Ok this is my first fan fiction. Here we go.

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Italic-Flash back

"Speaking"-regular/ "SPEAKING"-YELLING

5:00 A.m.

Neji awoke earlier today. He was to meet TenTen with Hinata at their usually training grounds

Usually, he would take his time, but today he finally had premission from Hiashi to train hinata himself. He would finally be able to prove himself to the main branch by training hinata and making her a strong heir to the Hyuuga clan. He walked out of the house to be greeted by his younger cousin.

"Good morning N-neji. I'm rea-ady to start" said Hinata nevously.

"Hn.First thing is for you to stop that annoying studdering" Replied the Hyuuga prodigy walking pass Hinata.

"I'm sorry" said hinata as she looked down at the ground. She looked up to see neji with a smirk on his face. "Don't Say sorry. I'm training you to be strong not to be weak. You shouldn't be sorry for being you, but you should train yourself to be stronger."

It was true since the chuunin exams neji had changed he wasn't cold hearted like before he actually gained more friends. He, Naruto, and Shikamaru were always sent on missions together because they grew close after sasuke left they had been on 4 different missions to bring him back. All of them failed and led to the death of several leaf ninja.

As they approached the training grounds two images appeared. One wearing green spandex and the other wearing black chinese shirt and the pants to match.

"NEJI! GOODMORNING MY RIVAL, SHALL WE HAVE A YOUTHFUL SPARING MATCH AS A WARM UP?!" (AN: Lee might yell so much because he might drink alot of coffee)

"Hn. Hinata Warm up with TenTen. I'll be done with lee in no time." said neji as he stared at his hyper teammate. Lee looked over neji shoulder."HINATA, WHAT IS A BEATIFUL AND GENTLE BLOSSOM LIKE YOURSELF DOING HERE WITH OUR TEAM!?" Half asked half yelled Lee.

"HEY!! What are you trying to say? I'm beatiful and I train with you everyday!" Yelled Tenten at lee. "Tenten you are a youthful blossom, not a gentle and beatiful one." "YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT LEE!!!" screamed Tenten cracking her knuckles."WAIT TENTEN I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT...NO TENTEN DON'T" Tenten then started pounding on lee. She then pinned a unconscionus lee to a tree with Kunai.

"I'll use him for target pratice later on" said tenten with a evil smile on her face. "Oh Yeah. Hi hinata and neji. I totally forgot that you were here."

"Its ok, tenten. Lets just start.Ok, hinata I'll first teach you the rotation. Its the simpliest of the attacks. also you don't have very strong taijutsu, this will help you stop others from using them against you. Tenten make sure when you throw you aim close to her, but not for her.Hinata, You first have to have chakra control. you do this pretty well, I've seen it. Use it to make the Chakra control to make the chakra expand around your body. Then focus the chakra in your feet at the same time to make yourself spin. finally Expand the chakra when the attack is stopped to repel it."

They train for hours until she finally had perfected the move. Tenten sat down and looked at her watch. It said 7:17 a.m. "Tenten lets go have some breakfast then we continue training." Said neji turned and walked away. Tenten got up and walk alongside neji with hinata walking on her other side. Neji stopped suddenly. The two girls looked at him puzzled.

"Should we just leave lee here?" asked neji looking at his still unconscionus teammate.He turned his head to tenten and hinata. "Hell Yeah!! HE GOT EXACTLY WHAT HE DESERVED!!! Tenten then looked more angry than before.

'Tenten is really mad because lee didn't call her beatiful. Thats strange I never thought she would think like that. She is beatiful though. WAIT WHAT THE HELL is that all about I shouldn't be thinking about her like that shes my teammate.'

"N-neji, are you ok?" Asked Hinata.

"Hn. Lets go."said neji walking off to hide his blush.

Meanwhile at tsunade's office...

The fifth was sleep with a bottle of sake next to her.

"Tsunade, wake up its an emergency!" Shizune burst in the room. She held a yellow envelope with a sound symbol on it."Tsunade wake up!" She said noticing the bottle. 'some things never change' she thought as the hokage began to wake.

"What is it? I was having a nice dream This better be important!" The still tipsy hokage sat up and stared at her assistant.

"It is" She said giving the hokage the envelope. she opened it and read the sheet of paper that was inside. She looked up yelling "GET NARUTO, SHIKAMARU, AND NEJI IN MY OFFICE NOW!!"