I can make it all stop

"No." His voice seemed to ebb and flow on the tides inside his head.

You can make it stop

"Go to hell." It was more of a groan then a statement, laced with pain and an agony that ran bone deep...seeping past the realm of description and into something even more frightening.

Just say the word

There was never a moment where he considered it. Not through the pain...not through the haze that the pain caused. The figure pulled back his jaw tight in a thin line of anger as he glared down at Sam's prone form.

Don't say I never gave you a chance


The same voice droned on against a broken sob in the strobe of a light that came against a darkened hallway. A lone figure was picking herself up along the red hued walls her tears laced with enough rage and anger to rival the feelings flooding through Sam.

I can make it stop

"Go to hell!" She screamed holding her arm to her body protectively. Sam could see a bone protruding from the elbow, yet even amongst that she seemed resolved to stand her ground. Her head jerked back from some unseen force and she gave a grunt against the agony breathing in in hard pants of fervent tears.

You can make it stop

"I said..." She broke off in a gurgled gasp as Sam saw a faint outline against the strobes flash. The figure was standing with locks of her auburn hair in his hand holding her head steady as his fingers slowly trailed across her face...down her neck. The figure's fingers slowly moved back upward to her left temple. Sam narrowed his eyes as she suddenly screamed...the fingers entered her head becoming incorporeal as they passed through her meager defenses offered by her body.

The apparition leaned closer to her his blue lips flush against her ear. Just say the word

"No." It was a broken syllable choked out as her eyes met the spirits without flinching even through the terror and pain.

Don't say I never gave you a chance

She screamed louder as his whole hand was thrust into her head and Sam watched helplessly as her body gave a final shudder pitching back hard against the wall before the being before her withdrew to allow her lifeless form to sink to the floor.

Chapter One

She cracked her neck after knocking back the shot sitting on the gray counter before her. It was another long day in a list of long days that had come before and this was just a normal beginning.

"You leaving?" Vincent asked at her back before grinding the cigarette out in the ash tray beside the tray of needles and paints.

"Yeah." She nodded her back still to him as she stared out the window. "Stick a fork in me." She smiled full on as she turned, her deep melodic voice getting his full attention. Vincent shook his head with a chuckle as she grabbed her coat from the hook near the door and began to pull it on.

"Stay out of trouble." He replied watching her walk toward the door.

"Who me?" She laughed. She readjusted the necklaces and bracelets that got caught on the leather jacket and then pulled at her white dingy tank to cover her bra.

"I mean it Leah...I'm not bailing you out." Vincent's smile was slowly dwindling.

"Have I ever asked you to?" Leah simply replied as she walked out the door.

She had a nice quiet walk to the subway entrance passed the throngs of people just now rousing to a bustling world on their way to their day jobs. Her own day was a wealth of possibilities though and she smiled at that as she bumped into a police officer with a soft apologetic smile and then moved onto her train home.

She was all the way back to the apartment before she pulled his wallet from her pocket and opened it for the cash it held inside. Officer Miller didn't really need the $48 and change resting there...at least not as much as she did today.

Leah sank into the lull of a hot shower thoughts of sleep long forgotten as she needed to make her way to her own day job.


Dean rolled over with a groan and took in the sound of panting from the floor. Not again...not now. They had just come from a hunt and were both exhausted...Sam needed to sleep...not this. Dean yanked the blankets back and stepped out of the bed instantly falling into a crouch beside Sam. He grabbed his brothers shoulders worriedly.

"Sam...Sam...come on buddy...what's going on?" Dean's voice mirrored the lack of sleep and startled effect that each vision seem to cut into him. He knew that he may never understand what it was like for his brother...and that the fear that Sam felt had become so apparent with each passing death omen. Now his own brother's fear fed into him deeply though his walls were quickly being thrown up to find some way to shrug this one off even as he waited for the explanation.

"A girl..." Sam started trying to catch his breath as his hands went to his head his eyes slamming shut tightly against the splitting pain there. "She was in some sort of circular corridor...the walls were red...there was a light...kept flashing..." Sam seemed to be trying to force it out as Dean's arms wrapped further around him and he helped him to the edge of the bed. "Some sort of spirit was killing her. Had it's hand in her head."

"Dude, in her head?" Dean made a face as he went to get a cool wash cloth and a glass of water. Sam's pallor had him worried as well as the vision. Mainly because this all had some connection to the demon and Sam had been having far too many lately. "Flashing light? Like a strobe? Some freaky disco club?" Dean called over his shoulder as he turned the water on to wet the cloth. That's all they needed some YMCA retro club to add horror to the already nasty reminiscent spirit of some head case wacko that wanted to get it's hand inside its victim's heads. Not to mention whatever freaky tie to the demon all that had. He set the cloth to the side and ripped the plastic from one of the counter top cups before filling it with water.

"No it was slower...would come and go...there was some sort of mechanical noise over head." Sam rested his head in his hands as he propped his elbows up on his knees.

"Lighthouse?" Dean paused on his way back to Sam as he realized how close to the coast they were. Sam looked up at that as if it fit and took the offered cloth and cup.

"Could have been." Sam agreed.

"I wonder how many are still operational near here." Dean thought out loud as he watched Sam slowly easing out of the after effects of the vision. He breathed a sigh of relief and waited for more explanation.

"That was weird though...it was like a double vision." Sam shook his head rubbing at his eyes as he downed another sip of the water.

"What do you mean?" Dean felt the relief washed away in the blink of an eye at that.

"Well it started with the spirit talking to me." Sam met Dean's eyes worriedly. "I was here in the room, alone laying on the floor...Probably just the lead in from some dream."

"Yeah." Dean wasn't going to argue with him. That at least sounded more reassuring then the spirit being here with Sam playing around with his brother's head. Still he had his reservations about not pursuing that line of questioning. "I'm sure that's all it was..." Dean let a smile cross his face glad Sam was still meeting his eyes for the full effect. "Must have been that bag of gummy bears before bed."

Sam half grinned a certain level of disbelief playing across his face. "Yeah."


Leah finished towel drying her hair with a sigh as she sang along to the radio playing in the background. She had just wrapped the towel around her body, tucking it in at the top and jammed her tooth brush in her mouth when she had to grab the sink with both hands for support.

No no no ...not now. She gripped the porcelain til her knuckles turned white as if somehow her grip on it was going to help...she knew better. She felt the whole fo the bathroom begin to shake around her as if the vision of it was in the thralls of an earthquake and slammed her eyes shut to keep from getting sick at her stomach. "No no no no." This time she vocalized it as the world around her shifted.

She landed hard feeling her foot slam into something wet and solid before it slid into a hole. She fell forward and caught herself on the wall screaming "Dammit." as she hit. She paused there out of breath scared to open her eyes. She didn't really want to know...not really...well sort of...kind of...maybe. She inched one eye open and took in the dimly lit bathroom.

It wasn't her own...in fact it looked like a hotel bathroom. "God I hope no one has this room." She breathed out as she opened her other eye and took in the bag near the bathroom door. "Sh..." She broke off holding both hand up in the air as two men appeared with a gun at the ready. "It." She finished with a smiled trying to hold her balance from where her foot had gotten jammed into the toilet.

She slowly smiled as she held her position. "Hi there." She whispered.