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"Amaterasu, Susanoo" Mandara said and staring at the three shinobi in front of flames begin to appear around the men. The flames begin to take form of bodies of shinobi. "The ultimate combination of Mangekyou." Mandara said smirking evily.

"His eyes will be destroyed using those at the same time." Sasuke said.

"No, those eyes of his are too powerful." Kakashi said.

"The eternal Mangekyou doesn't hurt the user. Its the use of two user of sharingan by one." Itachi said starting some hands signs closing one eye. Kakashi followed but did his own handsigns. "Amaterasu." Itachi said and flames begin to sprout burning Mandara.

"Implosion." Kakashi said and time and space around Mandara begin to pull him into a hole with the flames still burning him.

"That won't work." Mandara said. He disappeared." I've grown tired of you three. My minions take you on."Mandara voice said and then let out a evil laugh.

"Kisame, Mandara's got away." Itachi said turning his attention back to Sasuke.

"We don't have time for that, I'll kill him later. " Sasuke said doing some handsigns. "Waterstyle:Flash flood Jutsu." Sasuke said and water from the air became dense and grew to great sizes and pushed down on the Amaterasu shinobi. The water sizzled as they hit the shinobi, but the flame didn't leave. The shinobi pulled out flame kunai and threw them at the three sharingan users only making them dodge them.

"They have to be sealed away." Kakashi said.

"Right." Itachi said. They both pulled out scrolls and begin to right seal names on them. Sasuke conutined his on slaught of Water Jutsu against the flames, holding how them back.

"Sasuke, are you ready?" Itachi said Sasuke nodded and sped towards black flames doing handsigns. He jumpped up followed by Itachi and Kakashi all doing the same Jutsu signs.

"Ninja art: Flame sealing jutsu." They all yelled falling into the the flames. The flames begin to be absorbed into the papers. Itachi fell to one knee breathing hard with his sharingan disappeared.A sword was then at his neck.

"I guess its time then." Itachi said.

"You want my eyes. But you did forget that the eternal can work both ways. If I take your eyes it'll still work right?" Sasuke asked.

"No, not anymore." Itachi said and smiled a little bit.

"What do you mean by that?" Sasuke said angered.

"Sasuke, look at Itachi's eyes." Kakashi said pulling his headband over his eye. Sasuke kneeled down and looked into his brother's face that now looked as if he had given up hope on something. He looked into Itachi's eyes.

"Itachi, You!" Sasuke yelled grabbing Itachi by the collar and slammed him against a tree. "You knew didn't you? You knew you'd go blind if you used your mangekyou again didn't you?" Sasuke yelled.

"Yes, I did little brother." Itachi said and tapped Sasuke on the forehead.

"Why would you then?" Sasuke barked more angered.

"I couldn't let Mandara kill you. Even If it cost me my eyes. You've grown stronger than I and You've got more power than imaginable. You'll be the one to finish the Akatsuki. It can't be me anymore my eyes have fallen to yours." Itachi said.

"Itachi, I lost track of Mandara." Kisame said walking up followed by Naruto and the gang.

"Its ok. We wouldn't be able to win anyway." Itachi said.

"Itachi, have you over used your eyes." Kisame asked.

"Yes, I can't see anymore." Itachi said.

"I can try to help." Sakura said. "Couldn't I just heal them?"

"No, Sakura. You wouldn't. once you go blind in the Uchiha clan your eyes should be locked away forever." Sasuke said.

Kisame looked at Itachi. "Itachi?" Kisame asked.

"Yes, Kisame. This is it." Itachi said moving his head in Kisame's direction.

"Until we meet again then." Kisame said and disappeared.

"Wheres he going?" Naruto asked.

"We're parting ways." Itachi said. "I can't see; I'm no use to his cause anymore."

"I'll take him back to the hokage." Kakashi said and grabbed both of Itachi's arms and tied them before disappearing with him.

". DAMN. DAMN!" Sasuke punching the tree. Sakura grabbed him in a hug from behind. She noticed that he was crying.

"Sasuke, its ok." Sakura said holding him tighter.

"I've waited to fight him and now I can't even. I have to kill Mandara but not even my brother could before his eyes gave out." Sasuke said.

"Lets discuss this later." Neji only to recieve nods.

"Last one back to the compound is the weakest ninja ever." Naruto yelled.

"Ready." Neji said

"Set." Shikmaru said.

"Go!" Sasuke yelled and they all disappeared.

"Itachi Uchiha, according to Kakashi, you've lost your sight fighting the Akatsuki leader Mandara formly known as Tobi." Tsunade said. "Still I can't over look all the crimes you've commited in your time as a rouge ninja. I decide that all your jutsu is to be sealed away from you and you are to be locked away in the High Security Prison for the remainder of you life span." Tsunade said.

"I understand and accept willingly." Itachi said.

Jiraiya nodded and took Itachi down to an underground room where anbu members stood. He led Itachi to the center of the room which also was the middle of a sealing sign. Jiraiya took his place at the top of the sign.

"Itachi are you ready to face your punishment?" Jiraiya asked.

"Yes." Itachi nodded a bit with his eyes closed. Jiraiya started handsigns along with the Anbu members.

"Forbidden technique: Ultimate Sealing." Jiraiya said and they all finished their signs. The seal begin to grow smaller fitting into Itachi's body once they all settled the words became invisible. Itachi fainted.

"You're the weakest ninja ever." Shikamaru said laughing at Naruto.

"Thats not fair. Sasuke cheated." Naruto said.

"You didn't say Shinobi tactics weren't allowed." Sasuke simply stated smirking.

"Setting paper bombs and flash bombs in a regular ninja race is called cheating anyday." Naruto said.

"What about using Shadow clones and substitution do you call that?" Hinata asked giggling.

"Hinata, I thought you were on my side." Naruto said.

"She is." Sakura said and started laughing at Naruto with the others. Sasuke snuck out the room while everyone else wasn't looking.

'Itachi is blind. Mandara is out there somewhere. I'm here. What now?'

"The last honorable uchiha member looks as if he doesn't know what he should do. Things are looking down if thats the case." Kakashi said his nose still in his book.

"Whats that suppose to mean?" Sasuke asked.

"You are going to restore the Uchiha clan. You need to focus." Kakashi said.

"I'm not unfocused. I'm just wondering my next move." Sasuke said.

"Itachi can have visitors." Kakashi said and walked away. Sasuke nodded and disappeared into the night.

"Neji, I was village should the baby be born?" Hinata asked and everyone looked at him.

"She's having it, not me." Neji said.

"What kinda answer was that?"Tenten skrieked.

"Its up to you,whether you want the baby in The Leaf or the Sound."

"Shut up, Neji!" Tenten yelled. Neji raised his eyebrow and looked at Tenten in a questioning way.

"Tenten, calm down." Neji said.

"Why?You going to make me?!"Tenten yelled. She got up and stormed out of the room.

"What the fuck was that all about?" Naruto asked.

"Watch you're mouth, Naruto." Neji said and procedded to follow Tenten down the hallway.

Shikamaru looked over at Ino and smiled. "Who would think that we would get this far?" Shikamaru asked. He grabbed Ino bridal style and took her toward his room.

Later that Night...

"Naruto, what do you think?" Sasuke asked.

"I don't think we should.I can't leave Hinata time she might not wait." Naruto said.

"Neji?" Sasuke said.

"I have to be here for my family."Neji said.

"Shikamaru?" Sasuke said.


"And I have Sakura, but if we don't stop Mandara right now we won't have another chance." Sasuke said. "Its not even sure we all comin back after this battle."

"Lets go then." Naruto said his eyes flaring red. Sasuke eyes changed to sharingan. Neji's eyes pulsed to byakugan. Shikamaru eyes became black from his all then disappeared.

Hinata awoke alone it Naruto's bed. A sheet covered her naked looked around looking for Naruto. Her eyes caught sight of a letter addressed to her in Naruto's handwriting.

'Hinata, We are going to finish this war with the akatsuki,Even if it takes our lives they will be finished soon. Love you Always'

"Not Again Naruto." Hinata said pulling her knees into her chest.

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