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Break Away

Chapter 21: Epilogue

-12 years after the war.

Draco sat up in bed panting and looked to his side to see his beautiful wife lying beside him as always. He had just had yet another nightmare involving the Dark Lord. It was just like his father said. Even after the Dark Lord was dead, he would haunt Draco in his dreams.

Draco felt a hand on his back and turned to his wife, who was looking at him in concern. "What's going on Draco? This is the fifth time this week you've woken up like this,"

"It's nothing, love," Draco murmured as always. She shook her head. She wouldn't accept that answer this time. "Well, during the war when I stood up to my father, he told me that even after the Dark Lord was dead, he would haunt me in my dreams."

"Is that what's been happening? You're having nightmares of Voldemort?" Hermione asked softly. Draco had never been able to say the Dark Lord's name. Not when he grew up fearing it and calling him the Dark Lord.

Draco nodded slowly. "It's usually the same nightmare; The Dark Lord comes back and kills you and the kids and then he's always about to kill me for betraying him and then I wake up. Every time I wake up, I look to make sure you're still there. The dreams are always really vivid so I actually feel like they're real."

"Oh Draco, I'm sure it will end soon. It has to; I mean they're only dreams. Voldemort can't really be back, right?" Hermione said quietly.

"Of course not love, Harry killed him." Draco replied. "They're just dreams," He added. There was a soft knock on the door and Hermione smiled. "Come in,"

The door opened and a little girl of about three came in shyly She had wavy dirty blonde hair and dark grey eyes. "Mommy, daddy? Can't I sleep in here tonight?"

"Again, Cassidy?" Hermione replied smiling. Cassidy Narcissa Malfoy was their youngest child. Their second oldest, Karissa Jane Malfoy was seven and their oldest, Jeremy Aaron Malfoy was 10. Hermione was one month pregnant with their next one.

"Must I tell you every time that there's a boggart in my closet?!" Cassidy demanded softly, putting her hands on her hip in an adorably cute way.

"Okay you can sleep in here tonight and Daddy will get rid of the boggart tomorrow," Hermione said and Cassidy squealed and jumped on her parent's bed to crawl under the covers between them. Draco hugged her and kissed her forehead. Hermione kissed her daughter's cheek and then kissed Draco's lips.

"Get some sleep, Draco love. We're going to the Potter's tomorrow," Hermione murmured. "Love you Cassidy,"

"Love you mommy, love you daddy,"

"Love you too Cassidy baby," Draco replied, smiling adoringly at his youngest daughter. "I love you Hermione,"

"I love you too, Draco," Hermione said, smiling.