Here's that preview... this is also rated M and it centers around ItaSasu again... But more drama... I guess...



Dirty Little Secret

Sequel to


Ichigo Kurosawa

Chapter 1

Itachi looked up as Sasuke walked in, looking slightly embarrased and nervous. This was a new development and Itachi could only make the worst of it. "Sasu-chan, is something wrong?" Sasuke jumped and started flailing his arms about, sputtering helplessly. "Sasuke..."

"G-Gomen nasai, Aniki..." Sasuke sighed and walked over to Itachi when he beckoned him, being pulled onto Itachi's lap when he got close enough. "Now, dear Otouto, tell me what's wrong." Sasuke whined and bit his lip. "Y-You won't... h-hate me?" Itachi blinked. "Wha? Never! What could be so bad?"

"Itachi... I'm pregnant."

And Itachi's world would never be the same ever again.