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Warnings: Watch the falling crack...and Yaoi and Neji...yes that is a legit warning!

Parings: SasukexNaruto, GaaraxNeji..Kind of, ItachixNarutoxSasuke...if you really want it to be

Note: Yes there are alot of Chat Room fic's but I wanted to make one myself and this is one of the idea's that came from

not having power for awhile.(I am still doing Jerry Calls) and wanted to post this story since it hit me with the other story Xx;

Summery: The Ninja's of Konaha(Something gets thrown --;)...and elsewhere have noting better to do with no missions and end up

online some just use the net to talk without being next to be near anyoneCoughSasukeCough. Lets look in and see what they talk

about maybe some good blackmail material will come out.

(Chat Names)






EmoAtHeart- Naruto





















(End Names for now)

Chat another Day!

ShinePower- So I was telling my rival that the way to a persons heart is to show how you can beat them at anything!

ForeverYoung-...I am sure that Kakashi knows his way into someones heart...or something else.

ShinePower- But he could use some of my moves!

FoeverYoung-..You have moves? dear gods someone wants hell on earth.

ShinePower- Hokage..what do you mean by that?

ForeverYoung-..Um nothing..I just so something really bad.

ShinePower-I can come to save you or help out in any way that you need.

FoeverYoung- NO!..don't you have a wedding to help plan?

ShinePower- Yes! My ever youthful student Neji is getting married! I am helping him out today.

ForeverYoung-..Lucky him..wait is he still off his meds I mean I can't keep Gaara from fleeing anymore.

ShinePower-.I think he is on his meds..but he is still happy as can be about getting married.

ForeverYoung- Those are not the meds I was talking about.

FanPower has logged in

ForeverYoung-..Oh for the love of...

FanPower- Has anyone seen my Sasuke! I looked through his window and did not see him.

FoeverYoung- Didn't I ordered you to stay away from him Sakura...Naruto will kill you...You know maybe you should.

ShinePower- No no, a flower should not want for water it should be showered with it as needed...

ForeverYoung- WTF? 0o

FanPower- Your Right!

ShinePower-..Of course I am! Poses

ForeverYoung- I think this time I want to left in the dark...

Perv4Life has logged in

ForeverYoung- Good now I can get my money back!

ShinePower- Me also!

Perv4Life has logged off

FanPower- I guess he had to do something...

ForeverYoung- That coward!

ShinePower My money!

ForeverYoung has logged off

ShinePower has logged off

FanPower- Hello?

FanPower- Is anyone here??

FanPower- Am I the only one on the net?????

FanPower- oh no..they left me..the world ended while I was on line!

FanPower- Sasuke never gave me my ring!..he gone!!!!

FanPower-..I have to create the new world!

Four hours later

BugsLife has logged on

FanPower- Shino! we are the only ones left! we have to procreate!

BugsLife-...why me?

FanPower- Beacuse we are the last ones on earth..I thought I just told you that!

BugsLife- Sakura...I am with Kiba..I just got bit by a damn dog, I do not want to repete that.

FanPower- But Kiba is gone also ..did you not hear me about us being the last ones alive?

BugsLife- Then I guess we are the last since I am gay.

FanPower- That may be but we have to start the new world I love Sasuke and I will do it!

BugsLife-..You are insane...we are not the only ones!!

FanPower-..we are not?..we have others to get..we can start a new clan!


Two Hours Later

BloodySand has logged in

FanPower- We will need a boat to traval also! the babies will need food and learn new things!

BloodySand-..What in the hell did I walk into?

BugsLife- I can't help but to stay..she is insane and entertaining...

FanPower- Gaara your alive too!

BloodySand-..Last time I checked.

FanPower- See Shino even if your gay you still have someone to be with..you can be bi!


BloodySand-...The Hell?

BugsLife- It's best not to ask Gaara...so How is the wedding planing going?

BloodySand- What Wedding?

BugsLife- You and the brides...

BloodySand- Please just let me live in my dream world...

BugsLife- A lot of people has been doing that lately..

HandsOff! has logged in

BloodySand- So you and Sakura are going to make babies huh? Grins

BugsLife- You evil bastard!

HandsOff!- What in the hell is going on here Shino!

BugsLife- Nothing..

FanPower- We are going to make babies!

BugsLife- Sakura..your not helping.

HandsOff!-...Shino I will be over in 4 minutes you better be ready...

HandsOff! has logged off

BloodySand- I hope your not in trouble...

BugsLife- I hate you..

BugsLife has logged off

BloodySand-..well my fun is done now I have to go..hide.

BloodySand has logged off

FanPower- Hello??

TBC...yes there will be more.

Sneak Peak

BrotherIssues- I think you have a rash there..

EmoAtHeart- It's your damn fault for wanting to do it there...

BrotherIssues- That may be but you wasn't saying anything about it while I was having fun...

EmoAtHeart- You damn bastard!

End of Sneak Peak