Okay, so I watched Romeo and Juliet, a contemporary version with Leo DeCaprio and Claire Danes. I felt so depressed at the ending that I had to write an alternate ending to it, just to satisfy myself. I tried to make it as poetic as I could, but there's no way in heck I'm using old English.

I own nothing. I couldn't write Shakespeare if I tried.

Juliet was dead. Lying on her deathbed, white as snow. Tears rolled down Romeo's face, stinging where they touched his wounds. The hand holding the poison shook with grief. His only love, now cold and lifeless.

He lay his head on her chest, sadness enveloping him. He was completely taken aback when he heard a thumping sound, slow, but steady.

"Her heart beats still!" he muttered. "Yet she does not wake! She is nearly dead, and I cannot go on!"

He tipped his head back and began to slowly bring the poison to his lips.

"Romeo? My love?" said a soft, confused voice.

The deadly liquid dropped from his fingers. He looked down to see Juliet's blue eyes wide open and staring at him. He lifted her towards him and hugged her, holding on for dear life. For what is life without love?

"What were you doing? What was that you were to drink? Poison?" she asked him, horrified.

He kissed her, then drew away. "I thought you had perished, and I couldn't go on."

She understood. No words were needed. "I must leave. I am banished from the city and already the lawmen are after me. They know I am here."

"I will come with you," she said eagerly.

"No," Romeo replied firmly. "We will both be killed."

"I would rather die by their hate then leave you."

Romeo sighed, resigned. "Then we must, go, and quickly. If you get killed I will never forgive myself."

"It will not have been your fault, but my own."

"Yet I would not be able to live if you are not by my side."

"Then why seek to leave me?"

"Not to leave you, only to save your life."

The got to the door of the church, and Romeo pressed his ear against the door. "No one awaits us, but that does not ensure our safety."

Juliet nodded. He opened the door and led her out. He looked around all corners before Juliet could turn. Romeo turned one building without looking, and they were faced with the police, pointing Swords at them. They were shocked to see Juliet, but they were expecting Romeo. He took advantage of their momentary astonishment, and grabbed Juliet's hand and began to run.

Almost immediately they heard shots fired at them. Juliet cried out in pain as a bullet hit her in the arm, but she kept going. Romeo wanted to stop, but knew that they couldn't.

They finally were clear of Verona. They could never go back. The noise slowly faded until everything was completely silent. Only then did Juliet collapse. Romeo immediately dropped down beside her. She had fainted from exhaustion and blood loss. Romeo tore away a bit of his shirt and bound the bloody wound. Then he held her, whispering, "Please don't leave me. Not now."

The sun was rising when she finally woke up. Romeo sighed with relief. She was fine.

He helped her out of the dust. They needed no one but each other. Together they walked towards the rising sun.

Well? I like it. Short, but sweet. And it quenches my thirst for a happy ending to the saddest love story ever written. Please review!