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A/N: This first chapter will be from my OC's point of view and then the rest will be from a third person's point of view.


Today was my summer break and I was spending it playing games, hanging out with my friends, and you every day normal stuff, and that was the problem," 'sigh' everything these days is so boring nowadays. Everything is just one same thing after another. I just wish that there was some action once in awhile, like something like off of Vandread," I said as I lay on a hill of grass, watching the clouds go by. It was so relaxing, I just felt the need to drift off and take a bit of a nap.

Oh, did I forget to mention who I am, well the name is Taiho, Taiho Lobo. I'm half Japanese and half Mexican, currently living in the middle of the good ol' U.S. and just got done with college. I studied computers, their systems, and basically you everyday mechanics on anything that can move. Well back to what I was saying.

Usually I would dream about the wildest things, like taking down zombies one at a time with a big as bazooka while doing a tap dance. (That one made me shudder, I was creeped out) But this time was different, this one was as if I was surrounded by aqua green water and for some reason, I was breathing still. It felt like something right out of my favorite anime, Vandread.

"What the hell?" I said as I looked around, I then start to see images pop up of the episodes of Vandread,' okay, now I know I'm watching that show too much. Maybe I should watch something like…Gundam Seed or maybe a combination of them,' I then start to think of a Gundam with combination parts, thinking that this little dream would change a little.

"Hmm, let's see," I start to think what my imaginary gundam should look like," maybe the body frame and capabilities of the Destiny Gundam, those wings look hella cool on it and its basic equipment to. But without that pesky Phase Shift Armor, just the armor the Wing Zero has," then I started with the combinations," probably have mounted shoulder gatling guns like Wing Zero too, then the hands of Burning Gundam for its Burning Fingers while it still holds the beam shield. And maybe the cockpit system of it as well, that will make it easier than learning the controls, just not with the jumpsuit. I wouldn't be able to handle the suit riding up my crotch and ass, it'd be too troublesome, hehe, like a certain Nara," as I said that, I could sworn I heard someone sneezed and say something about people being troublesome talking behind his back," anything else then that, I can hardly think of anything else at the moment."

And is if on cue, the gundam of my imaginations appears in front of me, but the aqua green scenery is still around. A voice then speaks out of nowhere," this is the sword you have created and it will guide you to the ones who will need you and your sword most. You have only till tonight to be ready for the journey ahead," and then my best friend, cutting off the weird dream all of a sudden, woke me up.

"Hey, come on man. Wake your lazy ass up," Marcus said as he kicked me in my side, just for the fun of it. He was one of the few people who would tolerate me; he was black, wore black and red all the time for some reason and was quite lean. He would be though considering we do 'bodies' all the time, just for the fun of it and to train each other in our own style of combat. (When I say 'bodies', I mean basically punching the shit out of each other and keep on hitting till one of us is tired, or backs off from the game)

"Dammit man, you really didn't need to do that," what surprised when I saw him, was that he was wearing white and blue," what the occasion man, you never wear those colors."

"None of you damn business," he said in a cocky tone. That pissed me off at that moment.

"What the hells your problem? I just asked a simple question, dumbass," I then get up and step up to his face.

"And what you gonna do, huh? Not a damn thing," he said in an annoyed voice as he hardens his glare at me.

"Ass," I said to him.

"Bitch," he replied back.


"Dick sucker."





After that last comment, he did the only thing he could do at the moment…laugh ass off," ah shit man, I haven't heard that one since we watched 'How High'."

"Yea, I know, don't you just love the good ones," I said with a happy smirk on my face.

"Shit, hell ya. But time to be serious," he then looked at me straight in the eye and I could tell he didn't want to tell me, considering the sad look in them. He didn't speak for a moment, but his answer shocked me when he said it," I'm, uh, I'm moving to Texas and I won't be coming back."

Taking back by that, I try to think of a way to at least keep up our friendship up," well, we could always email each other and then there's the online games we got, so it won't be like we will forget each other," though I tried, my voice didn't sound that convinced. We both knew trying to keep up our friendship from a long distance would fail. So I did the next best thing," who am I kidding? Well, the only thing I can say to you man is good luck out there and don't forget me," he smirks and we do our little hand shake," always know that I'm always here man and that I'll always be your homie."

"That's the only thing I can ask for," he then turns to go home and pack," well I gotta go man, I'll maybe see you when you come to Texas," he then walks off without looking back.

"COUNT IT MAN, WHEN I'M THERE NEXT TIME I'LL LOOK YOU UP," I yelled out to him. Now the days just got more boring and depressing even. I was going to miss him, but it was his choice to move. So with that I walk off home, hoping that my video games will get my mind off this matter.

"I'M HOME," I call out so that my mother knows I'm in. We lived by ourselves, so it was pretty empty in a house meant for eight people. I didn't hear her say that she too was in, so I assumed she was still at work. I then quickly take a hot shower to relieve myself further of any negative thoughts. When I was done, I combed my hair and spiked the front of it; I then put on a pair of black addida with white stripes, black Dickies pants, and a white wife-beater.

When I was done with that, I went to my room and started up the ps2 to play some good games. I noticed that it was really cold in my room,' maybe I should turn up the heater…naw, I'm too lazy to do it now,' so I do the next best thing and put on a zip-up sweater that had the Dickies logo in the middle.

I played for a few hours, not noticing that a storm was brewing outside, a tornado storm that is. I didn't know it was coming straight for my house considering I was concentrated on the game more then to my surroundings. When it got close enough for me to feel I started to panic," what the fuck?!" I then look out my window and see the tornado, on its way to me," OH FUCK, I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE," but it was too late, as the tornado tore the side of the house and its winds taking hold of me. As I started to spin in the tornado, I noticed it was starting to glow, but I paid it no attention while thinking just one thing on my mind,' it's been a good life, I guess," and so I resign myself to my fate.

'It feels so weird here. For some reason, I feel my back moving and it feels like something is pushing it,' I then started to open my eyes, ready to see heaven's gates or Hell's entrance, but I didn't expect to see just a brown ceiling,' hm? What the hell? Shouldn't I be dead,' I then jump to my feet and start to feel around myself, making sure I was indeed alive. To my pleasure I was, I then look in my initial surroundings to see if there was anyone around to so that I can ask where I am. When I hear I grunt, I look down and see that I'm standing on someone," Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to…" I then look to see who I was standing on, and it truly shocked me. It was Hibiki Tokai, the dude who was an action Tenchi. (In my eyes, Hibiki is like Tenchi, only he actually takes action, then just stands around and waits for the danger to come to him)

"What the hell?" he dusts himself off and then shoots me a death glare towards me, which really doesn't affect me," who the hell are you and what are you doing here?"

"You know, I could ask you the same thing," my mind was still going out of whack at this moment,' what in the name of god is happening? This feels too real to be just some dream,' then I think of all the upcoming battle that were in the series,' or nightmare for that matter now. I don't know if I should be happy or afraid.'

He paled a bit when I asked the question, but like I know him, he gets back his cocky attitude," heh, none of you damn business?"

That comment made me flinch, as I realized that my family and my friends are all back in some other dimension, or worse, dead considering the timeline here. After that last thought, it really made me depressed. But right now, I have to focus on the here and now," if you say so man, but don't you think we should get out of here before…" once again I was cut off as the wall in behind us lifts up and makes the mechas turn to it, as if in a sound off," we get caught."

"Hey, what are third classes doing here," one of the soldiers yelled out. All of a sudden, guards were coming in to detain us.

But I wasn't going to go down without much of a fight. So as one was foolishly trying to just grab, I ducked down and punch him right in the gut, I then proceed to left uppercut right to his jaw. Seeing other coming up behind me, I take the temporarily lifted soldier by the legs and use a quick bit of strength and toss him to the two incoming soldiers. I then rushed over and jump up to stomp my feet on the two soldiers faces, thus knocking them out. Two more guards came in but were trying to close in on me by coming in from opposite sides. Like I would be cornered like that, I fought better brawls with my best bud back home. When they got close enough, I jumped high enough over their heads while grabbing onto their heads and knocked them right into each other. I scoffed at their fighting abilities; these guys were military made primarily of men? Some real pussies must've trained the future soldiers.

I saw that Hibiki wasn't going as good as me, so I rushed over to him, only to be stopped by one of the guards holding a gun," halt, if you insist on resisting us third class, we will not hesitate to kill you or your friend there," as he said that, he then cocked the gun, readying it to fire.

I don't speak, but merely nod and let them proceed to put restraints on me. Moments later, me and Hibiki are thrown in a storage room used as a cell," bastards, don't just throw us in some storage room, at least put us in a decent prison," the short stuff said in an angered voice, though I really wasn't complaining as I know what is to happen next.

That what troubled me, should I go along and just let it flow, or should I give out hints of the future and avoid some sticky situation. It did not sit well with me on having to go through the whole 'Barnette on a no trusting man-hunt', that was the one thing I definitely wanted to avoid. But I was brought out of my thoughts, as Hibiki was tapping my shoulder to get my attention.

"Hey, what the hell is wrong with you? You look like you were deep in thought," he said as he raised an eyebrow. I only assumed it wasn't only my attitude, but my clothing too that made me suspicious.

"Nothing's the matter, and yes I was thinking of something. But enough of that," I then stuck out my hand to him," Names Taiho, Taiho Lobo."

He looked at me and my hand for a sec, but quickly took it with a big smirk on his face," And my names Hibiki Tokai, Hibiki the man," he said proudly to himself.

I then look at our situation," 'sigh' looks like we won't be getting out of here anytime soon," I notice the little robot in front of our would be cell. I notice it to be Pyoro still in his robotic personality.

"Why do things always get messed up in my life," he then notice the robot too and a smirk grows on his face," uh, hey, partner," the robot then gives him his attention," why don't you be a pal and let us out of here? We were both born in a factory, so that means we're kinda like brothers, huh? Right?"

"No, we are composed of completely different materials. The term 'brother' is inappropriate," the little white robot replied back to him in a robotic voice. All the while, Hibiki was trying to bribe it while it was talking," denied, the subject is making an improper request. Instigation of escape and attempted bribery are crimes, therefore…"

"Therefore?" Hibiki asked, and so I then take one big step back from the short stuff.

"Punishment," as the robot said that, it immediately gives him a big charge of electricity.

After frying for a second, the navy haired boy glared right at the robot," What the hell do you think doing? Who do you think I am?" he yelled out angrily.

"Starting identity scan of the observed," it then went on about information already known, until a tremor occurred and had it hit the robot crash right into the laser grid.

"So, it has begun," I said under my breath, trying to get myself psyched up for anything unexpected to happen.

"What? What's going on now?" Hibiki asked, clearly confused by the situation. Shortly after he said that, an alarm went off with an announcement for the soldiers to go into battle.

After getting out of his confusion, Hibiki goes into mechanic mode and uses the robot circuitry to disengage the laser grid holding us captive," never underestimate a mechanics know how," he said, as if patting himself on the back for doing a good job.

"Yea, yea, just don't get cocky. I think that head of yours is big enough as it is," I then walk out and notice him glaring at me again," 'sigh' you really don't know when to take a jokes, do you Hibiki? Anyways, shouldn't our first priority to be getting out of here, NOW."

Stopping the little glare, he nods and we start to take off, but the short guy looks back at the robot. Not even asking, I go and pick up the little robot. He gives me a confused look, but I just nodded my head towards the door, gesturing for us to leave. He nods again and we're finally off.

We are then running down damaged halls, it looked like something out of a sci-fi scary movie," what the hells going on with this place?" he asked clearly on edge.

"Well I don't know, but one thing is for sure. We need to get out of here," I said with a bit of a lie, because I did know what was going to happen. (Duh)

As we continue running to the hangar for the vanguards, we come across a room with the paxis (don't know if that is spelled right). As soon as we make it to the middle of the bridge, an explosion occurs and sends me right into the core.

Knowledge of a whole lot of things was pouring into my mind, too fast for me to even comprehend. I didn't know how long it took me to wake from this barrage of knowledge, but I soon found myself way up near the ceiling, while standing on a beam near the paxis.

I then hear yelling down below and low and behold, it was Meia and Jura on a catwalk yelling at Dita for what she is doing.

"HEY HIBIKI," I yell out, not caring that the three see me, we needed to get to the vanguards now for protection of the nukes they're going to fire at us. The navy haired boy then looks up to see me with a grateful look in his face. I then got an idea, though as crazy as it sounded, I felt I could do it," HOLD ON FOR A SECOND THERE, I'LL JUMP DOWN TO YOU," yup, I was definitely going to do it. Don't ask my why, because I don't even know why I'm doing it.

I then leaped off and start to jump from beam to beam, on my way down to the third class citizen. When I got on the catwalk for a second, I saw the two women had shocked looks on their faces and I wouldn't blame them either; I was jumping around like a ninja from Naruto for some reason.

"Come on, we need to get to those vanguards now," he nods and we take off to the hangar of the vanguards, not even caring that the girls were there. I knew that they would be okay after this.

We then arrive in room where some vanguards were knocked out from the hangar," well, well, aren't we lucky."

"Now, where are you," he looks at the fallen vanguards individually," ah, there you are partner," he then runs to one with a mark on it lower part,

"Alright man, let's hope for the best," I then get into the seat of the cockpit and flip a switch to closed the hatch, but before it did, I yelled out," JUST DON'T DIE ON ME, OKAY," I take a quick look in his direction and see him giving me a thumbs up. Once set into the cockpit, I start to look over the controls. After looking at them all, I had one thing to say," umm, how do I start this?"

I knew I couldn't move it, so I waited for a bit for the paxis to react and save us. Though when it happened, I didn't think it would take me too, again,' does this thing like people dropping in like this,' I wondered, remembering that a lot of times Hibiki was just thrown in, as were the others every single time. As we fall, we see a giant mecha, but unlike in the series, I could vaguely make out another one. The two mechas then fire right at the nukes and we are transported to another part of the universe.

All the while, I started to have cryptic visions of the future. The visions hardly made any sense to me, as they were telling me some strange things. After that, I awoke near my new bud Hibiki, not remembering what the visions were telling me (don't worry, I'll have him remember when he sleeps next time, in the next chapter)," yo Hibiki, wake up man," after much shaking of the boy, he still didn't get up," 'sigh' you leave me no choice," I then picked him up and set him up in a certain position. I wanted to try something and see if it really had that sort of affect," here goes, Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: 1000 Years of Death," I then ram my finger right up his ass and send him flying straight into the wall, thus knocking him out," uuhh, well, I at least know that works." (That was just to be a little funny, not going to be doing Naruto moves anymore on here)

I then look at the surrounding area," heh, the paxis sure does work fast," I then thought back for a bit,' you know, I have a feeling that the paxis itself brought me here, but for what reason? The original storyline of the series had gone good, so what could my presence be needed here for?' I thought to myself. I then hear footsteps and quickly picked up Hibiki, so that we could hide.

I look over from our hiding spot and see that it's Meia scouting the area. So I decide to make my presence known to the dread team leader. So I quietly get behind her and tap her on the shoulder, which almost made me receive a punch to the face, but I dodge it with a bit a lean of my head," yo, how's it hangin'?" I asked with a happy tone. She got on guard in front of, but I raise my hand in defeat," whoa, hold on, I don't want to fight. I just wanted to surrender myself peacefully," she nodded, but could tell she was still on guard," just so you know, my bud is over there on the floor knocked out. You mind if I get him, so that you can have both of us," she hesitated for a bit, but nodded and had her ring beam aimed at me as I went to get the short guy. I soon came out and dropped him on the floor.

Soon after that, a ship came in from the outside and landed on near us. I just sat next to my bud, waiting for them to come," this is amazing," I hear old lady Magno say.

"Sorry about his captain. You had to come all the way up here," the blue haired woman said in a concerned voice.

"There's no need to apologize, I simply just wanted to this with my eye," she then looks in our direction," and who might these two males be?"

"The one wearing orange, with navy hair was the one Dita was chasing around. But the one in black, I don't know who he is," Meia explained to her captained as the old lady takes one look at Hibiki.

"It's been awhile since I last seen a man, were their face always this funny looking," she said with a questionable voice.

"'Cough' 'cough' I'm right here you know," I said with a bit of annoyance.

"You be silent, prisoner" Meia commanded to me while aiming that beam ray at me.

"Heh, whatever," I then turn my attention the captain," well, I suggest we get to somewhere we can talk, so we going to go or not?"

I saw that had a questioned look her face, most likely wondering why I was acting so casual amongst women, and that I seemed too much at ease, but I may just be reading into her face too much," not before we know what's going on with this ship and ours, so you two will be detained until we can get comfortable."

They bring me and Hibiki to the same storage room that we were held prisoner, but Hibiki was still knocked out, so I had to carry him all the way to the would be cell. Duero Mcfile was there as well, but I just gave him a nod, which he returned. I then sat down opposite of him. I could tell he was examining, trying to figure out who I was.

"My I ask as to whom you are, please?" the doctor acting as politely as he could.

"Only if you give me yours," I had to say that in order him to not get suspicious if blurted out his name later.

"Duero Mcfile," he said simply.

"Taiho Lobo," I replied back in the same way.

"So, are you an elite? I haven't seen you around here," he asked, I had kinda expected that question though.

"Naw and I'm not a third class, or whatever you guys like to discriminate people with," I said with a bit of annoyance.

"How do you perceive the rank being discriminative, I don't see what you mean?" the doctor was still trying to figure out who I am through all the questions.

"Because those who are ranked on your planet are discriminated or held with respect, and I find that to be bull," he raised an eyebrow at my explanation," like how you label third classes, they are treated like trash when one of them, or even many of them may have the potential to be something. While the ones of great rank or elite, are held with respect when they haven't done a speck of work that the third classes have, with the exception of the pilots and soldiers," with that done, I waited for his next question.

"About that, how did you learn how to fight? I was aware that no one fights like that with the style of combat you used. It was more, how do put this…brutal than the military combat we are used to," the doctor said as he still had that poker face on.

I shrugged a bit at his question," let's just say that my best bud back home and I have trained each other in combat, and that is all I'm going to say. I need rest," I then close my eyes for a bit to get a nap.

A few moments only pass until Hibiki wakes up with sweat all over his forehead, but as he got up, he hit his forehead on the shelf just above him. He most was likely going through the visions of the paxis is providing him before that happened," oh man…well it looks like we're stuck behind bars again, huh?"

"So, you're awake?" I acted to be asleep and listened to their conversation at that time.

"Whose there?" I could tell Hibiki already knew I was here, so it was only natural for him to see who else was here.

"My name is Duero Mcfile. Do you have name as well, Mr. third class citizen," I get a little angry when he said that, apparently the little speech I made didn't get through that skull.

"Don't you make fun of me, my name is Hibiki Tokai and not just another third class citizen," he said in ticked of voice. I could barely hold a chuckle; he was way too brash for his own good.

"Aside from our friend here, you were the one that also interrupted, right? How did you manage to sneak in anyway?" I could tell he had humor in his voice. From what I could tell from what I watched from the anime, this third class citizen impressed him.

"I'm sure being asked a lot of questions a lot today, anyway…" but he was cut off by the little robot that was in the room, I guess one of the women found him and threw him in with us for no apparent reason.

"Beep…beep…hm?" then all of a sudden, it popped out with arms and legs of its own," Pyoro," he then looked around confusedly," hmm, where am I? Who am I?" The little robot asked in no one particular with a normal voice.

"You've changed a bit haven't you?" Hibiki asked in a deadpanned voice," you want me to fix you or something?"

"Hey, don't make fun of me. I am not broken," the little robot yelled at him. That was when I had enough of acting and faked a yawn.

"Morning Hibiki, Duero," I waved at them with a smile and happy voice.

They were about to say something to until BC came into view and scared the pants off Hibiki," w-women! What do you plan to do to me? What are we doing here?"

"Try to calm down, this is the safest place for you right now," the platinum haired 'woman' said, I still couldn't believe that she was a he. I almost puked when I heard that, but I bet it made Bart feel worse than anyone else when he found out.

"Sure you say that, but you wanna eat my guts," he bluntly said to her.

"Eat your guts?" she then got a confused look on her face and the girls behind could hardly hold in their laughter, which I gave a bit of a chuckle as well. When I did, she looked straight me, kind of surprised that I am not acting like him, but also laughing at what he said.

"Hibiki, please. Do you honestly that they are capable of that?" he then looks at like I have gone totally nuts.

"What the hell are you talking about? These are women, they'll chop us up into pieces and eat us all," he said with fear in voice.

"From what I can tell by looking at them and the smell they carry, they definitely eat meat, but not human. So calm your ass down," I then push him off of me so I could look at BC," now I assume that we will be interrogated now."

"Hmm, looks like someone is very perceptive, a rare trait in men," she said with a smirk on her face.

'Yea, where you come from maybe; but back at home, those ones are just plain out assholes,' I thought. We then walk out to a room, though I'm not sure as to what room it is. While we do so, something started to nag at my mind as if I forgot something. I then look at Hibiki, at that moment I remembered what was on my mind. I try to stop him in time but it was too late.

"What' in there?" he asked himself as he poked the girls butt and received one hell of a hard slap from her.

When we got to the room, I was still in the chair laughing my ass off at the still red and raw handprint delivered by the girl. I don't know why I tried to stop it, it was actually funnier when you see it in person and I gotta tell ya, that was hella funny.

"Jeez, what was that for?" he said as he rubbed the red handprint he had from the girl.

"It was because you were being rude to a lady," the little robot said in a lectured voice.

"Hey, I don't even know what the hell you're talking about," he yelled at the robot and then sent a glare in my direction as I was still having my laughs," and what is so damn funny?"

"Hahahaha, oooh, well Pyoro is right, you should be more respectful towards women," the two just sit their with their mouths wide open," and trust me, if your not, you'd be wishing they eat you alive."

Hibiki was about to say something, but a new visitor arrived, two to be exact. The first not being a surprise which was Meia, but the other was the future helmsman of the ship, Bart. (forgot his last name)

"What's up? Found another one?" BC asked the dread team leader.

"Yes, he was trying to hide in the platform," she said in you usual soldier, I decided right then that I should at least try to lighten her mood a little, maybe at least a smidge.

"Hehehe, hey comrades, glad to see ya here," Bart said in a nervous tone with his hand behind his head, while also trying to keep up a smile.

"My goodness, I see you all have rounded up the prisoners, but there all just kids," the captain of the pirates said maker her presence known in the room.

"Hey, hey," the little robot says as it bounces towards her," time to interrogate! I'll tell you everything," it said enthusiastically.

"Oh, how nostalgic, a navi-robot. And this one still seems to function I see," the old says with a happy voice as she sees the Pyoro.

"I'm not following this?" the doctor asked, as he was confused as to how she knew what it was and anything else.

"This is a men's ship, isn't it?!" the navy hair boy asked, still freaked out about being around this many women.

"Yes, but before that, it was used for colonization," all three of them get shocked faces when they hear this, but I just sat there without a care in the world," you really don't know anything do you? This old ship was one of a fleet that departed from a planet called Earth to colonize. Of course, this happened a very long time ago before you fathers were born. Unfortunately, your cowardly grandfathers severed this section and ran away into the night."

The little robot then spoke up to continue the explanation," they overhauled the old battleship and added residential quarters."

"And now we find ourselves back in this battleship, this is our business you know," she said with happy voice that meant trouble for them," so we'll gladly take this ship. But the problem is what are we supposed to do with you guys."

"We should get rid of them, things are already unstable enough," Meia said as she kept Bart in line with the ring beam. I let out a bit of a chuckle at that moment, she then turns her attention to me," is something funny?" she asked in a slightly angered voice.

"Well in a sense, yea," I then open my eyes to look right at her, I had to admit, and she was fine as hell. Things always seem different when you see them up close, but right now wasn't the time for that," do you always have to have that attitude of yours up? I know if you let a smile on that face, a lot of guys where I come from would jump at the chance to be with ya," I said with a smirk on my face, I then see the look of shock on everyone's faces," now if you guys are done gawking, we have some things to discuss, don't we?" I then turn back to my thoughts,' man, these guys need to lighten up, though I can't blame them. They haven't seen men and women live with each other for centuries and a guy like me just pops up and tries to hook up with an enemy that they believe is evil,' I let out a bit of a chuckle at that moment.

After being done with her little shock, old lady mango looked right at me, most likely making a note to talk to me later," so let me guess, the tall one with long black hair is a doctor, but what about the little one and our weird fellow over here," I scoff what she says about me, I've been called a whole lot worse than that so I really didn't faze me.

"They're both attackers," the dread team leader says, she then shoots me a death glare for acting the way did earlier, but I pay it no mind. I saw Hibiki was about to protest, but Bart elbows him in the midsection, shutting up the little guy and has him cursing at the blond man," I happen to see them climb into two of the man shaped machines."

Hibiki was about to protest, but I cut him off," yea, were pilots. But we're still rookies, so we don't have much experience in those machines," I then give him a look that says 'just go with the flow'; he sees it and reluctantly nods. BC then receives a report,' so it's already up to that point, huh?' I thought as she tries to find out who this new enemy is.

The whole ship shakes from the attack of the harvesters, at that moment Meia goes into action and went to get the dreads to fight, while BC tries to find out the progress Parfet is making on the paxis and the ship. Magno then orders for her to take care of the bridge, but then the wall near one of the guards collapses on them, thus knocking her out.

"Hang on, I'll get you out," the second guard said as she neared her with tears in her eyes.

"Don't move her," Duero then jumps over the seat and goes to the knocked out woman," don't worry I'm a doctor, I just want to look at my patient," he said as he gave a reassuring smile to the second guard," now come on, help me with this, carefully."

I then took my chance, hoping this would work," seeing how we're in this situation, I suggest we get as much man power out there, excuse more for the pun though," I said as I shrugged at what I said about 'man' power.

"What do you suggest?" old lady Magno asks while raising an eyebrow at me.

"Well, let me and Hibiki fight in our vanguards, so that we all live to fight another day. Afterwards, you can deal with us however you want," I suggested as I put on a calm face and voice," it would definitely be beneficial that we all survive this, so what do you say?"

She pondered for a bit, but she gave in," very well," she then turned to BC," BC, take these two to the Hangar and get them to their machines."

She nods at her captain and then looks at us," come on you two let's go."

We all run, while everyone does their thing in what they do best. We stop midway to the hangar, because it seemed that Hibiki was having a tough time deciding on what to do," uh Taiho, I don't know if I can do this," I then look at him with understanding face," I'm just not that sort of fighter, I just…" but I cut him off.

"Are you going to keep running away when the situation calls for it," he then looks right at me, with a shocked look on his face," don't you want to help these women, to protect their lives and live? Don't you want to change into someone you can be proud of, instead off someone who runs from his problems like some coward," I then give him sincere face," now is your chance to show that you have the power to become someone that is more than his title. So are you with me?" I then put my hand in front of him to shake.

He looks at me with a little admiration at that moment and proudly took my hand and shook it," you bet…partner," I chuckled at what he called me.

BC smirks at what I said," well seeing as how you two feel that way," she then holds out a device and then presses a button. The restraints that were on us then fell of our wrists and fall to the ground," go and give them hell you two," we both nod and run off to get to our mechs.

Once we get there, we see Hibiki's vanguard their on its back. The navy haired boy then walks up to his machine and puts hand on where he put the mark on it," whoa, you sure have changed partner," he then got a smirk on his face," and I'm going to do the same."

I start to look for the vanguard I was in myself, I then notice a whole in the wall that was really big, most likely my mech was thrown through there and was most likely damaged. I go in through the hole and walk what appeared to be a catwalk made from the paxis. I then happen upon a wall and skim around for a switch. When I find one, I flip it and the light slowly came on, but what I saw shocked me beyond belief.

"D-Destiny Gundam?!" I said under my breath, I then walk up to the giant mech and take a closer look at it. I find out it isn't the actual mobile suit, it was the one I had a thought up awhile back. Though its color scheme was definitely different, it was almost totally black, with red tribal marking going over it for design,' heh, it had to be red and black. Just like you Marcus,' I then jump up to get into the cockpit and notice it was just like I thought it up, the cockpit was just like off the G gundam series.

When I get in, I start to wonder how I'm going to move it without the pesky jumpsuit, but then some weird looking band latch onto me. At first I got scare as to what would happen, but when nothing happen, I looked what was on me. The bands were latched on to my wrists, shoulders, neck, forehead, waist, and ankles. Most likely for me to move my new gundam's movements; so I test it out by lifting up my hand and the gundam does it just like I did. After checking all of my movements and the gundams movements, I was about to call the bridge on the communicator I found in it, but a yell came and stopped me.

"WHAT THE HELL?! HOW COME YOUR PARTNER IS THAT BIG? 1" I barely caught myself before I took off and looked to see Hibiki in his mech. A screen showing it to be him with a pissed off face, comes up on my 360 degree vision screen.

"Look we don't have time to size up our guns here, we need to get going dammit," I then turn on the communicator for the bridge," bridge, this Taiho Lobo, do you read me."

"This is BC, what is it that you need?" she asks as her voice crackles a bit from the communication.

"I would like it if you open the hatches for our individual machines," I said in a professional voice.

"Will do," I then hear her command them do what I asked for," there you go, now go out there and take out as many of them as you can, good luck."

I then hear Hibiki take off without a word, but I wanted to let them know I launched and decided to do it in a way the characters off of the Gundam Seed series do," Taiho Lobo, in," I then think of a good name for my mech and a smile crosses my face," Dark Angel, LAUNCHING," and with that I took off to my first space mech battle, and hopefully not my last.

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