Rivers of blood

Run into the sea,

Waves of destruction

Rise up all around me.

Now where is the victory

Promised to us?

Our dreams of new freedom

Have crumbled to dust.

Where is the peace

We were to be given

When the world of the high Men

At long last was riven?

How could his might

Have fallen before

This paltry assemblage

When his was far more?

We were to have power,

Renown through the lands,

Songs sung to our glory

Of our final stand.

Health, wealth, and luxury,

Food for the beasts,

Wearing fine clothing

To sumptuous feasts.

What! These Men of the West,

They offer us peace!

These liars, these vagabonds,

Rascals and thieves.

My comrades submit!

Have they no pride at all?

So few of us left

To answer the call?

But I will die fighting

In a last desperate stand,

And these villains shall know

The strength of my hand.

Then my spirit shall turn

And go back to my home.

They shall not have the daughter

I left there alone.

Though they slaughter the women,

The elders, the babes,

They shall not have the one

My dead spirit shall save.

The rivers of blood

Are flooding my eyes.

I am coming, my daughter!

I am ready to die.