Epilogue. I had so much fun writing this, because well, crazy is my bread and butter.

Anyhow, this is short. I mean, really, really short. But it is what it is and I didn't want to ruin it with a bunch of unnecessary mumbo jumbo. If you feel inclined, leave a review when you're done.

The long hallway was dark and stunk of mildew and piss as Jackie walked down it, her hand firmly grasped inside Hyde's.

"We don't have to do this you know." He had been saying that to her all day.

"Yes, Steven, I do." Because even though with the help of her therapist and her friends, she was slowly starting to mend herself, she still had questions.

And only one man could give her the answers.

"This uh, wouldn't be the same prison they put your dad would it?" Hyde held his nose to stop from inhaling.

Jackie shook her head. "No, daddy is in nice prison." She stopped. "And I thought we agreed he's in the jungle bringing freedom to the grateful natives." They said together.

Hyde gave her a slight smile. "You're right."

The guard at the door let them into the small room. There was a barred window that was too high to see out of, let alone escape through, but it let light in. Jackie and Hyde sat down at the table and waited.

"God, they couldn't clean this place up bit?"


"At the very least they should clean it."

Hyde rolled his eyes. "Jackie."

"Shh!" She said when she heard footsteps. "I think they're coming."

The door slowly opened and a guard stepped through, followed by Mr. Kind and another guard.

"Sit down." The first guard ordered. Mr. Kind smiled slightly and sat across the table from Hyde and Jackie where he was handcuffed to the chair. The second guard left and closed the door, while the first one stayed inside.

"Why, hello Jackie." The man practically kissed her name. His voice sounded even more hoarse than it had a year ago.

Both Jackie and Hyde were silent as they both assessed the man in front of them. It startled both of them to think that someone so average looking, so, non descript could have done something so horrific.

Jackie took a deep breath. She was going to get through this.

"I need to know why." She looked deep into his eyes, searching for a tiny ounce of humanity. She saw none.

"I told you, I was only the middle man."

Hyde rolled his eyes. "They searched you dillhole, we know you worked alone."

The man shook his head and laughed slightly and pointed up towards the ceiling. It was Jackie who caught his meaning first.

"You're saying that God told you to do this?"

He smiled at Hyde. "Smart girl." He leered at Jackie. "I forgot how cute you were."

Hyde nearly jumped out of his seat but was caught by both Jackie's hand and a stern look from the guard.

"You don't get to talk about her." Hyde warned him.

Jackie sighed and absently played with the ring on her finger. "Why did 'God' make you do this?" She had known that he was crazy, but she didn't know it went this far.

Mr. Kind smirked. "God told me to help you."

"Right, like it told you to help Samantha and her husband." Hyde interjected.

The man laughed. "No, God told me to punish them for their wickedness." He looked back at Jackie.

"You are one of God's favorites, Jacqueline, surely you understand that he would not let those who hurt you get away with it."

"That's…" Jackie started to stutter as it started to make sense. "That's why you made my friends take that stupid test. If they failed, you were going to kill them." She gasped when he nodded.


Jackie looked at Hyde who was staring contemptuously at Mr. Kind. "You're sick." Hyde said. "God has nothing to do with this; you're just a sicko who got off on hurting Jackie."

Mr. Kind shook his head sadly. "I only punished Jackie to teach her obedience." He smiled at Jackie. "Even you, God's favorite, are not without boundaries."

Jackie gulped. She felt like they were going around in circles.

"Why is she God's favorite?" Jackie shot a look of thanks over at Hyde.

"Look at her. She's perfect." He leered at Jackie again.

Hyde had enough. He stood up and grabbed Jackie's arm, pulling her out of her chair. "Let us out."

The guard nodded and opened the door.

As soon as the door was opened, Hyde pulled her out into the hallway, down the long corridor they came in from and out the main doors where Red Forman was waiting.

"Well?" Red asked, obviously searching both Jackie and Hyde for damage, physical and otherwise.

"He's a complete nutball." Hyde told him. "He said God told him to do it."

Red muttered a long string of obscenities.

Jackie stayed silent as they walked to Red's car.

"You okay kiddo?" Red asked as they slid into the hot leather seats.

"Actually, Mr. Forman, I am. Steven is right, he is crazy, but at least I know why this happened you know?" She gave a slight laugh. "And you know, he wasn't be bossed around by my dad or anyone like that." It received a chuckle from both Hyde and Red.

"You sure you're alright?" Hyde asked as they climbed into their bed.

"Yeah." Jackie realized that she was, in fact, fine. "I'm great." She said, kissing him softly.