Chapter 3

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"Edward I have cancer…"

The longest silence ever in my opinion and I hear him chuckle from his position beside me. I frown, and then I realize that he thinks I'm joking to him, that I'm willing to try anything to make him change me. This is bad, how am I supposed to get him to realize that I'm telling the truth. I feel a wave of panic try to come through me; I let it feeling the prick of tears at my eyes. Edward hasn't noticed yet.

"Bellaaaa, I won't change you and that's final. You don't need to tell me lies like that. "The tears in my eyes that Edward hadn't noticed threatened to spill over. Why didn't he understand?

All the humor had died in his eyes and they were now looking at me with fierce determination.

"That's my decision Bella, I won't damn you to this life." That was all I could take, the tears started pouring down my face. His words echoed in my mind. Nothing I could say would change his decision. Not even if I died. The hole in my chest was back again. It tore at my chest as I turned and ran from the meadow. I didn't know where I was going and I didn't care. I just ran…


"Edward I have cancer…" The silence stretched on. I was always wondering what she would do to try to get me to turn her. But this was a little extreme. I mean cancer? She could've done better than that. I chuckled deep in my chest. I saw the beginnings of angry tears at her eyes.

"Bellaaaa, I won't change you and that's final. You don't need to tell me lies like that." I say in an up spirited voice which by the end had turned serious. I saw her try to keep her composure.

"That's my decision Bella; I won't damn you to this life." I meant it too. I couldn't do that to my angel. I saw the tears start to fall and her start running from the meadow running into the trees at a random spot. I then realized that she had never rebuked me for calling her a liar. Maybe she was telling the truth. O god. I just called her a liar and told her to her face that I would never change her even if she was on her deathbed with no possibility of surviving.

I needed to think. I ran full force to my house and tried to run up to my room, but was knocked back and out of the house by Alice. I didn't need to be an empath to know she was pissed off.

"What in the hell did you do Edward!" she screamed, walking out the door and starting to pace up to me. Her demeanor like that of a predator with me as the prey. Where was Jasper when you needed him?

"What are you talking about Alice?" I decided to be ignorant. It just made her madder. With an enraged snarl she leapt at me and with speed I never knew she had, had me pinned to a tree.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about Edward! I saw everything! And you know what else I saw Eddie! Hmmm? You want to know what else I saw!" I seriously had no idea what she was talking about, saw what? She was blocking from her mind from me. Man she must have been pissed.

She let go of my collar her face crumpled in if she was human she would be crying. At this moment Jasper came out of the house and wrapped his arms around his wife. She started sobbing tearlessly into his chest. I felt a wave of guilt come over me, and I wondered what Bella was doing at this moment.

"I walked inside and sat on the couch knowing that Alice wasn't done yet, and I was curious as to what she saw that caused her sadness. Alice and Jasper along with the rest of the family came into the living area as well and took seats. Alice then started talking in a wavy voice alerting to the rest of the family that something was wrong.

"Because of this idiot's big mouth Bella…" she choked back a sob, " Bella is going to kill her self. She's in the woods now, and she's trying to find something to end her life as we speak. I don't think we can stop her." With that she broke down crying. The rest of my family looking at me with expression ranging from anger, to confusion, to surprise. All asking me the same thing 'What did you do this time Edward?' It would've been comical if this hadn't been so serious.

"Where did you see her Alice?" I was in a shock of denial, why would my angel try to kill herself? Did she really have cancer? No she can't. She can't have cancer, but her blood has smelled thin lately. No stop thinking like that Edward.

"She's 'another choked sob' she's nearing La Push, if we don't hurry it'll be to late. She's going towards their land where she knows you can't reach her." That's all I needed and I was running, not even caring if my family was behind me or not.

BPOV (sorry about changing around so much, but I need too to get the jest of the story.)

I was running, just running. From tripping I had numerous scrapes and scratches along my arm and legs. I was still running when I came up to a road. I recognized it, I was near La Push. My life meant nothing to me, I want nothing more than to die. But rather than let the cancer do that I must do it myself. So I can never rest.

I had a knife in my pocket; I guess I had forgotten it there from work a few days before. As soon as I hit the werewolves' territory I would make my move. And no one could stop me.

I was just inside the boundary, when I heard my name being called.

"Bella!" The anguished cry came again. I didn't want to turn but I did because this voice was a female's voice. Rosalie's voice.

"Bella! Don't kill yourself over my idiot of a brother. I'm sure it's not that bad." Just come back over the boundary line Bella and we can go home." I felt a new batch of tears make their way down my face.

"Rosalie, I have cancer. He told me he would never change me, right after I told him that. What does that say to you Rosalie? I saw her look of anger then as I put the knife to my wrist and cut, I saw her look of horror. I smiled as I realized that even though Edward had lied to me, I mean he left and then he said he loved me. He could have at least stayed away if he didn't feel that way. But despite all that, I still loved him. I loved him from the bottom of my heart.

The last thing I heard before the darkness swallowed me was his anguished cry.


AN/ How do you like? Remember this is after New Moon. Bella and Rosalie are somewhat friends now.