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The Final Chapter

"Where the hell is Deidara?" Naruto asked angrily. "He was supposed to bring the fake swords out of the basement for practice!"

"Where the hell is my Icha Icha Paradise book?" Kakashi asked, confused. "I could have sworn I left it right over there..."

"Has anyone seen Tobi?" Sakura asked.

"Look!" Zetsu shrieked, pointing to the corner. Tobi's mask, page 124 of Kakashi's book, and three long blond hairs lay discarded in the corner.

"Oh. My. God. Not page 124!" Kakashi screamed. "Well, there's nothing we can do now. It's out of our hands."

"We have to save Deidara!" Hinata said.

"Chillax," a voice commanded. "We'll take care of it." Students X, Y , and Z dropped out of the ceiling.

"Oh. It's you guys," Itachi said.

"Yeah. We heard your problem. X wants to kick Tobi's ass since he failed him on his algebra test last week, and Y wants to try out her new taser," Student Z said.

"YAAAY! TASER!" Student Y screamed, running around zapping random things.

"OW!" Sasuke yelled.

"Eeek!" Student B shrieked.

"Hey! Why are YOU here!?" Shikamaru asked her.

"Eh heh heh..." she sheepishly said as she sneaked out.

Outside, all of the teachers that had been displaced by "food poisoning" several months before were gathered outside the school. The REAL art teacher was at the head of the crowd.

"We will use whatever means necessary to get our jobs back!" he shouted.

"TEACHERS FOREVER!" they yelled.

Inside the school, in the teacher's lounge, Deidara found himself in a compromising situation with Tobi. Again. Tobi was sitting on him, and smashed his lips against Deidara's.

"You taste so good,Sempai! I just want to eat you!"

"Uh... uh... uh... that's okay. I don't really want to be "eaten"-un!" Deidara panicked.

But Tobi didn't seem to care. "Come on!" he said, trying to remove his Sempai's cloak.

"FREEZE! Y'S GOT A TASER AND SHE'S NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!" Student X screamed as he kicked down the door.

"Oh thank god-un!" Deidara sighed in relief.

"YAY! TASER!" Student Y yelled, waving her taser around.

But Tobi tried to escape. So he ran through the auditorium with X, Y, and Z chasing him. Just as they were rehearsing the balcony scene. Just as the teachers breached the entry.

"GIVE US BACK OUR JOBS!" the teachers shrieked.

"All right! A fight!" Itachi yelled, Mangekyouing anyone who came within three feet of him.

"WHEE!" Student Y yelled as she zapped anyone and everyone with her taser.

"Hmm... ooh... I want to try that!" Kakashi said, still reading his book.

In all the confusion, the Magical Portal to the Naruto World opened up and vaccumed everyone who belonged there up like an insane vaccuum cleaner. Peace fell over A. High School.

"OW!" everyone yelled when they landed back in Konoha. In a big dog pile. Fortunantly, almost everyone was out of costume. ALMOST being the key word here. Sasuke was still in his dress.

After saying goodbye, everyone went their separate ways. The Sand Sibs went back to Suna, Akatsuki went back to their lair, and the Rookie Nine went back to their houses.


Back at A. High School, Student Y was getting chewed out.

"Young lady, you are in SERIOUS trouble!" the principal yelled. "What in the name of hell gave you the idea that it was all right to use a taser?!"

"Uh... it's not my taser. It's Student B's."

The few months that that innocent high school had ninja substitute teachers would go down in history as the weirdest, wildest, most entertaining months EVER in a school.

Who knows, maybe next time there's an accident in their world, YOU'LL get ninja subs at your school!


Omake- Author's Comments

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Honestly, I really don't know what to say except "THANK YOU TO MY READERS!" Without all of you, this story wouldn't have made it this far. There's an abundance of high school fics out there, but all of you took your precious time to read this one. I am very happy and honored.

To be honest, I wasn't sure if this story would be well recieved, because I thought it was kind of well, too much like my school. Maybe people wouldn't get it? It was shocking to me how many people added this to their alerts, favorites, or C2 community. Once again, I would like to say thank you to everyone who read this and stayed with this story until completion.

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