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AN: This is a Chloe and Oliver fic. Set after 'Justice'. What you need to know is that CHloe also broke up with Jimmy. That's basically it. Oh and yeah, she pretty much hates Oliver's gut, after all he broke Lois' heart. Solidarity sister! Anyway, I just had to write this.


"Hey watchtower."

"Oh yeah, that's not going to get old. What can I do for you Mr. Queen?" Chloe Sullivan inquired, a slight impatience in her tone.

"Call me Oliver."

"Okay. What can I do for you Oliver? How did you even get my number?" this time there was no doubt that she really was impatient.

"I have my sources." was Oliver Queen's quiet reply.

"By sources you mean Clark." Chloe was fast becoming bored of the conversation, she was momentarily distracted by the pile of paper that another intern gave her.

"Nothing gets past you." Oliver's tone was tainted with amusement.

"Let me get us back to my question earlier. What can I do for you Oliver?"

"I realize that I committed a major faux pas. I never did express my sincerest appreciation for your assistance in our heroic endeavor."

"Such a circular way to thank me. It's no big deal. Clark's thanked me enough for all of you." she replied flippantly.

"Did I do something to offend you? Your curt manner leaves much to be desired." he finally clued in the fact that she was not happy with the conversation.

"Oh yeah, there is this little thing that you did. What was it? You broke Lois' heart." she retorted sarcastically.

"I believe it was a mutual breakup." he answered stiffly.

"Mutual. I really am getting sick of guys with hero complex. Did it ever occur to you that maybe if you just told her about your heroic proclivities, she may have understood your need to go MIA on her? But no… you would rather stick with the cloak and dagger stuff." Chloe rolled her eyes at another Clark prototype.

"Not that it is any of your business, but I didn't exactly think she would be accepting of my…proclivities as you were." His cold tone would have been enough to remind her of Clark's fortress.

"She was perfectly ready to accept you as…you were but you went out of your way to deceive her. So pardon me if I don't think so highly of you." she evenly matched his tone.

"Tell me how exactly did you react when you found about Clark?" He countered bitingly.

"First of all I will not discuss Clark with you over the phone. And second of all we are not in such intimate terms that you can ask about my relationship with Clark. Now how about we just hang up now since you've achieved your purpose and thanked me for my involvement in…what did you call it? Heroic endeavor?"

"You're right. We can discuss this over dinner. I give you leave to verbally flagellate me for my treatment of your cousin." his tone held no room for argument.

"I know there's a question in there somewhere." she remarked sarcastically.

"Are you always this difficult?" Oliver was amused again.

"Such words, I believe I'm going to swoon at your ability to flatter me-"

"I'll have my driver pick you up at seven tonight." He interrupted her developing rant.

"Presumptuous and arrogant. I already have plans tonight. Call me again in a decade and I just might be able to pencil you in." with those words she hang up the phone.

Chloe smiled in satisfaction. The workday was over. She managed to finish everything and was actually looking forward to an evening alone.

Her breakup with Jimmy wasn't painful, it wasn't tortured. It just left her a little numb. The idea of which scared her a little. She cared for him, but not enough to love him.

So she didn't lie to Oliver Queen when she said she had plans. The bathtub was calling her name. She managed to procure an interesting book. The night was all about pampering herself.

It was five minutes to seven and she's never been glad to get away from the basement.

"Chloe." Clark just appeared out of thin air.

She rolled her eyes at him. So much for an evening alone. Clark Kent was supposed to be in New York tracking down 'Zoners'. "Hey Clark! So mission accomplished?"

Clark nodded gravely and took her bag from her as they climbed the stairs.

"Are you going back home now?" she asked him hopefully.

"No I thought we can hang out…unless you had other plans." Clark look equally hopeful.

"Actually-" but she never got to finish her sentence since they were interrupted by the presence of Oliver Queen, who was leaning against his car and looking at the both of them expectantly.

"Oliver, what are you doing here?" Clark's brow furrowed as he asked the question.

"I'm picking up Watchtower here." he nodded at Chloe's direction.

Chloe made a face at his words, "I do have a name you know. It's Chloe, but feel free to call me Ms. Sullivan."

Clark just looked at her and then at Oliver, "You had plans with him Chlo?"

"No Clark I don't." she answered adamantly.

"Actually you do. I asked you to dinner and I told you that I would pick you up at seven, which is right about now." He countered as he pointed to his watch.

"Did I suddenly get amnesia or something because I can't recall you asking. At all. You said and I quote 'We can discuss this over dinner. I'll have my driver pick you up at seven.' Did you hear a question there somewhere?" she turned to Clark, expecting him to agree with her.

Clark shook his head, still looked confused with the entire situation. Oliver just looked amused.

"And I believe my response to your arrogance was, I had plans tonight. Try again in a decade and I might be able to pencil you in."

"Why do you insist on being this difficult." Oliver smiled at her charmingly.

Clark looked bewildered through their exchange. He looked at Chloe, hoping to get a clue on how he should react to this startling development. He could really feel Oliver turn on the charm. "Chloe if you had plans with Oliver we can hang out another time." he began uncertainly.

Chloe stamped her foot in her impatience. "I did not have plans with that jackass. And I don't have plans with you for that matter. I just wanted to spend some time alone and you both are ruining it for me. Why don't you tow just run along now and form that stupid ass justice league, where you can all just hide your identities from the people you claim to care about and leave me alone."

She looked at both men furiously and then she marched away.