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It's All In The Family

Chapter One.

SG-1 stood at the end of the ramp. The Stargate spun, chevrons locking in place. Dr Daniel Jackson was busy making last minute adjustments to his pack as Sgt Harriman's voice announced the locking of the seventh chevron. The unstable vortex shot out toward the SGC's elite front line unit before settling into the shimmering sliver-blue event-horizon.

Colonel Sam Carter turned to look up into the control room above. Brig. General Jack O'Neill stood gazing down at his team, former team he reminded himself, though he knew deep down that to him they would always be his team. He nodded down at Carter, an unspoken answer to an unspoken question. Carter gave a slight nod in return before turning her attention to the active Stargate.

"Let's move out guys." Sam called. Together SG-1 disappeared through the wormhole.

Sam, Daniel and Teal'c stepped through the other side of the wormhole and froze, staring in bewilderment around the room they found themselves in. Sam slowly took a few more steps along the familiar ramp, Teal'c and Daniel following her lead. The three friends stopped just at the end of the ramp and looked up into the SGC's control room. Sure enough there was General O'Neill looking back down at them.

"Well this is interesting." Daniel stated.

"OK, three theories as to why we walked through the 'gate at the SGC and ended up back at the SGC." Sam said, a slight smile touching her lips, SG-1 had been through this sort of thing before.

"Perhaps we have once again travelled through time." Teal'c offered as they noticed the General leave the control room, no doubt heading for the 'gate room.

"One." Sam nodded toward the Jaffa, noting the amusement in his eyes.

"Alternate Reality? Though I swear I didn't touch anything!" Daniel was openly grinning.

"That's two." Replied Sam.

"What's the third?" Daniel asked.



"Yes Urgo. Maybe we again found whoever created him, put him in our brains and took him out again, leaving us with no memories of it, but a whole lot of missing time." Sam grinned back.

She knew they were being a bit childish and that they should be taking the situation a bit more seriously, but there was just something about the whole thing that was funny and, judging by the faces of her friends she wasn't the only one who thought so. And as there were no airmen with big guns pointing at them she decided that there was no immediate danger and whatever problems they faced once they found out what was going on, could be dealt with then.

"Great so Urgo could be paying us a visit any time now." No one actually believed this third explanation, but it was amusing to remember the annoying but lovable character.

Sam suddenly felt something rather unusual, something she had never in her life felt and yet somehow knew exactly what it was. She looked down at herself. She wasn't wearing the same fatigues she wore when they'd set off through the 'gate, instead she wore her normal olive green fatigue pants but with a huge shirt that tented over her. Her P90 and combat vest no where to be seen. She felt the familiar weight of her Zat strapped to her thigh, but couldn't actually see it past her swollen belly. She tentatively put a hand over her stomach and the others noticed as her breath hitch.

"Sam?" "Colonel Carter?" Her friends queried.

"Umm guys?" Sam slowly turned around to face her team. "I seem to be having a slight problem."

Their jaws dropped. Well Daniel's did, Teal'c's eyebrow merely arched higher than usual.

"Sam…Sam…you're…you're…" Dr Daniel Jackson, magician with words, seemed to have forgotten how to use them.

"I…umm." Sam wasn't fairing much better.

"You appear to be heavily with child ColonelCarter." Teal'c's command of the English language was as unaffected as ever.

"Well I should hope so 'T'" Jack interrupted as he waltzed into the 'gate room and approached his friends.

The others abruptly turned toward him when they heard his voice. Daniel's and Sam's eyes were wide as saucers; Teal'c's left eyebrow joined his right.

"Well I guess we're definitely scratching the Urgo theory." Daniel whispered.

"So how'd it go kids? Sam?" O'Neill asked, taking in their stiff stances.

Holy Shit! He called me Sam thought Sam; he only ever calls me Sam when he thinks I'm dying.

"Umm sir?" Sam stuttered out.

"Sir? I thought we'd dispensed with the 'sir,' you know, since I knocked you up." Jack smirked mischievously.

Sam's eyes widened even more, if that was even possible, and she began to waver on her feet.

"I'm sorry…" she turned to her team, "Ah Guys, I feel…umm I think I need to sit down." She felt exhausted and her heart was thumping at a rather alarming rate she decided, so if she didn't sit down right now she was going to do something unbearably embarrassing like feint – USAF colonels did not feint. Both Daniel and Teal'c, noticing how unsteady she was, reached out to help her as she took the steps down the ramp, but O'Neill beat them to it. With a look of concern on his face his strong arms enveloped her from behind, supporting her, and he helped her sit down on the ramp steps. If Sam was a little surprised about his openly physical display of concern for her – they rarely, if ever actually touched – she was totally blindsided by his decision to sit behind her, legs coming down either side of her and encouraging her to lean against him.

Jack felt her stiffen and his concern raised another notch.

"Sam? What is it? Should I call the Doc?"

Sam was staring up at Teal'c and Daniel – who had now moved off the ramp to stand in font of her – like a deer in headlights, rendered speechless by Jack's intimate embrace and yet unable to tear herself away from him. It's just because I'm so tired she told herself. Daniel's mouth had fallen open again at Jack's actions and Teal'c was so shocked that not only did both eyebrows rise to their full height, but his head twitched slightly. Sam, though her mind was quickly running through possible explanations, was still unable to articulate actual words, so she turned to her ever-reliable rock in the turbulent ocean, Teal'c. Sam shifted her wide eyes to him, pleading. SG-1 of course had been able to communicate without the necessity of cumbersome words for quite some time. So Teal'c understood immediately that ColonelCarter was in distress and wished him to make the explanations.

"O'Neill." Teal'c began, "we did not reach our destination."

"What?" Jack asked.

"We entered the stargate from the SGC and immediately exited here again." Continued Teal'c.

Jack's eyes darted back and forth between the two men standing in front of him and Sam who were still seated on the ramp.

"What?" he asked again in confusion, eyes stilling on Daniel.

"It's true Jack. We stepped through the 'gate and stepped right back in here. It was just like that time with Urgo except," Daniel looked around, "you don't seem to have been missing us this time. And umm…" Daniel waved a hand at Sam.

"ColonelCarter was most definitely not carrying an unborn child at the time of our departure." Teal'c finished for Daniel.

"Sam?" Jack asked hesitantly

"It's true sir." Sam managed. "Something's definitely not right." God! Understatement of the decade she thought.

Jack thought she called me 'sir' again. He looked at them all before running a hand through his hair in frustration. Either SG-1 had all gone nuts or this was going to be one of those things that, though Sam could, and would, explain it, it would leave him with a serious headache.

"Ah Crap!" he grumbled.

Sam felt the vibrations rumble through his own chest and into hers, and God!

"Ok kids lets get to the infirmary." He instructed, and slowly stood, allowing Sam to readjust her weight so she wouldn't fall backwards. Damn! She thought He was just too comfortable, I could have stayed there all day. Ahh! She gave herself a mental slap and tried to ignore the fact that she missed his warm arms and his delicious scent surrounding her.

Sam tried to get up, but quickly realised, much to her horror, she was stuck.

"Ah Guys, a little help here?" She flushed bright red with embarrassment as she noticed the slight smirks on the faces of the airmen on duty. Oh God, someone just shoot me now. Then she heard a chuckle, and though she should have been mortified, her embarrassment was squelched as her heart flipped. It was the nicest sound she had ever heard in her life. Jack O'Neill was laughing, vocally. It was such a rare thing and she could vividly recall each and every time she'd heard it. Beginning with the first: when he was under the influence of a spiked cake. She remembered, even at that time when her feelings for her CO were far less complicated, she couldn't help the wide grin that appeared on her face at the sound. God! She wished she could hear it every day.

Jack knew she wouldn't be able to get up on her own; she was 39 weeks pregnant after all. She was huge and the most beautiful woman that he'd ever laid eyes upon. He couldn't help but laugh at the obvious embarrassment on the love-of-his-life's face as he bent down in front of her to help her up.

Sam's eyes locked with his as he bent, grasping her arm to help her up. His amusement and deep affection for her so obviously lighting up his whole face as he chuckled again. Her heart constricted. Holy shit!!

They walked to the infirmary unspeaking, well Sam waddled. Once in the infirmary, Sam and Daniel sat on one bed and, after helping the Colonel up, Teal'c took another opposite his friends.

"Doc!" Jack called out.

"Sir." Dr Janet Frasier stepped through a curtain that had been drawn around another bed and saw SG-1. "Oh good, right on time."

All three members of SG-1 were staring openly at the doctor. A mixture of shock and devastating loss on their faces. Teal'c's jaws clenched and unclenched repeatedly as he struggled to contain his emotions. Dr Frasier was important to all of them. Sam's hand covered her mouth as she drew in a shaky breath.

"Janet?" Daniel could only whisper her name as he swallowed at the lump that had suddenly formed in his throat.

"Yes well…" Jack spoke to the doctor, realising that his friends seemed rather distraught for some reason. "We have a slight problem here Doc. They say they never got to P3X whatever, that they just walked through the 'gate here and ended up back here."

"But you've been gone the scheduled four hours." Janet addressed the team. Who all looked at their watches and then at each other, shaking their heads.

"Ah, also Doc, their memories seem a little…off."

"A little off sir? In what way?" Janet needed more specific information.

"Well they think Sam wasn't pregnant and well Doc, in case you haven't noticed they're looking at you like they've seen a ghost."

As soon as the words left his mouth he regretted them. Sam's face tightened, her bottom lip trembled and a silent tear escaped down her face, but she held Janet's gaze.

Janet looked them over and realised the General was right. And Sam was crying, Sam never cried, even around her, not unless someone close to her had died…oh!

"Doc, we need to have them checked out so we can work out what's going on." Jack wanted to know what was happening with his best friends, his family.

"Of course sir." Janet was all business again. "I'll have a full blood work done, MRI's for Dr Jackson and Teal'c and sonogram for Colonel Carter." With that she began directing her staff.

As Sg-1 were being poked and prodded they managed to regain their composure.

"Sir." Sam began.

Again with the sir, Jack thought.

"Sam, regardless of today's jaunt off-world, you are now on maternity leave, as in officially off duty, what's with the 'sirs'?"

The three team mates looked at each other, silent communication passing between them. It didn't escape Jack's notice, considering he was usually a part of it, and was a little disturbed that he had no idea what had been communicated this time, and frankly felt a little like an outsider.

"Ok somebody spit it out." He said becoming irritated.

"Well sir, first may I ask you a question sir?" Sam said.

"Oy! Sure why not." Jack relented.

"Why…" God, how to say this? "You seemed surprised when I called you sir, sir. As if I don't ordinarily do that, so…why?"


"Why were you surprised or not expecting it?"

"Ohhhkaaay." Jack drew out the word. "Are you sure you're feeling ok Sam?" Sam just looked at him in exasperation so he decided he'd better answer her questions before she had a sharp shift in moods and castrated him. "You only call me 'sir' when we're both on duty now, and even then it's only during a crisis."

"Now. So since when?" Sam had a specific goal in mind in regard to her rather uncomfortable line of questioning, but she reluctantly admitted to herself that she really was curious.

Jack frowned. He didn't like talking about personal issues and certainly not in a room full of SGC personnel. He lowered his voice.

"Since I retired from the military after taking over from Hammond. Since we got hitched, I don't know Sam, take-your-pick."

Again SG-1's eyes flickered to each other.

"Oh Boy!" Sam breathed.

"Care to explain now Sam!" It wasn't a question.

"Sir, umm, I think this would be best discussed in the briefing room."

Damn! He knew he wasn't going to like this.

"Fair enough. Briefing room as soon as the Doc releases you." He stalked out, leaving a couple of SF's at the door to escort them. Well after everything they'd seen and done, it was better to be safe than sorry. Ahhh! Cliché!

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