelly." He said with a far away look and sadness took hold of him one short moment before he could meet her gaze again. "That's what I thought." Kate whispered and reached out to him.

Kate made a step forward and caressed his lightly stubbled jaw with her fingertips. Gibbs arms found their way around her waist and pulled her tight against him and in one swift motion he had her trapped between himself and one of the boats ribs. "Slowly I'm beginning to think you already know me pretty well, Katie." Kate smiled at him. "You've no idea!" She said mystical to him. Gibbs raised an eyebrow and looked like he thought about this a moment. "I think I don't want to know… for now." He whispered against her mouth before he kissed her.

It was incredible what he could do to her with a single kiss and his proximity. Kate felt her knees go weak and if Gibbs wouldn't hold her captive with his body against the wooden, she wouldn't stand anymore at all. It was so easy to forget everything with him and just slip into the moment and give in to the desire. The kissing had started out slow and sensual, but soon became more and more driven by lust. Gibbs couldn't help it, but she was making him feel like a horny teenager again. He wanted her again… needed her… again. He encouraged Kate to wrap her legs around him by grabbing her buttocks and Kate didn't need to be forced. She too wanted more since he'd started to kiss her. Willingly she entwined herself around him.

Feeling that she wasn't wearing panties made him groan. Gibbs disengaged from the wooden support with Kate still around his body and lowered her onto the bench under the boats skeleton. He kneeled between her legs. Feeling his erection against her, Kate responded with rolling her hips against him. Gibbs helped her to remove his shirt from her burning body. There she was, naked in all her glory. The little working lamp bathed her skin in a warm gleam. He leaned back a bit to look at her. Little goose bumps appeared on her skin while his gaze traveled over her body.

Gibbs hands moved around her body and came to an halt between her shoulder blades. When he moved his hands back down along her spine, Kate bent her back in pure pleasure. She was melting under his hands. It was the most erotic sight he'd ever seen. Everything was just perfect. He began to trail kisses from the valley between her breasts to her belly button, when the smell of her arousal filled his nostrils. He needed to taste her, know what was essentially her, so he traveled further down. He could see how wet she already was. Looking back up to her face, he saw that she had closed her eyes. "Kate, look at me!" Unwillingly she opened her eyes. "Tell me what you want!" he hissed and his hot breath against her made her shiver. She struggled to find her voice. "Touch me… Lick me… Love me!" she whispered. Now knowing that he had full control over her, the famous Gibbs smirk appeared on his face. "Try and stop me." With that he kissed his way between her thighs.

He rubbed his cheek on her legs, touching her with his lips. Kate felt his tongue parting her, and then the wet heat of his mouth, covering her. She felt him suck her folds into his mouth, and run his tongue along the sensitive seam. Kate was aware of the care he was taking to bring her pure pleasure. When he reached her opening, he darted his tongue inside. He did this several times and then thrust his tongue up inside her. He licked at her walls, feeling them slide around his tongue. He placed his hands on her hips, pulling her tighter to him. Then he moved to her clit. Taking it between his lips he flicked his tongue over it, hard and fast. Kate started to moan at the sensations he created. His tongue was driving her wild. His hands were holding her still for his mouth assault.

Gibbs took his hand and inserted one finger inside her. She was so wet, there was almost no friction, so he placed a second one in her. He started to move his fingers slowly and worked them up inside her. When they were completely sheathed, he let go of her clit. Inside her he curled his fingers slightly, feeling her walls give and contract around him. He watched her face, when he started to move them. He was thrusting his fingers inside her and Kate was meeting each thrust. "More" she gasped. So the next time he pulled out completely and without missing a stroke, he inserted a third finger.

Kate's movements were becoming frenzied. He bent his head again, and sucked her clit into his mouth. Kate looked down at his head and hands moving on her. Continuing to stay in a half sitting position Kate thrust her hips to his face and hands and feeling the new movement, Gibbs raised his eyes to her. Kate trembled at the sight of his blue eyes rising above her sex, while his lips moved hungrily on her. She threw her head back and gave into the sensations he was rousing in her. Continuing to circle her hips, Kate drove his fingers further into her.

Gibbs felt her walls stroking his fingers, and felt the tremors in her legs along his body. His tongue was bringing Kate close to the edge, but instead of letting go, he moved faster. Suddenly Kate cried out his name and stiffened on his fingers. Gibbs continued to suck and move within her, until her tremors passed. Removing his fingers, he licked them until the taste of her was gone.

Coming to her senses again Kate realized that Gibbs had pushed his boxers down and had positioned himself to enter her. Her smiling was all he needed to know. Slowly he pushed into her. Kate thought she would go insane. Still sensitive from the former orgasm she fought the urge to cry out, when he set a steady rhythm. He wanted her to come again with him. With his thumb he started to play with her clit again and it didn't fail its purpose. He felt her walls contract around him when she came the second time and now he too could let go. There is a thin line between pain and pleasure and now Gibbs knew for what moments this phrase was hold for.

Slowly coming down from their heights, Gibbs had leaned down between Kate's breasts and tried to gain control of his breathing. With her fingers, Kate combed calmingly through his hair. "I love you, Jethro." Gibbs looked up at her and gave her a gentle kiss. Slowly sliding out of her and just regretting to let go of the warmth this fast, he helped her up. "I think we should go upstairs, where it is a little warmer, Katie."

Till now Kate hadn't realized that the basement was in fact a little chilly to wear nothing. Nodding she took the NIS Shirt and went upstairs. Gibbs, watching her, pulled on his boxers and followed her upstairs. When she had reached the basement door, he caught her and encircled her in his arms from behind. Kate stopped and leaned into his embrace. "I never want this to end, Kate." She closed her eyes. There was nothing more perfect he could have said to her. She turned her head to look at him. "Me too, Jethro." Then she gave him a butterfly kiss on his jaw. They stayed this way one moment, but Kate's stomach growled loud enough for both to hear. "Jethro, I'm starving!"

Gibbs wriggled his brows. "I haven't gained enough strength for another round… yet." Kate slapped him on the arm. "Oh you poor little baby. Have I worn you out?" She asked in a sing sang voice and with that she wriggled out of his embrace and pushed through the door to put a little distance between them. Gibbs smiled at how playful she was with him. She was forgetting in what positions they were and what problems would appear on Monday. They needed to speak about that. But for now, it didn't matter. She loved him… Jethro - the man and not Gibbs - the boss. And it was all that was important to him.

He moved through the door. "What did you just call me, Agent Todd?" he called in his best boot camp-voice. But he smiled when he heard her giggle in the kitchen and went there to find her half disappeared inside his fridge.


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