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By the time Angela finished filling the guys in on Ethan, his connection to Brennan and Booth, plus the confrontation Angela had with him in Booth's room, both had eyes wider than flying saucers.

"Wow," Hodgins managed. "Talk about a conspiracy theory. Brennan thinks Ethan had Viktor taken out because he was jealous. Ethan denies being involved. I wonder who's telling the truth, or if that lies somewhere in the middle?"

Zack nodded. "There's probably truth to both versions, each person believing theirs is the ultimate truth because their view of the situation is clouded by preconceived notions."

Angela held up her hands. "Alright, enough. Let's veer away from philosophy for a moment, back to the issue at hand. Do you two think Ethan might've tried to kill Brennan?"

Hodgins shrugged. "Can't say for sure, but from what you've told us if he were going to take someone out it'd be Booth, not Brennan." He glanced to Zack, waiting for him to agree or contradict his opinion.

"Hodgins is right." Zack glanced nervously around the lobby. "But if it wasn't Ethan, does that mean Pouerston got into the hospital?"

Following Zack's example, Angela and Hodgins couldn't help the way their eyes suspiciously sized up the gift shop patrons, visitors and staff members; everyone suddenly was a suspect.


Booth opened his eyes slowly. Even with senses dulled by prescription drugs he immediately sensed the presence of the two F.B.I agents who hovered just inside his room. If they were with him, he knew it meant trouble.

"Wha-t happ-pp-end?" Booth croaked out.

The older of the two agents immediately glanced at his partner. "You're awake sir, that's good." He hesitated, then continued. "There was an attempt made on your partner's life. She survived, but is in critical condition with the possibility of severe complications. We believe that whoever the culprit is could still be on the premises. Both you and Dr. Brennan have been assigned round the clock protection until the threat is neutralized."

Booth took a breath. "How d-id he h-hur-t her?"

"Sir I'm not sure that-"

"Ho-w?" Booth demanded, trying his best to look imposing while attached to monitors in a hospital bed.

The agent relented. "Someone injected liquid heroin into her IV line, causing a near fatal reaction with the Fentanyl."

Booth closed his eyes relaxing back against the pillows. He'd thought he'd protected her, kept her safe. He hadn't. He'd merely rescued her from one situation to put her in another. This time he couldn't protect her, physically his body was battered. He had to put his faith in others to keep her safe, he hated it. Wishing there was someone he could count on and trust to handle the situation, Booth drifted off into sleep.


Ethan surreptitiously watched Dr. Jamison before taking a step forward. He wanted to confront the man, find out what he knew, but before he could reach him an orderly came along heading straight for the Doctor's office. Ethan stepped back, thankful when the man passed without even registering Ethan's proximity.

The door was pushed open. Dr. Jamison straightened. "What are you doing here?" he asked nervously.

The other man shrugged. "Just checking in. You're not having second thoughts are you?"

Dr. Jamison paused before answering. "I'm a doctor; I took the Hippocratic Oath, I…"

"Blah, blah, blah….funny how all that went out the window when I threatened to reveal to the hospital board your extracurricular activities isn't it?"

"Please, I did what you asked," Dr. Jamison begged. His face was white. Ethan could see the man's hands shaking.

"I said I wanted her dead. You rushed in and managed to save her. That didn't exactly follow the terms of our agreement."

"She's suffered immense brain damage, she'll be lucky to recover all her functions after she wakes up!"

The other man considered this a moment. "Hmmm…not bad. With brain damage Agent Booth will get to watch her suffer everyday, knowing she's not even half the woman she was before. I think the outcome of this arrangement may have turned out better than I anticipated."

"What?" Dr. Jamison asked in confusion.

The man waved him off. "Nothing to concern yourself with, you followed through on your end of the bargain, now I'll give you these." He pulled a small notebook out of his pocket. "Consider your gambling debts paid off, and the knowledge that you falsified new equipment forms for the hospital to steal money in an attempt to pay off those debts wiped clean from my memory."

Dr. Jamison sighed in relief. "Thank you Mr…." He frowned. "I never did get your name."

The other man smiled sickly. "It's Pouerston, Jarrod Pouerston."

Nodding, Dr. Jamison spoke. "I'm glad this is over, I-"

A metallic click sounded in the room, Dr. Jamison's eyes widened in fear. Pouerston removed his Anschutz firearm- aimed, chuckled, fired twice, then disappeared through the side door of Dr. Jamison's office.

Ethan stood frozen for about two beats, before taking off after him. He didn't bother to check the Doctor's pulse; two bullets through the head didn't leave any hope for survival. Hitting the emergency stairs, he vowed to see Pouerston's ass nailed to the wall for what he'd done to Brennan.

Barreling out the bottom through a door marked 'emergency only' Ethan found himself amid a mix of people in the hospital lobby. He looked desperately around for his prey, but came up empty. Cursing he spun around to find Angela, Hodgins and Zack staring at him.

Not bothering with formalities he grabbed Angela's arm. "Did you see a man just come though this door?"

Angela shoved him away. "Yeah some hospital staff person a few seconds before you. Why?"

"It was Pouerston! He just murdered Dr. Jamison in his office! Which way did he go?"

Hodgins gestured towards the automatic sliding glass doors. "He ran out there."

Seeing his target trying to blend in with the people dropping off patients, Ethan ran. He reached Pouerston a second after the man realized he'd been cornered. Grabbing his gun, Pouerston offered a taunting laugh before aiming, and blowing of half his head.

Blood spatter covered Ethan's clothes, hospital patrons screamed, and the F.B.I swarmed the area.


A nurse entered Brennan's room, checked her vitals, fluids, and fluffed her pillows then left. She didn't notice the small piece of folded yellow paper tucked into her patient's hand. A malicious bit of paper that would wreak havoc on all of the Jeffersonian Institute and the F.B.I. …

So Pouerston's gone, but there are so many loose ends….

Who wrote the note to Brennan, and what does it say?

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