Disclamer: Not mines Never mines, Just a fic and fun!

Warnings: Watch the falling crack...and Yaoi and Neji...yes that is a legit warning!

Parings: SasukexNaruto, GaaraxNeji..Kind of, ItachixNarutoxSasuke...if you really want it to be

Note: Yes there are alot of Chat Room fic's but I wanted to make one myself and this is one of the idea's that came from

not having power for awhile.(I am still doing Jerry Calls) and wanted to post this story since it hit me with the other story Xx;

Summery: The Ninja's of Konaha(Something gets thrown --;)...and elswhere have noting better to do with no missions and end up

online some just use the net to talk without being next to be near anyoneCoughSasukeCough. Lets look in and see what they talk

about maybe some good blackmail material will come out.

Up first"






EmoAtHeart- Naruto











(Others will be told when the time comes)

NotADumbBlond-So forehead was trying to put the halter on and when she took a step outside it rolled down LOL

iT'StheShyOnes-INO! That was a horrible thing to happen!

NotADumbBlond-...Geez Hinata lighten up no one saw her! we were the only ones there.

iT'StheShyOnes-I know that!, and I didn't gave a camera to document the horror.

NotADumbBlond-LOL bad Hinata!

iT'StheShyOnes-I tryEvil Grin..damn I h2g Neji is having a crisis

NotADumbBlond- Again? is it his hair?

iT'StheShyOnes-Don't Know..BBL

NotADumbBlond-K Later

iT'StheShyOnes has logged out

BugsLife has logged in

ShiningLife has logged in

NotADumbBlond-Hey Lee, Shino

BugsLife-Alone Ino?

ShiningLife-Ino how great to see you on Big Smile

NotADumbBlond- No Hinata was here she left beacause Neji was..um in crisis mode.


ShiningLife- Maybe I should go help!


NotADumbBlond- No Lee! we all know you just want to have another go!

ShiningLife- Another go???

BugsLife-Ino, he was drunk.

ShiningLife- Another go at what? What happened? Drunk when??

NotADumbBlond-..Oh yeah..NVM Lee

FanPower has logged in

FanPower-Guys has Sasuke logged in yet?

NotADumbBlond-Sighs No he hasn't billboard brow let it go

FanPower- Ino Pig!! You know where he is TELL ME!!

BugsLife- When did she get out?

ShiningLife- Last Night...home vist

NotADumbBlond- Sakura I am not telling you something I don't know.

FanPower- hHe is with you isnt he i knew it you all had me locked up and she used the time to GET NEAR MY SASUKE!

ShiningLife- Sakura, please no caps

NotADumbBlond- Save it Lee she is gone



FanPower was Booted from room

BugsLife-Ino you know she'll be back

NotADumbBlond- I didn't do anything

BugsLife- Lee??

ShiningLife- She abused caps

EmoatHeart has logged in

ShiningLife- Naruto! how are you friend!

EmoatHeart- Hey Lee, Shino, Ino

NotADumbBlond- Changed your name again?

EmoatHeart- Yeah Sakura has been bothering me, so I used this one

ShiningLife- But Naruto your the lest emo person I know

MasterOfRed has logged in

MasterOfRed- ah..he is not yet on

MasterOfRed has logged off

NotADumbBlond-..who was that?

EmoatHeart- Sasuke brother

ShiningLife- Your name still does not match your youthful soul Naruto

BugsLife- Lee let it go and Naruto how do you know thats Sasuke's brother?

NotADumbBlond- yeah...on both of Shino's counts

EmoatHeart- He emailed me a couple of times ;

BugsLife- Raises Eyebrow why you?

EmoatHeart- ..Posted links to fiction with him me and Sasuke in a threesome but I told him that wont happen


BrotherIssues has logged in

ShiningLife- Sasuke my eternal rival it's is so nice to see you online!!

BrotherIssues- ...

EmoatHeart- You missed your pervy brother bastard

BrotherIssues-What did he want this time?

BugsLife- he wasn't on long enough for us to find out.

NotADumbBlond- Yeah and you missed your mental Fan also

BrotherIssues- No I didn't she emailed me sixteen times already.

ShiningLife- I had to boot her for abusing caps which is a crime!

EmoatHeart- um..yeah good for you Lee boot those caps abusers LOL

ShiningLife- I will Bright smile

BloodySand has logged in

Emoatheart- blinks..wow your on at this time Gaara your getting as bad as the old hag.

BloodySand- My sister is doing the work all I do is sit there and look scary

BugsLife- Something you do well..not that I think your scary

ShiningLife-..but Shino I thought you said that Gaara was hot?

ShiningLife has been booted

BrotherIssues- I thought that you were with Kiba Grins

EmoatHeart- Oh shit..Kiba just read what Lee wrote over my shoulder and left!

BugsLife- Damn it Naruto why didn't you tell me he was over your house!

BrotherIssues- He did ...just now Smirks

EmoatHeart- Shino you knew since you and Kiba was with me when he told you he was coming over today.

BugsLife-o0.. I was?, G2FG

BugsLife has logged off

EmoatHeart- wish I was there to see that fight...

BloodySand- I am lucky Neji was not on...

NotADumbBlond- he having a crisis right now.

BloodySand- Of course, he called me sixteen times upset but told me nothing..annoying

BrotherIssues- if it's so annoying why not brake up?

EmoatHeart- Are you nuts! That can not happen!

NotADumbBlond- Why not??

EmoatHeart- He is insane

BloodySand- Yeah he is crazy..and coming from me is saying something.

BrotherIssues- Neji is not crazy..he seems like a ice princess and pretty boring

EmoatHeart- He is! he went all the way to Gaara's village just beacuse he heard Gaara was sick...

BloodySand- and when he got here he held me hostage in my room all week..all that was wrong with me was a stuffy nose.

BrotherIssues- so you have a crazy boyfriend..I never pictured Neji like that.

EmoatHeart- you never got to really know him

BrotherIssues- Whatever...great now she is camping out in front of my house.

NotADumbBlond- I thought she had an order to keep away from you and your house.

EmoatHeart- Like that would work.

BloodySand- I liked Naruto's idea better.

BrotherIssues- What Idea?

EmoatHeart- Nothing I was just kidding.

BloodySand-...With a whole list of things you need as well as a time table and drop off point? Thats Kidding?

BrotherIssues- Naruto what is he talking about?

EmoatHeart- um Have to go...

BrotherIssues- No You Don't!

EmoatHeart has logged off

BrotherIssues- What was he talking about

NotADumbBlond- I would like to know too since the forehead is kinda my friend...I think.

BloodySand- Not for me to say...


NotADumbBlond- BS! Tell! Grr!!

BloodySand- No. Let it go and move on.

ICAll has logged on

BloodySand- ...Wonderful.--;

ICAll- Gaara! Glomps


NotADumbBlond- WTF? Neji is that you?

ICAll- Of course it is who else would hug Gaara like that Still holding onto Gaara

BloodySand- You should let go no, you saw me a week ago.

ICAll-I know I just miss you Pouts and lets go

BrotherIssues- o0...

BloodySand- Neji your freaking out Sasuke

NotADumbBlond- It's not just him Looks at Neji and back up

BloodySand- Your off your meds arn't you

BrotherIssues- That explane it now...

NotADumbBlond- Oh..ok now I get it...strange

ICAll- What do my meds have to do with anything Confused

iT'StheShyOnes has logged on

NotADumbBlond- Hinata! Neji is off his meds?!

iT'StheShyOnes- Sighs I know, he refused to take them when he came home something about protesting the fact

that his favorite shampoo is not in the stores.

ICAll- It's just wrong! I pay top doller for it they should have it ALWAYS!

BrotherIssues- Can't you just make him take them?

iT'StheShyOnes- No beacause he is locked in his room...and he is not bothering anyone.Shrugs

BrotherIssues-He's freaking me out..I mean the ice princess is acting so..so..

BloodySand- OOC?Insanly Happy?Sickinly possesive, a obsessive stalker?

NotADumbBlond- Ok Gaara we get it

BloodySand- Fine but I have a whole lot more to help out.

iT'StheShyOnes-I am sure you do.

ICAll- I am still here! Stop acting like I am not!

BrotherIssues- But it's better doing that Neji

MasterOfRed has Logged in

BrotherIssues has logged off

MasterOfRed- so my little brother thinks he can avoid me...

BloodySand- Seems like a smart plan...Maybe I should use it tooLooks at Neji

ICAll- Gaara! so Mean!! Crys

MasterOfRed-..Right I'll be leaving

MasterOfRed has logged off

iT'StheShyOnes- Neji please get ahold of yourself! Hides face in hands

BloodySand- There..There..I am somewhat sorryPats Neji

ICAll- YES!!Glomps

NotADumbBlond-..did I miss something?

ICAll- Gaara Koi asked me to Marry him!

BloodySand- I ..did?

ICAll- You told me the only time you will be sorry is if you Marry me!

NotADumbBlond- My head hurts now...

iT'StheShyOnes- I feel your pain Ino

ICAll- I am going to tell my uncle he'll be so happy.

BloodySand- There is no need to do that!!

ICAll has logged off

iT'StheShyOnes- ..Your so screwed, he just ran past my room yelling the news G2G

iT'StheShyOnes has logged off

NotADumbBlond- Congrats on the upcoming wedding LOL

BloodySand- if you do not feel like dying shut up..

NotADumbBlond- eep...sorry..


Sneek peek in a Upcoming part

SnakeKing-I am happy to have time with you Itachi

MasterOfRed-..Um right..I thought you wanted Sasuke

SnakeKing-Oh Well he is the closets thing to you.

MasterOfRed-..No I will not save him...did you not get the I killed the clan and tourtured little brother Memo?

SnakeKing- Well I just think you show your love by tourture

MasterOfRed- Sure it is..oh and when I was younger offering me candy would not work so why try now?

SankeKing- Well to think of it rolling around in your mouth.

MasterOfRed-OO..OMFG..I have nothing to say to that you peddie!

SnakeKing- Come On your legal I am within the law

MasterOfRed- you started when I was eleven

SnakeKing- You were a mature eleven...Wink

End of sneek peek!