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What would you do if you see a chicken cross the road?

Kawamura Takashi:


(Takes racket)


Which meant scaring the heck out of the poor little guy.

Kaidoh Kaoru:

"Fshuu...The chicken might be in danger. I must save him."

(Quickly grabs the chicken and takes him to the other side of the road.)

Momoshiro Takeshi:

"Chicken? Where? FOOOOOOOOOD!"

(Jumps on it with some barbecue sauce.)

Echizen Ryoma:

"What? It's only a chicken. What do you want me to do?"

(Finishes his ponta.)

Kikumaru Eiji:

"Oh!!! A little chicken! Come here! Hey, don't run away! Wait!"

(Runs after it)

Oishi Shuichiro:

"A chicken crossing the road? Why is it crossing the road? Is it because it's hungry? I have some spare food here. Is it because his being chased by some cat (Eiji)? Maybe its mother is sick and needs medicine. Or maybe..."

Tezuka Kunimitsu:

"It's crossing the road too carelessly, it let down his guard and might get hit by a car. Kikumaru, Momoshiro, 20 laps!"

Inui Sadaharu:

"A car is coming this way. Ii...Data. I can finally know how far a chicken's organs can fly when it gets hit by a car. Who knows, it might even be a good ingredient."

(Takes out his notebook and pen.)

Fuji Syuusuke:

"Why I will greet him kindly of course...and distract him so that the car can hit him..."

Yes, I know it's really short but please no flames.