This story takes place after the second season's finale, basically my version of what will happen after the third season. Read and Review!

Summary: He was all she had left, as much as she hated to admit it. Zutara. Warnings: Character deaths, future lemon.


All She Had Left

When the comet came, it was as though the fiery orb took more than a trail of fire and light. It took lives, lives that could never be given back, and along with it, it seemed to steal a certain waterbender's soul right out from under her. She was drowning.

When the comet had vanished from the midnight sky, all was deathly quiet. It was calm. That waterbender was elated he'd been able to redirect the comet with unbelievable bending power. The Avatar. He'd done the unthinkable though he was but the tender age of thirteen. She was proud to think she'd found him in that iceberg, she trained him, and she loved him.

But when she found him, her blood ran cold.

He lay on the ground where he'd landed. His clothing rested in tatters on his broken form, and burns covered him, and the smell of cooked flesh wafting from him. His gray eyes remained open with the glaze of lifelessness. Only half the battle was over, and they had no hope. The hope was dead; it was gone forever. The Avatar had died.

The firebender found the Avatar's body and his waterbender a mile inland. He was not surprised to see them together, though. It became clear to him that the two were meant to be together ever since he'd seen them together in that damned cave in Ba Sing Se. What he didn't expect was that the waterbender would be sitting over his broken body, sobbing in mourning for the loss of her student and love. The sight was a pitiful one, but something swelled inside the firebender, something he vaguely recognized. Still, there were more important things to worry about than something as worthless as feelings.

He hovered above the girl before she sensed his presence. When she looked up, her face, miserable and tear stained, was fearful. But she reacted contrary to the firebender's beliefs. Instead of fighting him, or even running, the girl fell over the Avatar protectively and scowled up at the young man who dared to intrude.

"There's no use in protecting him." the intruder said, his deep voice scratchy with fatigue. He himself was not in such good shape, but he carried himself with dignity like the prince he was, exiled or not.

"If there's no point, then why are you here?" she spat back. Her eyes were cold, hard, and icy, but the firebender was not intimidated. The girl was upset. She wouldn't be able to do much. That was obvious.

"I'm taking you to the palace." he replied, gripping her upper arm tight.

Startled, she struggled. It was in vain. He was too strong. "Let go of me, Zuko!" she yelled, scratching at his arms. "LET GO!" Her shriek echoed off the nearby mountains, and she only screamed louder in her frenzy. Zuko did nothing of the sort, only threw the girl over his shoulder almost effortlessly.

"Katara, it's over." he told her, taking the kicks and punches without complaint. "Give up."

Katara let out a noise almost like a whine as Zuko turned away from the lifeless Avatar, toward the palace. She reached out and yelled. "AANG!" It wasn't enough. "AANG!" He couldn't hear her, and Zuko still wouldn't put her down. "AANG!" The last cry was a desperate one, one that could have woken the dead.

It didn't.

And everything went black.


Katara woke in a warm bed, covered with heavy red blankets up to her chin. The color, the Fire Nation's color, was so startling she fell from the bed, landing hard on the wooden floor. She scrambled up, scanning the room quickly, turning in frantic circles. Red was everywhere. Black was everywhere. The whole room had Fire Nation written all over it, and Katara felt her heart beat faster than ever before when she discovered the door, the only escape route, was locked. She did the only thing she could think of. She banged on the door.

"Zuko, where are you? Where's Aang?" she yelled. "I know you're out there!" Getting no response, she screamed louder. What had they done with him? What had they done to Aang? She had to know. She had to protect him. "ZUKO!"

The door opened, but it was not Zuko who had done so.

Katara toppled backward and scrambled away from the door. The man in front of her could only be one person: Fire Lord Ozai. Ozai was tall with long, straight black hair that fell past his shoulders, half held in a topknot with a flame ornament. His red robes brushed the floor, but beneath, Katara could tell, were muscles rippling with power and rage. He stared at her with sharp gold eyes. The waterbender shivered. They were just like his son's.

The Fire Lord smirked. "Not so brave now are you, wench?" he said icily. His voice was rough but smooth, and it made the girl shiver. He sounded sneaky. Katara swallowed as he knelt in front of her with narrowed eyes. "My son will have fun taming you." The waterbender could do nothing but bite her lip in fear. Whatever Ozai was talking about couldn't be good.

That was the time Zuko chose to make his entrance, dressed in replacement armor that had been lost on his ship. He arched a brow at his father and the waterbender. "Was she causing problems, Father?" he asked. His voice sliced through the air so much like the Fire Lord's, Katara shivered again.

"No problems." Ozai replied, standing. "Just noise and lots of it."

Zuko bowed. "It won't happen again." he promised. His father seemed satisfied, seeing as he nodded and left. The door clicked behind him.

Zuko turned on Katara, his eyes narrowed. He lifted her up and held her firmly by the shoulders. "Do not upset him." he hissed in a whisper. "It will be your undoing. You don't know what he's capable of." At this, the waterbender shut her eyes. It was Zuko that was scaring her now, not his father.

"Where's Aang?" she said quietly. The prince, no longer exiled, froze. He did not turn around.

"It's none of your concern."

"He wanted to be returned to the air temple!" the girl snapped. "I don't want him thrown out to sea or burned!"

"Go to bed." Zuko said coldly, entering the bathroom. Katara sat in the middle of the floor with her arms crossed stubbornly. She would not sleep in the same bed as Zuko, not in a thousand years, even if he was all she had left.


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