The Greatest Duel Ever

"kaiba your days are numbered" said yugi forcefuly " yugi, i t is YOUR DAYS THAT ARE NUMBERRED" said kiaba in a reply they were on opostie ends ff the duel stadium

"ill start off by summoning the BLUE EYES DRAGON GOD" said kaiba as the gant moster appeared yugi was horrified

"how do i bet the well ill use he HEART OF THE CARds!" said yugi to himself as he drew the enxt card it was a kuribou "a koribuy wtf"

"hahahahaha i bet you drew a kurobuy" said kaiba laughingly. now i will defeat you ffor YOUR DAYS WRERE NUMBERED"

noooooooo" yugi scremt and it was all blCK AND DARK

or wuz it when suddenly a mysteirous man took over for yugi hais name was blade and he wire a black coat hye had guns and a sword on his belt and he was smoking

"yugi you are too weak i shall fight" said blade as he drew his card the GOD OF DESTRUCTION DESTRUCTOR

"OH NO SAID KAIBA i CANNOT DEFEAT THAT! noooooooo": he scrmet as blade killed kaiba his blood covered th ebelacers and he was dead

"yay said yugi as he umped up and down


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