1Chapter Eighteen

Dean swallowed thickly against the bile rising in his throat from the position of his arms against the wall...the sinking in his stomach from watching the whole of the room slowly plummeting into chaos. The agents were screaming in horror...grunting...panting...struggling.

Bobby was glaring his eyes briefly meeting Dean's as Dean surveyed the situation. Leah was still on the floor...slowly picking herself up...the giggles coming to a manageable sort of half asserted action. Sam was backing away from Gordon...still not paying the demons or Bobby a bit of mind.

"You're going to pay for that." Gordon panted out, the pain so heart felt that tears were dotting his eyes as he worked to force out that little bit of hatred toward Sam. Sam's smile only broadened as he shook his head.

"You don't get it do you?" Sam whispered taking a step forward his head still shaking as he approached Gordon.

"I get that your tied into this whole freak demon thing...and that your going dark side...that's what I get." Gordon's pain began to ease up slightly betrayed by the anger and rage that was now tensed in the lines of his face.

Sam's smile slowly began to fade as he calmed his approach and stopped before Gordon, knowing that the man posed no threat to him in his current position. Sam's gaze shifted to the floor a moment before he met Gordon's eyes. "Well I guess it makes no difference then." Sam swallowed and licked at his bottom lip trying to do the right thing here, even though his anger was still amplified by the spirits need for vengeance. "That I'm about to save your life."

Sam held eye contact with Gordon seeing only the blink of a moments hesitation at that before Gordon's mask of hatred resurfaced.

"So Hendrickson, what exactly was your plan?" Dean sighed as he watched his brother locked in conversation with Gordon along the way.

Bobby was struggling harder against the wall across from them and had stopped trying to persuade Sam now...seeing it as a futile action.

"Why don't you tell me...you seem to think you know everything." Hendrickson laughed out. It was the kind of laugh that betrayed a level of uncertainty to one's fate.

"Lets see...uh you were planning on storming in here and getting your man...to hell with the innocent people involved...that's what you did in that bank in Milwaukee..." Dean met his eyes his own anger building as he recalled the careless endangerment that Hendrickson had placed those innocent bystanders in by storming the bank with a S.W.A.T. team locked and loaded.

"Except there aren't any innocents this time." Hendrickson didn't give in...didn't show an ounce of remorse for his decision in Milwaukee. Still Dean saw the fear registering as Hendrickson's eyes fell on the frozen corpses standing in the middle of the room. They were a hard sight to avoid as they made up the center piece of this freak show carny ride where in all the good guys and shades of good were plastered to the outer rim...spinning, at least in spirit, to the tune of hell's calliope.

"There is a room full of them." Dean breathed...To him the innocents though were humans that had no place here and every member of the FBI team fit the bill. "This is a world you shouldn't be involved in...it's ours...and your just mucking the whole thing up."

Dean watched as a flicker of movement shot through the center of the room. It was just an arm...an arm swaying slightly upward in the swing of a half step...that was going so slow you could barely see it. But the demons were breaking whatever hold Leah had on them. "Sam..play times over."

"God, You are insane..." Hendrickson laughed out all at once, oblivious to the demons tiny movements. "This isn't some fantasy freak world you get to be the hero in. There are rules and all this..." Hendrickson managed to swirl his head around to motion to the room. "I don't know how you're doing it, but it's just a cheap parlor trick that is going to unravel when we start plucking at the weave."

Dean paused a moment. He had plenty he could have said...plenty that he could have elaborated on...plenty that he could have tried, but in that one moment he decided that Hendrickson wasn't worth it. That no matter what he said this man was going to see exactly what he wanted to see and no amount of convincing was in Dean's favor. So instead of trying to bring Hendrickson on board Dean focused on the problem at hand...shutting him up with a half cracked smile and a short and snarky "Ah yes there are no limits to the depth of my diabolical mind." Dean added the effect of a fake momentary gloat before giving a humph of utter sarcasm and looking back to his brother. "Sammy...you hear me? Play time is over!"

"Yeah Sam!" Bobby piped in. "We'd like to live...if you don't mind."

Leah's whole demeanor seemed to be changing in the blink of an eye as whatever she did was wearing thin. "Sam." She called out her gaze fixed on the demons now. Sam finally looked away from Gordon turning to float next to Leah...to face the whole of the demons that were breaking through in bursts of movement now. They seemed to shift and freeze momentarily before starting up in some sort of struggle against the psychic energy she had released. "We through here?" Leah asked Sam all at once.

"Yeah." he nodded glancing only once over his shoulder at Gordon.

"Dandy." Leah smiled brightly as her body began to float alongside Sam's the two slowly picking up momentum as the temperature began to plummet further in the room.

Dean's eyes widened as he became transfixed with the movements of Leah and Sam...of the demons. His mind was reeling wondering what it was Sam and Leah could do to finish these guys off now that the demons had their full strength and they were obviously breaking through the effects of at least one of Leah's abilities. Dean was hoping that they had something else up their sleeves.

Dean felt the wall tremble beneath him as the dust shook from the recesses where the walls met the ceilings...falling over a swiftly silencing room. The electrified gate gave a creak pulling Dean's attention in that direction as a whole load of bricks laden with the Tibetan symbols meant to keep the psychic energy from that red corridor blasted out of the wall and slammed into the gate bringing the whole thing down. The symbols hit the floor breaking into pieces.

Dean let out a startled breath as he looked back to Sam and Leah...then to the demons who were moving faster now...less jerky...gaining control again. It was slowly sinking in...this wasn't about if the demon corpses were going to be destroyed...the sheer measure of power that the psychics seemed to be channeling through Sam and Leah was greater then even they had eluded to as of yet...enough to rival the decrepit demons. No it wasn't a matter of if...it was how and when.

The removal of the symbol laden bricks was the first step to evoke revenge and there was only one obvious way to die down that corridor that Sam and Leah and the spirits inside them seemed so interested in making passable to psychics.

The incinerator.

"God I'm good!" Dean called out to Hendrickson as he hid the shock playing across his face from the explosion out of the corridor.

Dean didn't know the game plan here...but he had a sinking feeling that he wasn't going to like it. "Sam quit dicking around...just bust 'em on the walls like the others!" Dean tried in vain. Sam seemed lost in his own world now though. His gaze was fixed on the demons. "Sammy!"

The first demon's head flew backwards...face to the ceiling...hand flying outward as if trying to handle the imbalance as it's twisted mouth opened in a roaring scream before the other demons followed one by one until the sound had everyone against the walls writhing from the volume and unholy timbre. "SAMMY!" Dean screamed.

"Finish this!" Bobby growled in a scream as well...now hoping to play on both psychics with the upper hand at the moment.

The demons screams were cut short as the first one flew in a reversal of fortune like it had been slapped by it's own innate telekinesis right down the corridor...followed by another and another and another...Sam went after the fifth one as if keeping them in line...like they were his responsibility and the rest were Leah's. Sam's following went a bit smoother as he simply floated after them with a fast flicker of motion that mirrored several spirits Dean had seen. As soon as he disappeared around the corridors winding edge The next demon flew in behind him followed by the last three and finally Leah.

"What the hell are they doing?" Bobby screamed at Dean as if he had all the answers.

"Taking them to the incinerator I think." Dean called back. "Eye for an eye kinda thing."

Suddenly everyone in the room pitched forward hitting the floor sprawled on their stomachs as the demons' hold on them lifted.

The shock didn't last long as the arms race began.

It was Dean and Hendrickson scrambling for the same automatic, while Bobby shoved himself to his feet in record time to race against Gordon to see who get armed first. The other's seemed slower on the uptake...but in a mere ten seconds...everyone was looking to get their hands on a gun.

Dean felt Hendrickson's arms wrap around his middle trying to lock him in a hold and he slammed his elbow backwards into his head before he kicked him off and grabbed the gun. Dean whirled on his back prone..and aimed at Hendricks. "Back up!"

Bobby's foot rammed into the butt of the first gun he came with enough force to and popped it up into the air as Gordon reached for his own. Bobby caught the gun and he and Gordon brought their weapons to aim in the same instant.

"I'm not here for you." Gordon said to Bobby trying to end the stalemate as the other FBI agents armed themselves.

"Yeah well...your not getting who you came for unless you go through me." Bobby saw the resolve in Gordon's eyes...the pressure his finger was exerting on the trigger. The total lack of guilt playing across his face...Bobby pulled the trigger before Gordon could finish what Bobby knew he was only a fraction of a second away from completing...he aimed for his arm...hoping to simply get the gun out of Gordon's hands.

Gordon screamed...and as that first shot was fired...the room erupted in gun fire.

Dean rolled as soon as he heard the first shots cursing under his breath. He watched Hendrickson tear his gaze from him to the erupting gun fire and took the opportunity to roll to his feet and run down the corridor to find Sam and Leah and another exit. He paused at the gate looking back at Bobby his breath hitching in his throat. The FBI agents were rounding on him.

"Put the weapon down...on the ground now...hand on your head...NOW!"

Dean cursed looking from the corridor to Bobby...this sucked out loud. Dean finally met Bobby's eyes as the gun began to drop from his hand and he slowly lowered himself to his knees. He didn't have to be a mind reader to know that he meant for him to go...and Dean gave a half nod before he did.

Dean rounded the corner feeling the heat before he saw it...only Sam and Leah weren't in the hallway outside the incinerator. Dean ran the rest of the way down the corridor still searching frantically before running back to the door his face a shattering visage of horror as he looking into the flames consuming the demons inside the incinerator. Sam wouldn't have gone in there...he couldn't have...could he?

Dean's hand slid up to the window watching the flames kiss the glass in a searing reminder of the heat in there as he shoved the whole of his body against the door. Dean frantically hit the large red emergency stop to the right of the door. The flames began to die down but the door still wouldn't give...it was like it had been locked from the inside...if that was even possible. "Sam!" Dean slammed his hand into the door seeing nothing but ash lining the floor in the room from his current vantage point.

This was not happening. Sam and Leah had to have gotten out...if they ended what she came to do...maybe she blinked. Dean put his stock there at the moment. He had no where else he was willing to place it.

They got out and he wasn't going to let himself think otherwise.

"On the floor, Dean." Hendrickson voice behind him was an echo of nothingness behind him. Somewhere Dean was aware of the click that removed the safety. "ON THE GROUND NOW!"

Dean slid to his knees in shock...not in compliance. Sam and Leah weren't dead...they blinked...they had to have. He needed to bolster that resolve...to make himself shove aside any thoughts that they could have been in that room when the fire went up.

"You have the right to remain silent." The cuffs clicked into place securing his hands behind him as he was pulled to his feet. The same old Miranda Rights spiel went on and on droning in the back of his mind as they walked him back to the front room. There were too many guns in the house for an escape today...and Bobby was in a pair of cuffs as well by now...Gordon was too even though he had someone following behind him trying to patch up his arm.

Hendrickson sent his men to search for Sam and Leah and when they returned the news onl y helped to solidify three facts...Two for the FBI...

One, there was no other exit.

Two, and this was the official FBI conclusion...Sam and Leah were dead having burned alive while inside the incinerator.

Three, not even entertained by the Federal Government, was that Sam and Leah blinked...back to her home...and at least if that much was true...no one would be looking for them. Dean smiled as that much at least as he wearily met Bobby's eyes.

All and all...this was not the way Dean envisioned this ending...not even a little.

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