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After the last mission had occurred, a lot of people had to rethink about there abilities. Not so much change, but to improve them, so that something similar to that situation would allow them to truly help those in need of them. The one who took the change the most was Bart, who had shaved his head bald, in memory of the girl, Shirley. The reason for cutting his hair was because of her and that she didn't finish putting the hair on her doll, which was in likeness of him now more than ever, with the doll itself being worn around his neck like a necklace.

When Taiho asked how he was doing two days after the mission, he replied he felt a little bit better than he did before with the words Magno gave him. He also slipped out saying that Jura had stood by his side the whole day yesterday, saying words of encouragement to him. That made Taiho smile as he felt the bonds between the two were now starting to solidify.

Right now though, we find Taiho and Hibiki sparring in the gym of the Immortal Purpose. The Sparring Room that was made by Parfet had a similar way of increasing gravity on the show Taiho liked on one of his many anime series, Dragon Ball Z. Taiho had requested Parfet to make it and she did so, although not without giving a bit of warning and worry to Taiho about going too far with it. Though Taiho didn't expect much from the gravity, he decided to go slow and went up to five times normal gravity, he still felt the sores for at least a weak. The reason for having to build this room was for two reason. One was for the training purposes of course, and secondly, was for when Hibiki had to face the leader of the Harvesters at the end of this journey of theirs, since the kid himself had almost broke Hibiki in two by suddenly increasing the gravity within the area he was in.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand to where we see the two sparring at least three times normal gravity.

Hibiki had said he had wanted to see how the Immortal Purpose looked like on the inside. Although what he said was true, Taiho knew Hibiki was just trying to avoid Dita from asking him to keep his promise. Taiho mentally shook his head, thinking that only prolonging such a promise would only make things worse for him than they should be.

Hibiki though, was also there for a third reason. He needed to let off some steam because he couldn't shake off the feeling that something bad was going to happen. Not just him, but that annoying girl seemed to be involved somehow. Oh he knew he should worry about everyone else, but with the team they had with them, it was hard to do so.

Taiho and Meia had each other's backs so well, it was as if they were telepathically linked to each other. Just remembering the times they would answer the same question at the same time and copy each other's thoughts and moves sometimes would confirm his suspicions sometimes. It sometime gets to the point where it was a bit creepy.

Marcus and Barnette would cover each other, although both would say it wasn't intentional, he suspected it was just something of a like-hate friendship.

Jura, well, she was as experienced as Meia and Barnette.

So, he had the right to feel at least a little worried about the troublesome girl.

So with all this in mind, he needed to let off some steam. What better way then train with someone who was your sensei, right?

Just as Hibiki was about to go for an opening on his midsection, Taiho blocked the attack easily and countered by latching onto the said blocked hand and repeatedly kick him in the face, chest, and stomach. When Taiho got enough hits, he grip Hibiki's head with his free hand and rolled him along with himself on the floor. When both were about to go for another roll, Taiho kick him in the face again, sending him back down on the floor. Taiho then flipped back up onto his feet.

Taiho then looked back down to his student, and saw him holding his face in pain. Shaking his head a bit, he clapped twice to get his attention, if Hibiki could at the moment, and turned off the gravity automatically," alright, I think we've done enough sparring for now."

Hibiki painfully got back up and had a bit of bruise on his nose," what you call a spar now is a plain all-out fight, what happened to the spars we used to have?" Hibiki complained as he rubbed his nose a bit, only to wince in pain a bit.

"Direct some Ki to the injured parts of your body," Taiho commanded calmly. He waited for a minute as Hibiki did as he was told, so that he partially heal and dull the pain on his body. When he was satisfied with the silence that was in the room, he spoke," those spars were to help you get used to fighting. These 'spars'," he quoted to Hibiki," are meant to be all-out, if I didn't fight you without giving some level that was definitely higher than yours, then how are you going to get stronger. The more tougher the opponent, the stronger your urge to become stronger than they are should be," he then gave a smirk to the navy haired man," that's how the life of a martial artist is, to find a true challenge and make that challenge pit it against your everything."

Hibiki thought about it and had to agree. It wouldn't be much of a battle if your opponents were just weak. I mean, sure it would mean you won the fight easily, but where was the fun if your opponent was out in one strike after the fight. If anything, he too would like to fight someone who was stronger than him. That thought brought him to only one man he knew other than his sensei,' Rabat,' he thought scornfully, before he shook his head a bit to clear his thoughts of that guy.

Just as Hibiki was about to speak, they hear Taiho's watch beep, meaning he was getting a call. Taiho could only shake his head slightly,' will the wonders of technology ever cease,' he thought as he looked at the still beeping watch. Taiho then hit the 'send' button to receive the call and soon enough, Meia's face came up on its monitor," hey honey, what's up?" he asked with bright smile.

Getting a small smile on her face, she shook her head a bit to get her good feelings down for the moment and adopted her professional face," I'm informing you that BC has requested yours and Hibiki's assistance to go to the mission up ahead of us."

"I see, we'll be coming over to the Nirvana as quickly as possible. It'd better if we meet there instead in the mission, be sure to pass that onto BC, okay?" Taiho asked as he looked back to see Hibiki already on his way to get changed into some clean clothes.

"Roger," she confirmed to him to," stay safe, Taiho," she said to him in a caring tone before ending the call. Taiho smiled and walked towards the locker room to get his clean clothes back on.

As soon as the two got their clean clothes one, they made their way back onto the Nirvana. As soon as they land, they spot the group that was heading the mission. Taiho looks around for BC and sees her talking to Gascogne you," hey guys," he greets them all.

"Hey," BC greets back.

"How's it going?" Gascogne says with her usual smirk.

"Good to see ya, Taiho," Barnette says as she puts down some suit case of guns.

"Nice to see you, Taiho," Jura said in usual alluring tone.

"Whats up?" Parfet says her two cents.

Looking at all of who was there, he knew that these were the ones to go into the mission, but he had to act the part, so he asked," so are these the only ones coming," he asked with fake curiosity.

"Yes, Parfet, Gascogne, and you will help repair any equipment they want fixed. Barnette, Jura, Hibiki, and Myself will take guarding points around you all," she then turned to him with a knowing smirk," but knowing you, you'll double as bodyguard yourself, even more so with that," she said as she gestured to the unextended sword's hilt just poking behind his right shoulder.

Taiho just shrugged with a smirk of his own on his face," doesn't hurt to be prepared. Besides, even if they disarm me, they'll still have quite a bit of trouble facing off against me in hand-to-hand combat," he said while the others couldn't help but agree with that point.

Jura looks from the conversation to her best friend," hey, what's going on, Barnette? What the hell do you plan to do with an old thing like that?" she asked as she eyed the M-16 rifle that had a grenade launcher added onto it. Taiho also noticed she had brought what he got her for christmas, the mini-gun.

Barnette just grinned at her with a look of anticapication," well, you know, there's a chance we'll get to see some close quarters combat."

"I suggest you don't bring that mini-gun with you on this mission though Barnette," Taiho commented.

"What?! Why?" she asked like a her mom just took her favorite candy away from her.

"Because we'll be walking around a station full of hostiles that could spring up on you at a moments notice. With a big piece of steel like that, you won't get much time to aim and shoot," he saw she was about to protest about that and cut her off before she did," even if you could get an aim in time, there'll be the time you have to wait for it to spin and shoot, leaving time for those who get behind you to stop you before you can even get a shot," Taiho then shook his head and added," besides, I don't think such heavy artillery will be needed on such a mission. Just take what you were originally going to take and leave the mini-gun on this ship, take as an order from you sub-leader, Barnette."

"Bu-bu-but," Barnette pleaded with a sad look on her face before she hung her head and siad," yes sub-leader," she said in resignation, muttering about how unfair he was being.

"Alright people, remember, we should evade any unnecessary conflict," BC informed them. Everyone nodded, but Barnette sighed at being drained out of the fun of fighting.

Out nowhere, a pop up screen appeared beside Gascogne, showing Dita in her Dread," are you going to need a guard ship too?" she asked happily as she brought her Dread close to where they would take off from in space," I'm standing by."

"You're standing by?" Gascogne repeated a little smugly with her ever-present smirk," it looks like you already out there to me," she commented dryly to her.

"It should be fine, it'll be less trouble then leaving them here," BC said as she looked at Hibiki and Dita in particular.

"THAT'S TRUE," Gasco and Pyoro said together.

"Hey, what was that, did you guys say something?" Hibiki asked in suspicion to them.

"Nevermind, let's just go guys," Taiho said as everyone nodded and got on board the extra ship.

As soon as the two ships docked onto the mission, Barnette and Taiho quickly went to the sides of the doors. Barnette got a handgun out while Taiho extended the sword he brought it all the way out and held it out, ready for any sort of attack. Everyone stood behind Taiho, who looked towards Barnette. He heard and saw her take the safety off her handgun and nodded to her, who returned gesture. He then pressed his palm on the switch of the door and opened. The two of them then jumped towards the center in ready, with Taiho crouched down with his sword held at a ready stance while Barnette had hers pointed over his head, ready to give him any long range support at any time.

There, in front of them, were variety of people with makeshift weapons. Some old, some young, different colors, and the looks on their faces varied from wary to lecherous. Behind them seemed to be people resting in makeshift beds. In them were parents with their children, old people who couldn't help themselves and were sick, or some of them just plain out sick.

As the two came down slowly, Barnette called out to the group that seemed to want them ill will," STAY WHERE YOU ARE, IF YOU COME ANY CLOSER, I'LL SHOOT!" she warned them as Taiho just stood by and kept his sword at a ready.

"Well, what a palace," Gascogne said sarcastically as she looked at what the condition the mission was in.

As they made their way to person who ran the mission, they noted that the place was in some real disrepair as circuits seemed to flash with electricity, water pipes leaking out so much water and wasting it and temperature at a all time high that it felt like a sauna if the steam in the air was any indication," wow, this place is indeed in need of some repair work," Parfet said as she looked around.

In the back, Hibiki, Dita, and Pyoro looked around," wow, amazing," Dita said as she was about to take a picture of the place.

Hibiki saw this and stopped her as he forced her to put her camera down," stop it you idiot, jeez!"

"How come?" she asked innocently.

"He's just scared about everything," Pyoro commented to her.

"You don't even know what the hell your talking about, so shut it," Hibiki retorted to the annoying floating bot.

As the group made to a set of stair, the looked up to see the man who BC had contacted to board the ship. A thug by the look of him, since he had mostly black clothes, impressive build, but had a shaved head and his eyebrows seemed to be shaved as well," this way," he said as he gestured with his head towards the back of him as he turned and left, fully expecting the group to follow.

As the group made their way to follow the man, the crowd seemed to take this moment to make wolf calls and insults to them, mostly wolf calls since the group consisted of some lovely woman,' if only they knew what BC was, then I wonder what they would say,' he thought as he mentally snickered as he imagined the troubled expressions on the male faces of this mission.

Looking back, he saw that Hibiki, Dita, and Pyoro stopped in front of a kid. Remembering this, he walked up to them and got in front of the little girl that had a scowl on her face. He remembered how Hibiki had embarrassed himself to this kid, so he opted to save him just this once. He waved of Hibiki and let him know he would handle. Seeing the stubborn look in the little girls eyes, he chuckled as he put his long blade on his shoulder, much like how Ichigo and Inuyasha do with their blades.

"What's up kid?" he said as he tried his best to convey through his eyes that he was a real good guy to the girl. The look on the girls face seemed to soften a bit, but she still had the scowl on it.

"What's it to you?" she snapped back.

Taiho just shook his head with a smile on his face and ruffled her hair with his free hand," no need to be snappy," he then dropped his hand down and gave a soft and genuine smile," were here to help, honest."

The girl tilted her head in wonder," really?" she asked as if she hadn't seen someone as kind as him from before.

Taiho just smile and nodded," well, we gotta go, come on guys," he said as he got up and walked away with the other three," take care kid," he said as he waved back to the little girl.

Back on the Nirvana, Duero and Meia were looking at an analysis of the mission," looks like we don't have to worry, other than the sign of life forms, there's nothing too suspicious on this mission."

"What about their weapons, or defense systems?" Meia asked as she then looked towards the doctor," I want to know who they are and what they're up to?"

"That's something I'd like to know as well," he agreed to her.

"It really doesn't look like much to me," Marcus said as he suddenly came up between them and made them jump back a bit," I'd say these guys are only trying to survive."

"MARCUS-HONEY," Mistly called out as she dove in for a glomp.

"Miss," he commented as he quickly ducked as she flew over him and crashed onto the floor. He quickly got up and dusted himself off.

"Why would you say that Marcus," Meia asked as she ignored what just happened.

"Well," he started as he pointed out some areas where the hulls of the mission had holes," the damage on the mission isn't from the meteorites close by, rather, they seemed to be from a fight from outside. And we know who would be the most likely candidates to try and break in a mission full of people," he said as he hinted towards who.

"The Harvesters," the doctor confirmed as Marcus nodded.

"So, these people must be trying to hide from the Harvesters and trying to survive as they best they can," Meia surmised as she looked at the condition of the mission herself. And from the looks of it, it didn't seem good for them.

"Yeah, well, we could-AAAGHH," Marcus yelped as he got sneaked glomped by Misty and was trying to pry the girl off," GET-OFF-OF-ME," he yelled to the girl, but he didn't seem to be getting to the girl.

Back on the mission, the group finally came to a stop in a dark room. There was a moment of silence before a they were place in some spotlights that blinded them for a bit. Their vision showed that they had been led into a steel cage meant for pit-fights. As they looked around, many people were in the stands and were cheering, cheering for blood it seemed.

"I want to speak to your leader, who's in charge here?" BC asked as she was getting tired of this.

A arrogant laugh made them look up to see a long purple haired woman with a red jumpsuit and a single fluffy scarf around her shoulders, sitting lazily on chair high above them, seemingly making herself feel like she was a queen of some sort," well, we got some rather rambunctious guest here," she drawled to herself than to them," looks like it's gonna be lots of fun, hmhm."

"So, are you the leader of this place?" BC asked to the woman above them.

"I don't know if I would call myself that," she admitted," but so far, there doesn't seemed to be a guy in here who has the guts to go up against me, right Patch?" she asked to the bald thug beside, who was the one who led the group to where they are now.

He turned to her and got a humble look on his face," of course, it's suicide to go up against the likes of you, Miss Liz," there were laughs of agreement at this, these laughs seemingly to taunt the group from the Nirvana.

"So, Patch, who are these strangers?" Liz asked the thug looked back down at them as if they weren't worth her time.

"Well, they're, uh," he didn't seem to know himself at the moment.

"We come from a planet called Mejale," BC informed her.

"Heh, our guest come from behind the great magnetic storm?" Liz asked to herself than to them, again," well, it's no wonder you don't know how to talk," she drawled her insult to them.

"Magnetic storm?" Parfet questioned in wonder.

"Well alright, it looks they know all about us now. It's no shocker they'd tease us a little," Gascogne said as she kept herself ready for anything at the moment.

Taiho was getting fed up and opted to get things done," look, we don't want no trouble here, we just want to resupply our goods, and a get some good rest. In return, we'll help you guys out with the repairs around here and give our technical know-how," But Taiho knew she wouldn't want that, he just want to at least say something at the least.

"Hmhmhm, thanks, but it's not like were in any trouble now," Liz then looked down at the group with a dangerous glint in her eyes," we are short on entertainment though."

"I'm not quite sure I know where you getting at," BC replied to the women before them.

"From the way she's saying it, she wants us to fight for what we want," Taiho commented," 'the weak bow to the strong' is what I'm getting off the way she moves," he added as the purpled haired women chuckled a bit.

"It seems your friend there is quite perceptive," Liz said with a smirk on her face.

"Is that so?" BC narrowed her eyes a bit as she ignored Liz's last words.

"How about six against six?" Liz offered," I'll give you what you want, even if only one of you is victorious," she said smugly to them.

"That's fine by me, I've been training real hard, so who wants some now," Hibiki challenged as he got ready for some action.

"You'd be wasting your time with these weaklings Hibiki, stand down," Taiho said calmly as he had his arms with his sword unextended behind his back, giving him the look of someone you don't want to mess with," besides," he then looked at BC and smirked," I think BC wants to spread her legs a bit and have her own fun for a bit."

"You're right Taiho," BC nodded with a smile on her face," how about we cut to the chase and have a fight between representatives?" she offered to the woman above them. Liz just hmphed to her," and it seems that would make you my opponent?" she said with her own smug smirk.

"That suits me just fine," Liz exclaimed as she stood proudly to the challenge.

"But Miss Liz," Patch wanted to protest, but it fell on deaf ears.

"Anything other than projectiles is fine by me," Liz said as she said her stipulations.

"No need to worry about that," BC said as she brought out a whip.

"What does think she'll be able to do with that," Hibiki asked to no one in particular.

"Oh you'll see," Taiho said as he smirked a bit,' she must be into that sort of stuff,' Taiho thought with a shudder.

"It fits her so well, its scary," Pyoro commented as she shuddered a bit himself.

"It's been quite awhile since BC has brought that old thing out," Gascogne commented herself. Taiho took two steps away from her at that comment.

BC unraveled her whip and snapped it in testing," so friend, tell me, when does the bell ring?" she asked in a mocking fashion. Everyone took that as a hint to leave the arena now, and so they did. And not a moment too soon as Liz started to come down from her high ground by having the part around her chair lower down like an elevator to the arena.

"You know what bugs more than anything else in the whole world?" Liz asked as she slowly came down to the floor.

"Oh, and what would that be?" BC asked with an all knowing smirk. Taiho just shook his head at the man-in-a-woman's body's attitude, she was really confident, that person.

"Someone like," Liz began as she pulled out and flipped out a cylinder, which turned into a saber when she caught it," a smug little expression like yours," she sneered at BC as she pointed the saber at her.

"That's well put, but I'm going to have to put those words back at ya," BC countered back to Liz.

Taiho couldn't resist but say," OH! BURN!"

Liz glared at the chuckling group, but mainly the laughing Taiho, before she turned back to BC," and the first thing to go is that snotty mouth of yours," she said as she sprang into action, intent on giving BC a piece of her mind, not to mention her end of a lightsaber.

Back on the Nirvana, the group made further analysis on the mission," even from looking from the outside, the defense system is riddle with faults," the doctor said.

"It seems that the damage has also given their radar some blind spots too," Meia said as she looked over the condition of their sensors.

"It's as we surmised earlier, these inhabitants didn't choose to live here," Duero said as she looked at the condition of the station himself.

Meia narrowed her eyes as she saw something on the schematics," hey, take a look at that," she said as she pointed to the middle of the middle of the mission.

Marcus choose to speak at this moment, not wanting to be left out of the conversation," it looks like they got in scrap not too long ago," he said as he got used to Misty's weight on his shoulders, who was still clinging onto him like a vice grip,' when will she let go,' he thought as he mentally cried a twin stream of tears down his eyes.

"Than that mean those people in that mission are also fighting for something, doesn't it?" Misty asked the group, as she looked downcast at the plight of these peoples lives now.

They then started to hear a blip," what's going on?" Paiway asks. Marcus looks at the screen and looks at Meia, they both nodded as they rush out the door, with Meia calling for Dread pilots to hurry to their Dreads.

"I could do better," Hibiki commented as he looked at the two fighting in the arena. It had been at least five minutes since the two fought and Hibiki, suffice to say, was bored out of his mind. The Liz women's sword strikes could have easily been evaded and gotten at least a hundred punches in before the end of thirty seconds. BC strikes with her whip, while looking painful, could be used against her. Like let's say the opponents threshold on pain was a lot higher than her, like Taiho, the opponent could have just waited for the right moment and let the whip wrap around the opponent's arm and pull BC in to give her good shot to the face and proceed to beat the shit out of her before she recovered from the fast force of such a punch.

"They're not martial artist like us Hibiki, they haven't had the sort of training we've had," Taiho said as he continued to watch. He then saw it was getting close for a certain part of the fight to occur and looked over his shoulder to the thug named Patch, who was standing a little too close to a certain wall," I'll be right back," Taiho said as he got up and disappeared into the roaring crowd before Hibiki could protest.

Back in the pit fight, Liz quickly threw four throwing knives towards BC, who deflected them with the quick usage of her whip. But one got past her defenses and cut her cheek, drawing out a small line of blood. The group, besides Hibiki, gasped and wondered if she was okay. BC just smirked and showed her face, letting Liz know it didn't bother her one bit.

"Heh, I'll say you're very entertaining, I'll give you that much," Liz said with a confident smirk as she held her beam blade at a ready.

"I'm certainly glad you having fun, shall I show you a few more tricks," BC retorted back to her.

BC's seemingly invincible smug attitude was now really starting to grill Liza's nerves," how DARE YOU!!" she exclaimed as she charged foolishly towards BC.

"Not a smart move," Hibiki observed as he saw BC dodge the overhead strike and make her whip wrap around Liza's ankle like a snake. BC then pulled back pulled back and tripped her.

Patch was just about to press the button for the booby trap in the arena when he felt the hot edge point of steel close to his neck. He looked to his side and saw the black clad male with a sword extended with a beam going from the top of the sword to the guard of it, leaving a good portion of steel cutting edge at the tip of the sword.

"Now, now, let's not interfere in this cat fight," Taiho said as he started to move the cutting edge of the sword to the beam of it towards his neck," shall we?" he asked all to pleasantly.

Patch nodded nervously and knew this guy wasn't bluffing. He watch in dismay as the dark skinned and silver haired woman have Liza at her mercy with a knife to her throat, most likely picked up during her dash towards the woman.

"Well, well, I thought I'd never see that day you'd lose Liz," a familiar voice called out into the arena. Everyone in the room looked at the where the voice came from and the group from the Nirvana knew instantly who it was.


"Rabat?" Liz asked quietly to herself as she blushed a bit. Taiho quirked and eyebrow as he saw her mouth his name. Whatever history those two had with each other must have been real sweet for her to keep her feelings for him for so long, if he remembered how many times they tried to hook up from what he remembered from this episode that gleaned on their past, as much.

Still, he shrugged as he put his sword back to where it was and walked back to his group.

"Mr. Storemaster?" Dita asked a little bit a unclear as to who it was.

"It's that guy," Parfet commented.

"It's been a long time, nice to see you doing something interesting for a change," Rabat said outloud to everyone, but mostly directed to Liz. He then looked over to Taiho and Patch," nice work on stopping Patch kid, at least you made the fight fair," he commented and only got a shrug in return. He looked from the Gundam pilot to Nirvana group and noted Hibiki's fiery glare that was set on him. He seemed amused by it, but also knew he would have to truly tread carefully around the boy, seeing as how he might of really jumped in skill since he last saw him.

Looking longningly at the man, Liz suddenly blushed and looked back and forth between BC, who had gotten up with her, and Rabat. Seeing as how she needed to keep her image, she yelled out at him," HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE ANYWAY?!" she asked with anger, but was kind of ruined with the blush still on her face.

Utan growled at the woman's demandings, but stopped as Rabat held his hand out to the female ape," the security is full of undefended areas, sort of like you swordsmanship," he joked as he kept the smirk on his face.

She growled a bit at the comment," how many times do you have to piss me off before your satisfied?"

Rabat would actually looked thoughtful, if it wasn't for the playfulness that was still etched onto his face," good question, I haven't bothered to count before," Liza growled some more and was about to snap at him, but she was interrupted by alarms blaring out in the mission.

"What's that?" Dita asked worriedly.

'Looks like it time for flying rejects of jelly to be here,' Taiho thought as he pulled out his sword and extended it fully, but not bothering to activate the beam since the enemy could absorb such energy.

Outside of the mission, Harvesters launched capsule like missiles at the Mission. When the missiles made contact, the front of the missiles burned and melted the protective layer of metal and release floating green gelatin-like creatures into the mission.

"Ooohhh, they're breaching the hull simultaneously from all different sectors," Parfet informed everyone in a worried tone.

"What's going on now?" BC asked Liz.

"You can just leave them alone," She answered.

"These are refugees who have likely escaped the harvest," Rabat explained to the Nirvana group. They looked a little bit shocked at that news, except Taiho of course," in other words, they're a group of outcasts who have been run off from their worlds. They have wandered aimlessly until they've banded together in this rundown dump of a mission here."

"Just when we manage to forget, they come and bother us again," Patch said with heat in his voice," as if they were playing with us."

"Commander!" BC looked over to Parfet, who looked particularly worriedd," it's almost like they can smell us, they're moving very fast and are heading this way."

"What the safest area in this mission?" Taiho asked as he took on his role as leader, if only one that was second in command to Meia.

"I guess...the central control room would be the best place," Patch answered honestly.

"Alright, take all the civilians there now, make sure the elderly, woman, and children are the first priority to get there. The able body men should help those who are too weak to move that area now," Taiho ordered to the man, who nodded in return and started to organize everyone to leave. Taiho then turned to the Nirvana group.

"Gascogne, Parfet," the two looked at him, waiting to see what he would say," you two help out Patch here and make sure the civilians make it to the central control room as safely as possible," the two nodded in confirmation.

"Barnette, Jura, and BC," he looked to the three women," you three ladies will help me stave off the enemy to make sure the civilians stay safe. Our job is to stall them," he said with a firm voice of order, but also added," but if we have the chance to push them back and defeat them, let's not waste it."

He didn't wait for them to nod in confirmation as he immediately turned to last of the group," Dita and Hibiki, you two will go back to your respective mechs and get out there to get rid us of the Harvesters out there," he then turned to the little floating robot," Pyoro, lead them safely to the hangar so that they can get out there and fight."

"Alright, time for some action," Hibiki said with some excitement in his voice.

"But I'm not sure if there's a safe way to get there," Pyoro said to the short navy haired man, as he showed the layout of the mission to him. What it showed was the enemy was every where on the map.

He flinched away at all the red blips on the skin," ah, no way!"

"You all have what I've just assigned, LET'S GO!" Taiho exclaimed to everyone, who rushed off to do their assignments. BC looked at Taiho's back, who was leading them to where most of them enemy was, she wondered if she should be mad or impressed with how Taiho controlled the situation. Mad for taking control of what should have been her to lead and order about, or impressed at how he took the role so well and ordered those best suited to do their jobs. But she shook her head and upped her pace to keep up with the Gundam pilot.

Outside in space, the Nirvana had already launched their Dreads, with Meia in the lead. Not a second later, Marcus came flying out of the Immortal Purpose in his Angelic Byakko Gundam, in all of its winged glory. Marcus looked to see what enemy they were facing and it was of course the Harvesters, but it seemed the Dark Army soldiers were back.

Marcus turned backed and opened communications with the Immortal Purpose," now, as usual, back up the Nirvana and get some of your own shots in, okay guys?" he asked with a grin.

"WERE GIRLS," they all exclaimed, which made his head ring a bit from the volume.

Meia just shook her head at the black males antics," everyone, divert the enemies toward us. Get them as far away from the mission as you can," she ordered and received a unanimous 'Roger' in return, as they all blasted off towards the enemy.

Back within the mission, Taiho, BC, Barnette, and Jura were getting ready for the enemies entrance. BC held up her the hand held device that showed where the enemy was in the mission," here they come," BC announced to Barnette and Jura, who were the shooters up front. While Taiho and BC were in the back, ready to give some close range back up support, just in case the enemy got too close.

As they waited, Barnette readied her weapon while Jura held a four ring laser in her fist, ready to fire at a moment notice. After a moments silence, the light above the door turned red, signifying it opening. When it did open, out came a legion of floating rejects of green jello. Jura fired her beam ring lasers at them, but the lasers jus bounced off.

"A prism affect?!" BC asked in wonder with scowl on her face.

The gels, unhindered by the lasers, darted towards the group," ahhh, stay away from me!!" Jura cried out. It seemed luck was on her side as three of the gels that were about to get her were dispersed and taken down by the sound of gunfire. The dead gel's liquids splattered onto Jura, who fell back on her butt," oh, yuck, what are they?"

Barnette smirked," if beams don't work, use something solid," she said as she handed Jura a machine rifle," here Jura, this oughta do it," Jura nodded and took the weapon in her hands.

More started to close in on them and Jura took aim with her weapon," eeeehhh, I hate gooey stuff," she cried out as she started to shoot down the gelatins left and right.

Barnette was having her own fun at the moment too," oh yeah, this is how real combat is supposed to be," she said with the biggest grin on her face, that was shaking due to the continuous fire she was making with her rifle.

While those two were shooting the gels down, BC and Taiho were getting in close and personal with them. While BC would use just her whip to keep them back, Taiho was doing something else entirely. He was weaving in and out the groups of gels and cutting them down, but also punching and kicking them out of existence. Now one would think that wouldn't be possible with a normal person, but Taiho had long since become anything but a normal person since he got in this dimension. With the subtle use of Ki, he is coating his fists and leg in them, making it possible to not only smash the gels into pieces, but to lessen the damage he takes in doing so.

Taiho once again winced as he felt the electricity run through him as he punched another,' good thing I'm just treating this as another thing for training,' he thought. It may sound crazy, but training to have your body get used to a certain type of pain will actually help in this kind of universe. (What I mean by this is like examples of Ranm1/2, like the training Ryoga was doing for his Bakusai Tenketsu, he got so used to being pummeled by a boulder, that he got immune to be hit by one)

High above them, Liz and Rabat, along with his little pet companion, were watching the whole thing,' that guy is crazy,' Rabat thought as he watched Taiho once again kick another gels that electrocuted him again, but just shrugged it off and cut another group down with his sword extended, without the beam blade out," so, what do you think? They are rather amusing, wouldn't you say?" he asked Liza, who just looked down a bit.

Back down below, Barnette just ran out of bullets," uh, I'm out of shells," she moaned, not for the umpteenth time did she wonder why Taiho forbid her from taking the mini-gun again. She just shook her head and opened the case she brought along and brought out another, but deadlier machine rifle with railed bullets on it," let's do this," she challenged to them.

"May I borrow this," she heard and looked up to see BC taking out a shotgun from her case, but not just any shotgun, a freakin anti-aircraft shotgun. (well, that's what it looked like to me)

"Oh, commander, are you sure..." she was interrupted as BC immediately shot down a mass of the gels down with great marksmanship from her position.

After taking down about five down in less then a second, she turned back to Barnette," hmm? Did you say something?" BC asked with little thing that Taiho would call a 'Kakashi-impersonation'.

Barnette looked a little sheepish at that," oh nothing, never mind," Barnette said to her in a bit of a shaky voice.

They heard a crash from behind them and saw another group of gels heading towards them," they're attacking from behind as well," she announce to the others. She was about to fire upon them when a stream of fire erupted from the side. She followed the stream of fire and saw it was Liz with a tank on her back, showing that she was using a flame thrower to take down the gels.

"Well, I can't just sit around and let our guest just show off all the time now can I?" Liza quipped to them with a little grin on her face.

BC grinned back and was about to retort, but was cut off by Barnette," Commander!" she said and looked back to see more gels coming at them. Taiho saw they had that side covered and went onto Liz's side and started to help her out, who backed up a bit to join the group.

"Oh brother, like a contest for most socially challenged," Rabat commented as he looked down at them. And without looking back, he shot a gel that was sneaking up behind him," Jeez, guess I can't just hang around and enjoy the show forever," he said jumped down to join them, while ignoring Utan's cries of protest," besides," he began as he looked over to Taiho, who cut down another group of gels," I can't make him let me look bad in front of the ladies, now can I?" he smirked as he started to shoot down some gels.

Outside of the mission, the Dreads were trying to do their best to draw the Harvesters and Dark Army Soldiers away from the mission, but the enemy just wouldn't bite the bait. As Meia tried to get away from a flagship that was trying to gun her down, she called out to Bart," Bart?!" she asked.

"No good, I think I can get them, but the mission would still get damaged! You gotta get them further away!" Bart explained to her.

"You make it sound simple," Meia said with little smirk on her face.

"Well, let's just give them a better bait," Marcus said to them as he detached the DRAGOON units on her wings. They flew around in intricate patterns as they started to shoot down more Dark Army Soldiers that got in his way.

'I'd say were making some good progress,' Taiho thought as he cut down more gels. Even though they were pushed back some, he would've thought they would be getting close to the central control room by now,' must be because of my thoughts on using as pain training, I've been taking down a majority of them myself...though,' he then shed silent tears as he touched his shoulders a bit,' I don't know how much my nerves can take this,' he thought as he silently shed tears of pain.

"How you guys doing?" Taiho called out to them.

"I'm starting to run low on ammo here," Barnette replied to him.

"I'm covered in gooey stuff, what does that tell you," Jura whimpered at the state of her dress. Taiho just shook his head a bit at her.

"I'm down to using my whip," BC confirmed.

"I only got one more tank of gas left," Liza said to him as she continued to fire at the gels.

"I'm running a little low myself," Rabat commented to Taiho while Utan screeched a bit. Taiho got the impression of it saying 'what the hell you looking at me for'.

Taiho took in all the state of his allies and tried to think of what to do next. He nodded as he looked back at them," alright, let's fall back and stand ready at the entrance of the central control room," as he saw, they were about to protest, but he cut them off," we need to make sure we survive. If you guys run out of energy or ammo, or even both, we're doomed, we'll hold out until Hibiki and Dita comeback in their Vandread, now fall back," he said with authority. Not seeing any thing else to do at the moment, they followed his commands and started running back while shooting, flaming, whipping, or cutting the gels down along the way.

Not long after that, the group was in front of the door of the central control room keeping the gels with the the last of their stuff. Barnette was already down to her 9mm beretta pistol, Rabat was using the last of his ammo on his own pistol, Liza was was using the last of the gas in the last tank, and Taiho was down to more than half his Ki.

"We can't hold out much longer, fall back now," Taiho called out to them. When they got in, they saw the refugees scared out their minds, along with Gascogne, Parfet, and Patch.

"What are you all doing here?" Parfet asked worriedly.

"We were forced back," Taiho said as he smashed his fist into the door open/close button, effectively locking the door. That is, until the gels find away around it and open it manually," everyone, get behind me," he ordered.

"What are yo..." Liz was cut off as a blaze of blue aura flamed around Taiho.

Taiho cupped his hands in front of him and gold orb grew within them. He then got into a ready stance for firing his blast," get behind me," he repeated. Everyone did so, for fear of pissing him off and blasting them if they didn't do so.

In the hangar of the Mission, Dita and Hibiki finally made it to their respective machines. The two then got in and blasted off into space," okay, get ready for some action," Hibiki called out as he blasted towards Dita to combine to make Vandread Dita.

As soon as they were done combining, Meia flew by and saw it was somehow different," what's that?" she asked herself. (Don't ask me how different, because I really couldn't tell what it was myself)

Inside Vandread Dita though was different story," waaahh, I've never seen this before," Pyoro said as he flapped his arms and looked around hysterically," what a kinky looking cockpit," it then felt something occur to it as it looked towards the readers," I think I can even smell sexual arou..."

"OH SHUT UP, WOULD YA," Hibiki cut him off as Dita felt a little embarrassed about someone else seeing them in this position. For whatever reasons, she didn't know. In the background, Marcus's laugh could be heard

"Um, Mr. Alien?" she asked him as she looked around the cockpit.

Catching on to her meaning, he had to agree," yeah, there's something different about it."

"Hey, what are you waiting for, BC and they other are in danger," Magno called out to them as she got their attention.

"Wow, that's right," Dita said as she realized what they had to do.

Back in the mission, Taiho kept his Ki ball in his hand ready, Barnett gripped here pistol, and BC let the whip coil down to the floor, three and the rest of them ready when the door would open," it's just a matter of time before they break through," Gascogne said as she cracked her knuckles as she heard the forceful blow of the gels on the otherside of the door.

"Oh, nooo," Jura said pitifully as she gripped the sword in her hand.

Right after she said that, they door quickly opened and the gels charged. But they were stopped as a grid of security lasers blocked their path. They didn't stop though as they kept pushing it, trying to break through its limits. Barnette aimed, BC tighten her grip, Jura trembled a bit with her sword, and Taiho's Ki ball resonated, ready to be fired at a moments notice. After a moment, the gels turned from a green shade, to a bright yellow one," they're changing form," BC commented.

"That's pretty impressive," Rabat said as he had Utan on his back, afraid that she was going to die.

They security lasers tried to hold on, but with one last fizzle of energy, the gels broke through and rushed towards them, but were stopped as a giant blue fist came down and pulverized them. Everyone looked up as Dita's cheerful voice came through," sorry to keep you waiting."

"A Blue...Kachina," Taiho heard from Rabat. If he remembered right from what he learned on a wikipedia site, it was that a Native American people named the Hopi had the same word that meant "Life Bringer", and can be anything that exists in the natural world or cosmos. A Kachina can be anything from an element, to a quality, to a natural phenomenon, to a concept. But Taiho shook his head, now was not the time for fun facts.

"If I ever find out you took your time to make a good entrance, you won't live long enough to regret it," Gascogne said as she gave an almost pissed off smirk at them.

As for the outside, the Dreads started to pull away from the Harvesters and the Dark Army soldiers from the Mission," okay Bart, so how's the target looking now?" Meia asked as she looked back to the enemies behind from her point.

"Alright, let's go," Bart called out as he unleashed a barrage of lasers towards the enemy. As the Harvesters and the Dark Army Soldier were distracted with destroying the Dreads, they got blasted by the laser and started being picked off like fly.

But then a called of," JUNIPO HO DAISHAHEI," cut off a good amount of the laser from taking down a good portion from destroying the rest of the Dark Army Soldiers, as small blurs of what was assumed black mechs took the barrage of lasers for them. (I think that's how it spelled, if not, correct me please)

"Captain, we're getting a strong signal from a distance away from the mission," Ezra said to Magno.

"What is it?" Magno asked worriedly.

"It's..." she started out, but was cut off by Marcus's confirmation.

"Master Gundam," Marcus said with growl befitting his title as the Tiger of the West.

"Hahahahaha, it seems I've made it just in time for me to make my challenge," the dark Gundam said as had his red wings wrapped around him like a cloak.

"What challenge," Taiho asked as he appeared in his Dark Angel Gundam just in time.

"Oh,just a challenge, nothing you need to worry," the wings of the Master Gundam then folded back to his back and he then pointed towards Vandread Dita, surprising most of them, thinking he would fight either Taiho or Marcus since they had Gundams," and I challenge you, Hibiki Tokai," the clawed finger then glowed red and, without warning, shot red streamed blast towards Vandread Dita that split the two into their respective machines.

"AHHH," Dita and Hibiki called out in pain. Before Hibiki knew it, he had his head in Master Gundam's hand, being blasted off towards another part of the battlefeild.

"Mr. Alien," Dita called out worriedly as she blasted off in chase.

"Come on, we can't let him take Master Gundam alone," Taiho called out to everyone, as he got ready to follow as well. Everyone was about to give chase when a cackle sounding laugh was heard stopped them and were cut off as a volley of spears blasted between them and Dita's retreating chasing form.

Marcus looked to who interrupted them and saw the white winged glory of another of the Four Heavenly Kings," Raven Gundam," Marcus announced to them, letting them know what they enemy was called. Its large white wings with metal feathers that were red and yellow in color. Its talons yellow in color as well, looking ready to skewer it's a opponent's body at a moments notice. Its head pointed long in the depiction of a beak, but it's face at the base of the neck, making the head appearing to be too large for its body.

The cackle of the Gundam was still heard as the Raven Gundam flew in between them," I don't think I'll let you guys interfere with Master Gundam's fight, besides," it then changed modes and turned into it fighter mode," I think I'll just finish all of you off now," it said in two toned voice close to that of Michelo Chariot. (I'm not going to describe the fighter mode, if you want to see it, check to see for youselves if you've forgotten what it looks like on Taiho muttered as Dark Army Soldier started to come behind them," Everyone scramble, take down the enemy," he called out to the Dreads.

"ROGER," they called out together as everyone charged in to fight.

As they Taiho and the others were fighting the Raven Gundam and the rest of the Dark Army Soldiers, Hibiki was still in the hands of the Master Gundam," let...GO," he called out as he kicked the dark Gundam in the face, and springed off of it to get some distance away from it.

"Heheheh, now, let us see how well versed in the arts you are, Hibiki Tokai," Master Gundam said as it got into ready stance.

Hibik growled at it as he got into his own stance," you'll see how when I've got my sword in your gut," he said menacingly.

Master chuckled a bit before he said," ready?"

"READY," Hibiki as he got what he asked for.

"GO," they both called out as they charge each other and met each other in a flurry of punches and kicks.

From a distance, Taiho and the othera could see the flashes of light they were fighting from,' I guess this is your test to see if your worthy of being a student of the School of the Undeafeted of the East, Hibiki,' Taiho thought as he punched and crashed through a Dark Army Soldiers head, he then proceeded to give a barrage of kicks to another one so fast, that one would think he was doing the Katchu Tenshin Amiguriken with his feet. As he finished, he quickly slashed through the Soldier and blasted off before it exploded.

Back with the fight with Hibiki, the navy haired young man was finding it difficult to fight his opponent. His skills in the art were to say, that of a true master. Not only that, the mech seemed to be better equiped, it was over all faster, stronger, and the endurance to take a powered punch from Vandread Dita.

Hibiki looked back at Master Gundam, and knew if the Gundam had a facial description, it would have a mocking facing, showing it was truly superior to him. That pissed Hibiki off as he flared his Ki around him a blaze yellow. The Master Gundam, seeing this as a bit of a challenge, summoned his own battle aura. Once Master Gundam's aura met Hibiki's, which was in the color of purple, they started to clash each other and tried to push each other back.

As the two battle each others auras, Master Gundam's Ki was getting close to Hibiki, so Hibiki opted to push harder," HHHAAAAAAHHHHH," he called out as he pushed it back and made it stay in the middle of them. It stayed like that until it intertwined above them and made a pillar yellow and purple pillar of Ki for all to see.

Everyone away from the battle could see this now. Taiho, Marcus, Barnette, and Meia knew exactly who's energy was mixing into that pillar of light.

"Do you feel that?" Barnette asked Meia in awe.

"Yeah," she was a bit amazed by the power, it seemed Taiho's training in that gravity roomed really did pay off,' if he has that much power, then how much more power does Taiho have,' just thinking that made Meia shiver a bit.

"Hey, Meia?" Barnette asked with a smirk on her face.

"What, were in the middle of battle," she asked as she got annoyed at being distracted.

"How about we show them real piloting, huh?" Barnette asked to her as her smirk turned a bit feral.

"You know," Meia started as she got her own smirk," that's not a bad idea," she said as she blasted off in speeds that would have been that same as Vandread Meia, with Barnette far behind, mowing down enemies in flash.

"Heh, what do ya know, that guy really has come far, I think I should start training in that training room of yours myself," Marcus commented as he sent a barrage Burning Punches towards a group of Soldier, blowing them out space as he did.

"I'd welcome it man, but you know, it's just like Hibiki to try and show off a bit," Taiho said as he chuckled bit. He was now fighting the Raven Gundam, and the two seemed to be evenly match.

"So if we can feel his energy here, don't you think it's time we stepped it up a notch or two ourselves?" Marcus said with a cocky smile on his face. As he did, he activated his SEED mode and the ZERO system.

"I don't know, I was having fun just playing around with the Raven Gundam as I have been now," Taiho said as he angered to bird like Gundam as they both were matching each other kick for kick.

"STOP IGNORING ME," it said in a fit of rage.

"Let's do it," Marcus exclaimed as he targeted as many Dark Army soldiers.

"Heh, right," Taiho said as he pulled out his sword and extended all the way as he too activated his SEED mode and ZERO system. In a flash, they were gone. A moment later, there were explosions being made all over the battle field, before Taiho returned to fight the Raven Gundam with a downward sword strike it evaded.

On the Nirvana, BC, who had gotten back since Taiho got into the battle, watched with wide eyes at the skill that five were fighting," wow," she heard Ezra say.

"The boy always seems to bring out the best in them," Magno said with a grin on her face.

Back with Hibiki's fight, the two of them kept fighting each others auras, but it seemed Master Gundam aura was pushing him further from his position.

"Hibiki can't keep this up, if he goes any further, the pressure will crush him at this rate," Duero said from his spot on the bridge.

Just as it seemed the Vanguard couldn't take it anymore, Master Gundam's aura stopped, making Hibiki almost flip himself over in space.

"I don't get it, why would it stop if it was going to win from just that aura," said the black woman on the bridge. (Could someone tell all the names of the bridge bunnies of the Nirvana, because I just can't remember them and they don't say their names much? Thank you)

The Master Gundam then got back into a ready stance.

"Looks like it's asking for a hand to hand fight," Magno commented.

"And knowing that boy, it's an offer he can't refuse," BC said as she thought it was a bad idea, considering it was a like a grown man beating down a small kid's ass so far.

Hibiki though didn't really care at the moment," if that's what you want..." he trailed off as he charged in with a battle cry, speeding himself up with the added usage of Ki. Once he was a good distance, he used a burst of Ki to suddenly appear right in front of the dark Gundam,' let this work,' he thought in hope as he gather up Ki into the Vanguard right hand and sent a right hook towards the Master Gundam's face.

The Gundam scoffed before it was hit right in the face. It held there as it looked like the face itself would cave into the punch. Everyone on the bridge who saw this were shocked that the punch actually got through.

As soon as the punch grazed off, the Master Gundam flew off and spun towards a meteor. Hibiki got up from his position and looked in awe of his fist," whoa, I didn't think that would actually work," he said out loud to himself, he then looked up and saw the Gundam hit itself into a meteor. After a while, it didn't move, but that made Hibiki mad," I know your still alive, so you can quit playing me like a stupid kid! If this is some kind of game, I'm sure as hell bored!"

The Gundam chest rumbled a bit as the sound of chuckle came from it. It freed itself from the imprint it made on the meteor, making rocks come flying out as it did so. From the side of its face, a small trail of purple liquid trail down from where here punch, a puncture Hibiki had made into its face. It wiped it off before it immediately healed in that area," it was just a way testing your strength, young man. A way of testing how much of your soul you put into your fists."

"How much I put my soul into my fists?" Hibiki asked in an unsure tone.

"I'm sure you have seen it yourself, in those two men, Taiho and Marcus," the Gundam felt the unsureness from the Vanguard and opted to explain," every martial artist and fighter has a way of communicating with each other, that communication is done with their fists, which is filled with theirs souls, telling them how they feel at that moment."

"The Soul of the Martial Artist," Hibiki heard from Taiho over his communicator. Hibiki then saw his face pop up on a screen beside him," it is that thing that tells us if we are sad, happy, or angered, or tells us the truth of the matter when one fights another, it is a way of how a fighter will tell what that fight means to them at that moment," as he talked, he blocked a Silver Kick from Raven Gundam with his sword and cut it in two, before he charged back in to the fight.

"And you, still have a lot to learn young Tokai," the Master gundam said as it got back into a ready stance," now that I know that, do you care to guess what my next action is?" it asked in challenge.

Hibiki, after learning what he just did, scowled at the Gundam," I'LL TAKE A STAB!"

Right then, they toward blasted off towards each other. As the two got closer, the Master Gundam suddenly vanished. Hibiki stopped and looked around for it before he felt something touch the should of his Vanguard, which made him turn to see the Master Gundam move his left hand in a circular patern with twelve flaming kanjis appearing in front of it,' that move,' Hibiki thought as he remembered what Taiho did when he did the same motion. But he got surprised as the twelve kanjis got drawn into the middle and formed a ball of energy. The next thing Hibiki knew, he was being pummeled by smaller mechs of the Master Gundam.

'What is this? Something's wrong,' Hibiki thought as the smaller mechs kept coming out of the ball purple energy and exploding into the Vanguard armor,' I can't feel any of it,' he thought as they continued to hit him. (If your wondering why he would feel any blows from his Vanguard, well, it just seems to me he'd got a similar cockpit from G Gundam and Evangelion.)

The Master Gundam then took the energy ball and shaped it into a energy cloth. It then shot it towards the Vanguard quickly wrapped it around the smaller mech. As soon it was done encasing the smaller mech, he tightened. If it had a face, it would have risen an eyebrow at how it didn't seem to affect Hibiki. So he pulled in the Vanguard and had it face to face with himself.

"Now who's playing games?" the dark Gundam asked as it looked into the green eyes of the Vanguard, which just happened to be staring straight into Hibiki's eyes.

"I just realized..." Hibiki muttered out loud.

"Huh?" the Master Gundam asked as it cocked its head to the side.

"I just realized, I don't know what I'm truly fighting for," Hibiki said out louder.

"You insolent fool!" the Master Gundam sent a hard punch with it free hand towards the Vanguard's face and smashed in, making liquid fly out from the face, in doing so, made Hibiki spit out blood from his own face. But that wasn't the end of it as he got a barrage of punches from the dark Gundam. It then stopped as it growled a bit," speak, have I beaten some sense into you yet, your supposed to be a fighter!"

"The reason I fought was to...no, that wasn't it," Hibiki muttered as he truly didn't know what he fought for anymore.

Getting angered by the lack of attention of the fight, the Master Gundam took hold of the energy binding he had on Hibiki and starting spinning and then unleashed the Vanguard flying into the air. Without warning, it appeared right in front of the Vanguard and started to send another barrage of punches.

As they punches hit the Vanguard, Hibiki felt nothing and continued his thoughts,' were my fights really my only way of proving my existence, if so, why? Who was I trying to show my existence to,' he then had flashes of Taraak, of when he nothing, a no one,' did I really want to amount to someone to them, but,' he then turned his thoughts to the Nirvana and his sensei, along with his friend, Taiho and Marcus,' they have accepted my existence, so why am I still fighting?'

'Quit jabbering,' a voice familiar to Hibiki.

'Gramps!' he exclaimed in his thoughts.

'You know why you've been fighting, you've just been too stubborn and thick headed to see it my boy,' the voice of his grandpa said to him in his thoughts.

'I know, what is it, tell me?!' he pleaded to the voice.

'It was the first thing you saw when the Nirvana came together, the one person you come to grow to love more than anything,' he then gasped as it all came together for him, the image of redhead, with a nice, but bubbly personality.

'Would lay off you stupid girl!'

'But Mr. Alien.'


'I made this for you.'


'You have come to a responsibility where not only own life is danger, but for that of the one you love. And even though I am not really your gramps, you must make you own words and decisions that will affect both of your futures,' the voice then vanished from his thoughts, as if it was never there in the first place.

In the Nirvana, the glow of the Paksis died down, as if tired for some reason.

'Right,' Hibiki thought to himself and then saw a punch that was going to end the fight between him and the Master Gundam. He held up his hands to block when a blue blur came in between them.

The fist of the Master Gundam smashed into it, showing it to be Dita's blue Vanguard," huh?" he then saw in that Dita had hit her head with blood trickling down her forehead," but that's..." he Hibiki said with wide eyes before a switch flipped off in his head," RAAAAAHHHHH," he said as yellow Ki swirled around him, completely encasing the Vanguard into a bright cocoon. While doing so, a crest appeared on his right hand.

Taiho, Barnette, and Marcus's crests glowed in unison with Hibiki's,' the fourth member has been chosen,' Taiho thought as he looked traced the energy back to Hibiki,' not much of a surprised there,' he thought as he set up for the final blow to the fight with the Raven Gundam," it's time I end this," he held his sword at a ready," here I go, BURNING SLASH TYPHOON," he called out as he spun himself so fast, he became a tornado himself.

"No you don't," the Raven Gundam exclaimed as it was in its bird mode and sent a barrage of metal feathers towards Taiho.

But the spears did not pierce through the tornado and only bounced off of it as Taiho quickly closed in on the bird Gundam," DIE," Taiho called out as he hit the white Gundam.

"AAAAHHHHH," it screamed out in pain as the blade tornado continued to cut through its body. It ended as Taiho cut right through and sliced it in two. Taiho then came out of the tornado and was already sheathing his sword back in. When it was all way back in, the pieces exploded in glory of flames, shadowing the front of the Dark Angel Gundam, its eyes glowing in victory.

"Show off," Marcus grumbled out loud.

Back with the other fight, the bright cocoon Hibiki in pulsed a bit. The Master Gundam had stayed where it was, waiting for his opponent to come out. It was really curious as to what was happening to the boy and his Vanguard at the moment, so he waited. He didn't have to wait long as the cocoon pulsed more and more before its light was so bright, it could have compared to the sun. When the light died down, it peered back into the light to see a larger figure in it.

What it saw couldn't have been possible," what?! Shining Gundam?!" it exlcaimed as it saw the form of the former Gundam of Domon Kashu. Though there was a bit of a difference. One notable thing was that it looked like when it went Super Mode, but it lacked the gold color, only yellow, but it still held the green eyes. Then under the shoulder pads had several sticks sticking out from them. And on the back and middle of the head has a spear like ponytail on it. (The last two differences are from the Dragon Gundam)

But it didn't stop there, inside Hibiki was in his new cockpit. Like Taiho and Marcus, it was the same type of cockpit that was from G Gundam. He was breathing in and out hard as the glow of his crest died down to show a kanji saying 'Center', with a Chimera ready to pounce and chew out its enemy, prowling around it.

The new Gundam's shoulder pads sprang out a bit showing a grey metal that turned gold. The back of what fins it had at the back raised up, the feet that had its own turned down, and the side of the fore legs opened up to show gold rockets. All of these then started to exude more of Hibiki's yellow Ki aura.

During this Dita had come around and saw the new Gundam," what is that?" she asked in worry for Hibiki.

"Master Gundam, mark my words well," Hibiki called out to it," I will never forgive you! You have hurt the one I've come to cherish, and have killed many lives for the selfish ambitions of the Harvesters," Hibiki exclaimed as the images of Dita being hurt and the lives of many who were lost to the Harvest," YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN!!"

The face of the new Gundam opened up to showa a flat pale yellow surface under that, with the gold appendages on the head standing up on end when it did so. The green jewel in the middle of the chest then shined before he drew his new laser sword. He slashed up and got into a low stance, he then punched left and did two round house kick to the right before he punched forward. He then settle back into a ready stance, having effectively tested out his new partner.

"What is that?" Meia asked as she looked at the shining mech everyone was seeing.

"That is it first mode to become the true Super mode," Taiho said as he gazed down to the fight below them,' looks like I'll have to train Hibiki on controlling his super mode,' Taiho thought as he looked at the Vanguard turned Gundam," with his new mech, it allows him to use his anger and turn that into energy, changing into the form that can give maximum power. It's a lower form of the Super mode that me and Marcus use because it uses emotion to do so, but we use our serene state of minds to go past the maximum and beyond."

Inside the cockpit, Hibiki started to look feral as his hair started to messed up and the white of his eye turned pink with the eye itself being dulled and dilated," this hand up mind glows with an awesome power," he began as his two hands glowed green before he clasped them together with the sword hilt in between them, it then erupted into green beam sword," it's burning grip tells to defeat you! Take this, my love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!!" each time he said the last sentence he slashed down left and right, before he held the green saber up which then erupted into a green pillar of light," SHINING FINGER SWORD," Hibiki then blasted off high and came down to split the Master Gundam in two.

"Hahahaha, good, you've finally found your path to becoming a true martial artist," Master Gundam said before it put its hands together in ready. Right when Hibiki was about cut him in half, the Master Gundam spread its hands apart to show another glowing beam cloth. When the two energy met, a bright light appear between them, blinding everyone to the sight.

When the light died down, it showed the new Gundam looking franticly left and right. For what reason? The Master Gundam was gone," WHERE ARE YOU?! COME BACK AND FIGHT?!" Hibiki called out in rage.

"Oh, don't worry young Tokai, I'll let you live for little while long before I challenge your sensei, until then, hahahahahaha," the Master Gundam's voice echoing out in space, leaving the Hibiki in going deeper into his rage.

"COME BACK AND FIGHT?!" Hibiki demanded as he was about to blast off, but was restrained as Taiho came up from behind and put his arms under his armpits and held him by the shoulders, while Marcus restrained his hands from the front.

"Hibiki, chill out man, Dita is fine. You don't need fight anymore," Marcus said as he tried to calm the raging Hibiki.

"Ride it out Hibiki," Taiho exclaimed to also calm down.

"NO, LET ME GO, I'LL KILL THAT BASTARD," Hibiki called out as he struggle to get free.

Dita watch all this from afar and made a choice. She quickly got her spacesuit on and blasted towards the raging mech. Once she got close enough, she opened up the cockpit and floated herself towards the new Gundam. As she might have suspected, the opening to the cockpit was on the top side, where it was nearest to the head, much like Taiho's and Marcus's Gundams. Taking careful steps in not getting too close to the struggling head, she opened up the cockpit and jumped in and closed it. She turned to another door, where Hibiki must be piloting, she breathed in and opened and saw he was struggling against the hold Taiho and Marcus.

Taiho and Marcus were hoping Dita got through to him, even though they had been keeping him from blasting to who knows where, they had seen what Dita was doing. Now all they had to do was wait while Dita worked her magic.

As Hibiki continued to struggle, he suddenly felt someone in front of him embrace him softly. He knew it wasn't Marcus doing it, considering the soft round globes he was feeling on his chest. In his rageful state, he looked down to see the crying face of Dita, who had a streak of dry blood going down her forehead, her tears washing away the dry blood that were under her eyes. He gasped a bit when he saw her.

"Please, Mr. Alien, calm down, I don't want to see you like this. Please?" she asked as tears came down her eyes, it really hurt her to see the man in front of her in such a state.

That broke the rage haze in his mind as his hair returned to its natural state, his eye going back to its original white and brown. He breathed in and out hard before it calmed down to regular breathing. He shook his head and wondered just what the hell happened. He looked down to the crying form of Dita and immediately remembered what happened to her. He quickly looked her over," what were you thinking getting in front of that attack, it was supposed to be a fight between just me and that asshole," Hibiki scolded her as she still kept hugging him.

"I wanted to help, I was worried for you Mr. Alien, I just couldn't sit still and watch you fight by yourself," she said as she hiccuped a bit in between sobs.

He huffed in anger, but calmed down and hugged her a bit a back," you idiot," he said to her, though it did not hold the scornful or annoyed tone it usually did.

Everyone calmed down as the Taiho and Marcus let go of the raging mech. Taiho motioned for everyone to come and leaved them be. Before he left though, he looked in the direction where Hibiki and the Master Gundam had fought. He wondered why the Master Gundam would point Hibiki in the right directions as a person and as a martial artist, and why it did not destroy Hibiki in his moment of weakness. Even with the new Gundam itself being powered up in a pre-form of Super Mode, the Master Gundam still had enough power to take down Hibiki, so why did it not take the chance.

'There's more to that Gundam, I know it,' he thought to himself. At that moment, Dark Angels eyes flashed in a bit,' you feel so too, don't you Dark Angel?' he thought to it as the eyes flashed again,' we'll have to keep watch for it then,' he thought back as he continued on to the Immortal Purpose.

"WAIT," everyone then turned to Barnette," WHAT ABOUT MY GUNS," everyone space just about facefaulted at that.

'Right, well, I guess we'll be fine from now on I guess,' Taiho thought as he looked back to the new Gundam,' or Shining Vanguard is more like it, yeah, that sounds good,' he thought as he looked back at the newly named Shining Vanguard and wondered what new changes this meant for the future.

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