I couldn't stop thinking about that Cameron. That Cameron from that messed up universe. The Cameron with the totally screwed up life. The Cam who smoked, lived in a trashy apartment, and, from what I had seen, wouldn't have hesitated to overthrow the so-called 'democratic' government. That is, if he could have. He was so different than the Cameron I knew. Instead of hard working and refusing to stand down, he just didn't care. Instead of a strong leader, fighting to the end, he crashed and burned, confined to a wheelchair and a crappy life alone.

Yet the image of him was seared into my mind's eye like a blaring red warning. His greasy, long hair, his too-big clothes, his resigned expression. But, I realized, a familiar determination, a stone-hard stubbornness, showed in his eyes. Who knew? Maybe someday a little of the Cameron I knew would make a stand in that universe.


I looked up to see, lo and behold, no one else but the colonel himself. I smiled at him weakly.


"Okay, something you haven't told us scared you badly, Sam," Cameron said, frustrated. "That much is obvious. What the hell's wrong?"

I shook my head. "It was just…the possibilities of what we, personally, could become. I mean, everyone in general was bad enough."

Cam winced. "Ouch. From what you've told me, that's pretty bad."

I laughed weakly. "Yeah." I couldn't help but feel my spirits lift as Cameron grinned widely.

"Bet you're wonderin' why I'm here," he said, with an almost sheepish look in his eyes. I frowned.

"Come to think of it…"

"Well, I need a little help with, uh, Vala…"

I sighed but with a growing smile. "What is she doing?"

"Uh…harassing some of the guards. Teal'c's trying to stop her but she simply started on him, I think he seemed a little flustered at that point," Cameron mused, "but I know if I try, she'll go after me. Really, we need Jackson to hold her down. I figured…well, you're female…"

I shook my head, standing up. "Well, we can hope that'll prevent anything…"

Cameron looked disgusted. "That…would be weird."

I laughed and followed the colonel to find Vala.

Yes, that universe had shown me what the possibilities were. But they weren't. This was my reality, this was my now. And I could live with that. I was happy.

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