Edward's Point of View

"I think not of this idea," I mumbled.

Emmett laughed, and clapped me hard on the back. "Cheer up, coz! Think of all the beautiful girls that tread upon the Capulets' hall at this hour, all of them simply waiting for you to-"

Jasper's laugh cut him off. "And forget not, dear coz, that thy fair Rosalie will be here tonight."

Rosalie. She was beautiful, indeed, and how I pined to see her, though she had never spoken to me as much as once before, but there was something else. Something I couldn't explain, perhaps a warning in the wind that something dark would begin this night.

"Something beautiful, and yet tragic shall begin tonight," I said quietly. My cousin and friend were both looked at me with some alarm.

"Edward, are you feeling all right?" asked Jasper, his brow furrowing. "You seem tense."

Emmett roared with laughter again, and looked at me with amusement. "I told you, love is a sort of poison that eats away at manhood until we all turn soft and feminine. Be a man, Edward, and let us have fun."

I growled. Emmett didn't understand. There was no way he could, for he had never loved. It was true, though, that something dark hung upon the stars in the night, twinkling at me to turn back before a catastrophe could ensue…

Bella's Point of View

It was so much more than I had ever imagined. There was nothing at all that could describe the sight of a medieval hall decked with gold and ivory, where the sounds of laughter and music rang out. It was the sort of thing you saw in the movies, but never thought could actually exist.

And yet there was something missing from all this. Edward, I thought with a pang. He was like a star missing from a Christmas tree. I wanted to see him so badly it hurt. And then I saw him, and anything I had felt throughout this horrible dream melted away.

He was staring at me, and even through his mask, I could see his glorious topaz eyes. I smiled, and it was returned with that breathtaking crooked smile I loved so much. His lips moved with words I couldn't hear, and then Jasper pulled him away.

Jacob's Point of View

I snarled as the smell hit my nose with the full force of a boulder. A vampire, I thought. A Montague! My head turned in the direction of the smell. Standing there, staring out into the festivities was that wicked Edward Montague. It was as I was about to draw my sword in fury, that my uncle reached me.

"Jacob? Why draw'st thy sword while the rest of us feast?" I growled at him. "There is a Montague here, that villain Edward, come to mock at our solemnity and frighten our guests."

Lord Capulet's eyes followed mine, and he frowned. "Well, he seems not to cause much trouble. I shall not send him out now, and create a scene here during these hours of joy." What??!?!?!??!?! I thought angrily.

"Uncle, he is a vampire, and I shall not endure him!" I did my best to glare him down, but I was only returned with my uncle's fury. His face began to turn purple with rage.

"You shall endure him, as I say you shall endure him! Who is the master of this house, you or I?" Lord Capulet seemed absolutely furious. "Thou darest to be saucy with thine uncle. Go to!"

I grumbled, and sheathed my sword. My eyes held Edward's face in steely rage.

"This seeming sweet, shall turn to bitterest gall," I whispered, and stormed off on my heel.

Bella's Point of View

It was as I was about to go find Edward, that he grabbed my hand.

"I'm sorry, if I profane thee with my unworthy hand." I whipped about, and his eyes held mine with such force that I didn't think I could look away if I tried. His hands were cold as marble even now, in this bizarre dream. I wondered if he still had thirst in this dream…

"You do your hand too much wrong," I said, smiling.

"Alas," he said. "It appears I have sinned, with my touch against the hand of a saint as sweet as thee." I wondered if he could hear my heart hammering, now too. I knew what came next, and it could be the only goodness that came of this nightmare.

"Then purge thy sin," I said, moving closer. Edward's eyes held mine even longer, searching for something. Then, he took my face in his hands and kissed me.

This is heaven, I thought. A heaven in a hell.

"You kiss by the book," I said, still slightly dizzy.

"Isabella!" I whipped around, and wiped my lips. I groaned when I saw who it was. "Yes, nurse?" I frowned.

"Your mother wishes a word with you," she said.

I grumbled. "I come."

Edward's Point of View

This was something so incredible I couldn't have believed it without experiencing it. Rosalie was a memory of something that couldn't hold half the attraction as this maiden.

"Jasper," I started. "Who is she?" I motioned toward her. Jasper blanched. "She is Capulet's daughter," he said slowly. "Come, we should be gone." I stopped dead in my tracks.

My only love from my only hate, I thought miserably. "Isabella Capulet," I whispered raggedly.