When Jackie is kidnapped and the gang has to prove they care about her, Hyde is forced to admit his true feelings. J/F will end J/H. Takes place after season 8.

This was inspired by the Nick Lowe song Cruel to be Kind and in a way, Disney's Robin Hood, even though this story has very little in common with both of them. Or maybe it has a lot in common. Go figure. It'll be short, maybe three or four chapters at most. The last chapter has also been written, so I just need to get from A to B.

Just as warning, some of the things in this story are not for the faint of heart. Jackie gets hurt and if that displeases you, please don't read. It's not as violent as some stories out there, but the story is rated T for a reason.

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The sun was bright as Jackie walked home from work. Her car was in the shop, Fez was working until five, and she didn't have any money for a taxi or the bus. The cold winter air chilled her bones as she tried to ignore the feeling of being watched. It was only a block from her home when she felt a cold hand holding a rag over her mouth, and a raspy voice telling her to be quiet. As the chlorophyll filled her lungs and she fainted, her last thought was of a man with curly hair and sideburns.

She woke up tied to a chair in a dark room. Her clothes were still on, and the contents of her purse had been poured out in front of her. She saw that everything was still there, except for her address book.

"You're awake, good." The same raspy voice said to her in the darkness.

Jackie turned her head to the direction of the voice. "When I get out of here I'm going to kick your ass!"

The voice laughed. "No you won't." The man came out of the darkness. He was a short bald man with a beer gut. "We haven't been properly introduced, I'm Mr. Kind."

"Mr. Kind?" She asked incredulously. "What kind of stupid name is that?"

"You should be nice to me Jackie."

She didn't want to ask, but she had to, "Are you going to kill me?"

He shook his head. "No, not unless my boss tells me too."

He had a boss. That meant someone else had planned this.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"Somewhere you're friends won't find you. Not that it matters." He shrugged.

"What do you mean?"

He laughed. "Think about it Jackie, your friends won't bother looking for you. Michael is in Chicago Donna and Eric are in Madison, Steven is busy with the record store, and even if he wasn't, he wouldn't care that you're gone."

"You forgot about Fez!" Jackie exclaimed. "He's my boyfriend and he's going to try to find me."

"The operative word being try." With that, Jackie heard the door to the room close, and she was alone.

Fez looked anxiously at the clock on the wall. It had been two hours and Jackie still wasn't home yet. He had called her work and they had told him she had left already. He had tried the Forman's but they hadn't heard from her. He thought about calling the record store but decided against it, as Jackie rarely went to the store anymore. He had hoped that at least for their sakes, Jackie and Hyde could have found a way to get along and called a truce, but the tension was still ripe between them. Fez shook his head to get rid of any thoughts of lingering feelings between his girlfriend and her ex. Right now, he was more concerned with her not being home.

He thought to himself where Jackie could be. The light bulb went off in his head and he ran out of the apartment.

He searched for an hour in the mall before admitting defeat. She also wasn't at The Hub or the Salon.

Where the hell was she? He walked out of the Salon, bumping into a bald man. "Excuse me." He said politely, moving out of the man's way.

"It's fine." The man's voice was scratchy, as thought he had smoked too many cigarettes.

He had run out of places to look. Fez sighed and went to Grooves. Maybe Hyde would know where Jackie was.

Fez took a deep breath before entering the store. The familiar chime rang and Hyde looked up from the counter.

"Hey Fez." Hyde looked back down at his magazine.

Fez looked around the store, hoping that Jackie was there.

"Hey Fez!" Leo came up to him. "Where's loud girl man?"

"I don't know."

The way he said it made Hyde look back up. "What do you mean you don't know?" He walked up to Fez.

Fez gulped. "I came home and she wasn't there, so I called the station and they said she had left two hours before. So I called the Forman's and Kitty said she wasn't there, and then I tried The Mall, The Hub, and the Salon."

Hyde ignored his pounding heart. "Did you try her mom's house?"

Fez nodded. "I called and the maid said she hadn't seen Jackie in over a week."

"So you came here to see if Jackie was here?" Hyde asked.

"That and to see if you knew where she could be. You know her better than anyone." He didn't bother trying to mask his jealousy.

Seeing the worry on his friend's face broke Hyde's resolve. "Come on." He grabbed his keys and left Leo to look after the store.

They jumped into Hyde's El Camino and took off. He drove to the water tower and they got out.

Fez looked up at the Fez plus Michael sign. "I really need to fix that."

Hyde tried not to laugh. He thought it had been rather appropriate. They looked around; trying to find a sign that Jackie had been there.

"Well, she's not here." He said. "Let's try the reservoir."

The only thing at the reservoir was a couple of teenagers skinny dipping.

Hyde called out to them. "Hey!"

One of them swam up closer. "Yeah?"

"Have any of you seen a woman? This tall, brown hair?"

"Beautiful!" Fez shouted. Hyde didn't disagree with him. Jackie was beautiful. He remembered seeing her in a wedding gown.

Oh god.

The guy shook his head. "Sorry dude."

Fez looked at Hyde and saw his expression harden.

"Come on."

Hyde drove to the secluded spot in the woods where he and Jackie had their first date. The moon was beginning to be shadowed by a thick layer of clouds.

"Let's go, she's probably back at your apartment."

Fez nodded. "You're right. And I'm going to give her a piece of my mind for scaring me!"

Hyde had already made a promise to himself to do the same thing. He dropped Fez off at his car and drove back to the Formans.

He was barely in the door when Kitty was handing him the phone. "It's for you, it's Fez."


"She isn't here." Fez's voice was frantic. "And Fenton says she hasn't been here."

Hyde took a deep breath. "Calm down Fez. Just come here." He hung up the phone.

Hyde turned to Kitty. "Where's Red?"

"He's in the den." She went to go get him.

Mr. Kind entered the dark room with food for Jackie. "I can't untie you of course, so I'm going to have to feed you." He sat next to her and unwrapped the burger.

"Open your mouth."

Jackie wanted to refuse but she was too hungry not to comply. She opened her mouth and Mr. Kind put the burger in her mouth. She took a bite and chewed.

"That's a girl." He patted her on the knee. She took another bite.

"I saw your boyfriend at The Hub." He told her. "He was looking for you."

"I told you he'd look for me!"

"Which I never disputed, but he's not going to find you. None of them are ever going to find you. He held the hamburger up to her mouth again. She took a bite and chewed.

"You're just going to have to accept the fact that you're not going to see your friends ever again."

She spit her half chewed hamburger at him. It landed on his face. He wiped it off his cheek and stood up.

"Just for that, you're not getting anymore. You need to learn to be nice to me Jackie." He left the uneaten hamburger in front of her and walked out.

She looked up at the ceiling. "He'll find me." She whispered, before breaking down and crying. She closed her eyes and saw curls.

Red was on the phone with the police. "She's been missing for five hours now." He listened to the cop on the other line. "What do you mean I have to wait twenty four hours to file a missing persons report? What kind of dumbass rule is that?" Red hung up in disgust and turned to the four worried people sitting at the kitchen table.

Kitty stood up. "I'm going to make a pie." Red put his hand on Kitty's arm. "No, Kitty, you're going to sit down."

"I can't just sit here, Red!" She shouted at her husband. "One of our kids is missing and if you think I can just sit here and worry then you're sadly mistaken!" She pushed past him and went to the refrigerator. Red put his hand back on Kitty's back and she turned around and fell into his embrace.

Hyde stood up and went to the phone.

"Who are you calling?" Fez asked.

"Donna and Eric, maybe she went there."

Bob smiled. "Why didn't we think of that before?"

Donna answered the phone sounding sleepy. "It's ten thirty."

"Is Jackie there?" Hyde asked.

"No hi, no how are you?" Donna said, amused.

"I don't have time for this Donna, is Jackie there?"

"No. She isn't."

"Did she say anything about coming up there?"

"No, I haven't talked to her since yesterday." "Hyde, what's going on?"

"Jackie's missing."

"She's probably just at the mall."

"We tried there. We tried everywhere we could think of. She's gone." No, she wasn't gone. She probably just wanted to be alone and would show up any minute now. Yeah, that was it. She's was hiding. Hyde willed himself to believe it.

Fez reached into his pocket to pull out an emergency tootsie roll. He pulled out a piece of paper. On it was a telephone number.

"Hyde?" He said, not looking up.

Hyde turned to him. "Hold on Big D." "What is it Fez?"

Fez held up the piece of paper.

"Fez, I don't need to see what number you've gotten from some chick okay?" his voice was hard and impatient.

Fez shook his head. "This isn't mine."

Everyone turned to him. "Are you sure Fez?" Kitty asked him.

He nodded. "I don't know whose number this is."

"Donna, I need to go, I'll call you if I hear anything." He hung up the phone.

Red grabbed the paper out of Fez's hand and went to the phone. "Let's see whose number this belongs to." He dialed the number.

"I was beginning to think you would never call."

"Where is she?" Red didn't bother with niceties.

"Who is this?" The voice asked.

"This is Red Forman, and you're going to tell me where Jackie is."

"I don't think so. Let me talk to her boyfriend." The man demanded.

Red relented and handed the phone to Steven. "He wants to talk to her boyfriend."

Hyde gave him a look and handed the phone to Fez. "Fez is her boyfriend now."

Red looked over at Kitty. "When did that happen?" he mouthed.

"This is Fez." He said into the phone.

"SHUT UP!" the man screamed on the other end. "Sorry about that, your girlfriend just doesn't know when to shut the fuck up!" The last part was yelled.

"You let her go you sick son of a bitch!"

"I can't do that." He said.

"Let me talk to her." He demanded. There was a pause as the man though about it. "I will call you back in five minutes." The man hung up.

"What does he want?" Red asked.

"He's going to call back in five minutes."

As soon as Donna hung up the phone she went to the closet and pulled out her and Eric's over night bags and started to throw clothes into them.

"What's going on?" He asked, his voice rough with sleep.

"They can't find Jackie."

Eric chuckled. "Well, I don't see what's so bad about that."

Donna turned and stared at her boyfriend. "God you're such a dillhole, go call Kelso and tell him to meet us at the Formans." She continued to throw their clothes into the bags.

"Donna, she probably just didn't want to go home to her creepy boyfriend."

"Eric, Hyde sounded worried."

"Are you sure you talked to Hyde?"

She nodded. "Eric, we have to go back."

Eric sighed and grabbed a shirt and a pair of pants. "Just let me get dressed."

Mr. Kind brought the phone into the room and sat it on Jackie's lap.

"You are going to call them and you will tell them that you're fine and to do whatever I say. Capice ?"

Jackie nodded and picked up the receiver and dialed the Forman's number.

"Hello?" Fez's voice said on the other end.


"Jackie! Are you alright?"

"FIND ME ST" Mr. Kind took the phone and slammed it down. "I told you not to do that."

He threw the phone against the wall and reached for his belt buckle. "I told you to be nice to me Jackie. For that little stunt you're getting ten lashings." He told her as he took off his belt.

He cracked it like a whip. "One."

She cried out as it hit her cheek.



She begged him to stop.



The sliding door opened and Donna came running in, Eric following more slowly behind her.

"Oh Donna, Eric, we're so glad you're here!" Kitty went to hug them both.

"I couldn't stay in Madison not knowing what was going on." Donna told them. "So what's going on?"

Red put Donna and Eric up to speed on what had happened since Hyde had conversed with Donna an hour before.

"So she's really in trouble?" Eric asked, now concerned.

"I don't know what I'm going to do!" Fez cried. "What if he taints her?"

Hyde wanted to explode at Fez, how dare that be his first concern?

Tires screeched to a halt in the drive way. Red ran out the door to see who it was.

"God damn it Kelso!" He shouted.

Kelso jumped out of the corvette. "I'm sorry! I sped all the way here!" He and Red went inside where Kelso was told what happened to Jackie.

Kelso kept his eyes on Hyde the entire time. He could tell that his friend was not reacting well. He was trying to hide his emotions just like always, but Kelso could tell that Hyde was wanting to bust out of his own skin. He knew because he felt the same way. The girl they loved was in trouble, and all Kelso wanted to do was punch something. He knew if he felt that way, then Hyde must have felt a million times worse. He wondered if Hyde knew he was so transparent. He guessed he didn't.

When Jackie returned back to consciousness she spat out the blood collecting in her mouth. She couldn't touch anything, but she knew she was bleeding from her face, from her hands, chest, shoulders and legs. He rarely hit the same spot twice. Briefly, she wondered if the marks would be permanent. There was no way Fez would love her she was no longer pretty. If Fez didn't love her, she thought to herself, no one would.

Mr. Kind walked in again. "I hope that we don't have to do that again."

She nodded. "No."

"Good girl." "I have something for you." He flicked on the light and Jackie closed her eyes as they hurt from the light. He held a mirror up to her face.

She was marked with tiny welts from the belt. Only one looked serious, but the rest would probably go away in a few days. She sighed in relief.

He had a notebook and a pen. "You're going to answer some questions, Jackie, and please, be honest."

"Why should I?"

"Because, Jackie, your life is on the line, so I'd be honest if I were you."


It was already two am; the majority of Point Place was asleep except for eight extremely worried people sitting in Red and Kitty Forman's kitchen.

"That's it!" Red said. "I'm going to the police and demanding they look for Jackie."

"I'll go with you, maybe I can get them to help." Kelso offered.

"What if the man calls again?" Kitty asked.

Red turned around at the door. "Let Steven handle it."

Red and Kelso left and the four looked at each other.

"Who wants pie?" Kitty asked.

Everyone but Hyde raised their hands.

"Steven? Would you like a piece of pie?"

No, as a matter of fact, he didn't want a piece of pie. He didn't know how any of them could think of pie when Jackie was god knows where, scared and alone, with some psychopath holding her hostage. Didn't Jackie have enough crap in her life without having to deal with this?

The phone rang again and Hyde answered it. He felt like he couldn't breathe.

"Let me speak to the boyfriend." The man sounded out of breath.

Hyde handed the phone to Fez. "Be cool man."

"Hello?" Fez said, apprehensively.

"Your girlfriend is a piece of work you know that?" He laughed. "I can see why you all like her so much."

"You keep your hands off her." Fez demanded.

"Let's get one thing straight here; I'm the one in charge. I make the rules. Now, I'm simply the middle man in this operation, but I'll be willing to let Jackie go if you do something for me."


"Jackie just said some very interesting things about you guys. If you can all prove to me that you love her, then I will let her go. If not, you will never see your precious girlfriend again."

Fez gulped. "How do we do that?"

The man laughed. "I will call you on the hour, every hour with a different question. If you can answer them all correctly,"

"You'll let her go?"

"No, that's only the first of many tests to prove your devotion for her."

Fez thought about it. "Okay."

The man chuckled. "Alright, first question, what is Jackie's favorite flower?"

He repeated the question out loud to make sure he heard it right.

"Tiger lilies." Hyde said unconsciously. He had never given any to her, but she had told him that they were her favorites because a bunch used to grow in her back yard before her mother had them removed for the hot tub.

Fez repeated it, thinking all the while that he would have guessed roses.

"That is correct; I will call you when she wakes up again." He hung up the phone.

Fez turned and looked at Hyde. "He wants all of us to prove that we love her by passing a bunch of tests."

Kitty patted the table. "Okay, we can do this."

"I can't do this." Fez said, guiltily.

"Why the hell not?" Donna asked him.

"Because if Hyde hadn't said what her favorite flower is, I would have gotten it wrong! I don't know what Jackie's favorite things are."

Donna stared at Fez. "How is that possible? You've claimed to love her from afar for all these years."

"I never actually listened when she talked. I know what her bra size and her favorite perfume, but not all that other crap."

They all looked at Hyde expectantly.

"What?" He asked, knowing full well what they wanted.

"Hyde, I need your help."

"Fine." He said, relenting because he knew that if he didn't, they would never see Jackie again.

Hyde pushed the thought out of his head. Fez would pass the tests and then Jackie would come back and everything would be back to normal. He'd go back to drinking himself to sleep while Fez got to hold and comfort her. Fez was better at the comforting thing than he ever was anyway. But Fez just admitted that he never listened to Jackie. Sure, Hyde had pretended to fall asleep, but he always listened to her. Secretly, his favorite time of day had been he had come home from work and she would follow him into his room where they'd tell each other about their day. She would play with his hair as he told her about working at the office, and she would tell him school and what he had missed while he was gone.

She was going to be fine. He repeated it in his head like a mantra. He looked at the others sitting at the table and he could tell they were all trying to convince themselves of the same thing.