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Chapter Twenty-one.

"It was good to see you Sam." General Hammond said tenderly as Sam gave him a goodbye hug. She was the daughter of one his oldest friends, he'd known her since she was a child and hadn't seen her since Jacob's funeral so he allowed himself this moment of informality.

With a wide smile at Sam General Hammond stepped around her and made his way toward the staircase. He'd only been at the SGC for the few minutes of the speech and then a brief meeting with SG-1, but this was an unexpected trip and he had to get back to Washington.

"Thankyou sir," Jack said sincerely, shaking the General's hand at the top of the stairs.

"Good-luck son." He replied with a nod and a smile before turning and heading down the stairs, followed smartly by his three aids.

Jack headed back toward the centre of the briefing room to join SG-1 who were still milling about by the briefing table. "So kids, miss me?"

"You were only gone two days Jack." Daniel answered.

"I am most pleased that you have chosen to remain at the SGC O'Neill." Teal'c said.

"Yeah T' me too." Jack replied, looking directly into Sam's smiling eyes.

The air fairly crackled between them as their gazes held.

Daniel cleared his throat and both sets of eyes shot to him. He smiled at his friends as Jack slipped his hands in his pockets and Sam couldn't suppress the embarrassed flush that stole through her features. "Well…I'll just head back and work on those translations." He said shuffling passed Jack.

Teal'c simply bowed his head with a knowing smile and followed Daniel out leaving Jack and Sam alone.

Silence descended, neither knowing what to say.

How could Sam tell him how she felt about the sacrifice he had made for her? And how much she wanted him to kiss her right now?

How could Jack tell her it wasn't a sacrifice for him? And how much he wanted to kiss her right now?

So they didn't say anything. Their gazes, which had been fixed on the staircase down which their friends just disappeared, slowly turned toward one another.

Their eyes locked and held and the sudden charge filling the room was an almost tangible entity.

As Jack gazed into her expressive blue orbs he understood what she was feeling; what she wanted to say but didn't know how to any better than he himself did. He knew she would feel bad about his resigning and yet still found himself mildly astounded at the way her thoughts mirrored his own.

His chocolate eyes held hers and she saw everything he wanted to say in them, she realised she didn't need to say anything. The seed of guilt she carried in her stomach for his sacrifice disintegrated.

Words were not important between the two of them, maybe because they were never allowed to use them but somehow they had always understood each other on a level deeper than any words could reach.

A lopsided, roguish grin crept over his face, deepening the long dimple in his left cheek. God! I want to kiss him Sam thought Instead a bright smile escaped her lips; the one Jack was certain he'd never seen her give anyone else, God! I want to kiss her Jack thought.

"General?" They jumped in unison.

Jack's head swung around to the intruder by the stairs, "Retired Walter." He said withdrawing a hand from his pocket and flicking his wrist.

"Yes sir," Sergeant Harriman replied, "You have a phone call sir." He said haltingly, no-one could have missed the electric atmosphere sizzling between the two.

Jack's eyebrows shot up, he hadn't even heard the phone. "Thankyou Walter." He drawled.

"General." The sergeant straightened before leaving with a nod.

"Retired!" Jack called after him. He saw the amused smile lighting Sam's face when he turned his attention back to her. "They're not gonna stop that are they?"

"No…sir." She replied, pausing slightly before adding the honorific, a mischievous glint in her blue eyes.

"Carter." Jack growled at her, the warning effect he was going for ruined by the slight upturn of his lips.

Of course Jack had no idea that Sam loved it when he growled like that anyway, it was hot. Her smile widened and she ducked her head afraid he would read her unwholesome thoughts in her eyes – there was no way she was going to admit to him that she'd always secretly liked it when he growled at her, no way! "You'd better get the phone sir," She glanced back up at him.

He raised a suspicious eyebrow at her before heading toward his office as she moved to the stairs.

Sam opened her front door before he'd even had a chance to knock this time, finding him standing on her doorstep. It was dark but the porch lights shone down on him, illuminating his striking features and making some of the silver in his hair shimmer a little. He was wearing all black – black t-shirt with black pants and his black leather jacket – making his body fade somewhat into the darkness behind him. He was sinfully sexy in these clothes, they gave him that bad-boy look he did so well and she'd always loved seeing him in them; she wondered idly if he'd worn them on purpose but dismissed the idea, knowing Jack O'Neill had no clue how handsome and desirable he truly was.

He dropped his right hand that had been raised in a fist ready to knock and lifted his left emphasising the box he was carrying, "Hey. Thought maybe you'd like a snack. Donuts."

Sam's jaw jutted out slightly and she tilted her head trying for a strict expression which she knew failed because she couldn't quite keep her lips from tipping upward.

"Krispy Kreams?" She asked.

"Of course!" Jack replied indignantly, feigning offence at her question. "…Just don't tell Teal'c." He added with a smirk.

Sam smiled at him and moved aside, "Well in that case, you may come-in sir." She announced.

Jack stepped over the threshold, "Samantha." He drawled her given name in his gravelly voice as he took the door knob from her suddenly slack hand and closed the door without turning away from her, "Retired remember?"

Sam couldn't suppress the shiver that shot through her spine at the way he said her name; how could he provoke such a strong physical reaction in her just by intoning her full name that way? She had to concentrate to regulate her breathing. She'd never liked her name, but when he said it he made it sound so special, so feminine; she liked it when he said it.

Jack's words had served to remind himself as well as her of the fundamental change in their circumstances and he was suddenly very nervous. He thought maybe he should have given her a few days to get used to the idea before coming over, but he'd spent the entire rest of the day since getting back from Washington anxiously waiting to be alone with her. So when he left the mountain, he'd detoured only long enough to get the donuts before heading to her house, but as he stood in her hallway watching her flushed face, fear gripped at his stomach at the idea that he may be rushing her.

The atmosphere in the hallway was becoming decidedly uncomfortable as they both stood facing each other, neither knowing what to say and just the box of donuts Jack still held separating them.

Sam saw the uncertainty that crept into his brown eyes and was unexpectedly struck with the absurdity of it all. Here they were, two people who had known each other for the better part of nine years. Although they'd never been intimate, they knew each other more intimately than most lovers could ever hope to in an entire lifetime and yet they behaved as though they were on a blind date or something. Her amusement led to a sudden certainty that everything would be okay, that they would be okay. A knot Sam hadn't realised she had in her stomach loosened and she had to kerb the impulse to laugh at herself.

Abruptly a small shy smile blossomed over Sam's lips and she ducked her head in that way Jack loved. He watched her as she shook her head slightly and a light giggle escaped her before she lifted her eyes up to him again. They glittered at him with amusement and mischief and his breath caught in his throat at the radiant vision standing before him. The heavy mood dissipated and relief flooded through him.

"What?" He asked, smiling slightly back at her.

"Nothing…just…" Her smile broadened, making small dimples in her cheeks. "Want coffee to go with the donuts?"

"Coffee's good." He replied.

Jack followed her into the kitchen, noting she was wearing the same jeans as the last time. They sat low on her hips and hugged her perfect behind that swayed enticingly as she walked. He swallowed and ripped his eyes away from that particular part of her anatomy to rest on her back where she wore a black top that hung just over her jeans and opened wide at the neck. His eyes fixed to the back of her neck and he so wanted to taste that spot; it wasn't the first time, not by a long shot, but it was the first time he didn't feel guilty about it. Still he forced his eyes to leave her not wanting to get caught ogling her, not yet anyway he thought.

Jack set the box of donuts down on the island bench and leant his hip against the edge as Sam continued on behind it.

He watched her as she prepared the coffee, her back to him. In his mind's eye he could still see the smile she wore earlier in the hallway, he'd wanted to kiss her at that moment just like so many moments before and it occurred to him that now he could, so what exactly was he waiting for? He stepped around the kitchen toward her and she turned around sensing his approach.

Her breath hitched as he stopped less than a foot away from her and she gazed into his dark eyes. She rested some of her weight against the bench behind her, afraid her knees might give way, her palms planted either side of her.

Jack raised his right hand, cupping her cheek as his eyes roamed over her stunning face. He was so very much in love with her; he guessed that they should date and do all the normal things people did when they were getting to know each other romantically, but deep inside himself he felt as though they'd been dating for nine long years, so why in the hell hadn't he kissed her yet! He ran his thumb over her lips bringing his left hand to her other cheek.

His broad palms were warm against the skin of her cheeks, his long fingers threading into her hair over her ears. They engulfed her face and as his eyes settled on her lips, his thumb running across them in the softest touch, she had never in her life felt more beautiful. Her body left the bench without conscious thought and she leaned slightly toward him, her hands finding his waist.

That slight movement was all he needed and he leaned slowly in toward her pulling her gently toward him and tilting her face up to meet his.

He kissed her.

She felt the nicest warm tingle in her stomach as he kissed her and then she tasted him and he tasted just how he smelled and she'd always loved how he smelled. The warm tingle spread throughout her limbs and she felt her body react to him immediately. But the intensity of the moment drove all rational thought from her mind and all she could do was feel.

He'd intended it to be a quick kiss, the way first kisses usually are; but now that he could taste her, their tongues sliding together, he found he couldn't get enough; he couldn't tear his lips from hers, so he kissed her long and slow and deep. He felt her right hand trail up his chest sending shock waves through his entire body. He'd never felt quite like this before; empowered and helpless at the same time. But this was Carter. Christ! He was kissing Carter and she was kissing him back and by god she could kiss and this was way better even than that sweet kiss in the time-loop. When her fingers reached the bare flesh of his neck and continued on to rest at the nape behind his head he thought his skin had caught fire and all thought, beyond his immediate roused senses all focused in on her, faded away.

He wanted more; he needed more. His lips trailed down her jaw, to her neck and she tilted her head for him giving him better access as he tasted her skin. Holy crap! She tastes like vanilla.

He stopped, forcing himself to pull his lips from her sweet, tender flesh before he lost all control.

"Sam…we should give it time, you know take it slow." He grated out hoarsely.

Sam blinked, "Slow?" She said. He wants to go slow?! What nine years wasn't slow enough for him?!

"You're probably right." She said, she didn't want to seem desperate, even though she really was…for him.

And then he was kissing her again and…oh God!

He meant it, really he did, but not for his sake, for hers. He wanted her, he really, really did, but he didn't want her to feel pressured into anything. Oh God but her lips were so soft, her mouth addictive and he couldn't stop kissing her.

She pulled her lips away slightly, "How long have you been a civilian now?" she asked breathlessly her lips brushing across his every now and then as her mouth formed the words.

"Err…" Was she asking him to think? His eyes left hers briefly to glance at the clock on the microwave oven before returning. "Eleven hours."

"That's six hundred and sixty minutes Jack." She informed him, lips brushing tantalisingly over his again. Huh? His brows furrowed in confusion, what the hell was she talking about? "Thirty nine thousand, six hundred seconds." She added with a cheeky smirk and he understood. "Is that time enough?"

He grinned, "Well when you put it that way…plenty." He said before pulling her head to him for a fierce kiss.

Her hands slipped under the shoulders of his jacket and he released her only long enough to shrug out of it letting it fall to the floor. Their lips parted just as her hands found the flesh under his shirt and her arousal shot up as she felt the involuntary contractions of his firm abdominal muscles under her fingers. She had never been so turned on just by a man's reaction to her touch.

Electric bolts shot through her fingers and into him where she touched his stomach and waist; he watched as her lips turned a deep cherry red and damn she was the hottest thing he'd ever seen.

With one hand splayed over her back and one threaded through her hair at the back of her head he pulled her into him and pressed his lips to hers again, unable to contain the passion demanding release any longer.

They moved together stumbling through the house toward the bedroom, lips parting only when absolutely necessary and leaving a trail of hastily discarded clothing along the way.

Their coupling was not frenzied but neither was it slow. It couldn't be, as intense and deep emotions buried for too many years erupted and crashed over them. They were helpless to the sheer force of it, caught in the powerful current as it carried them away together.

Jack moved reluctantly off her and to his side, not wanting to crush her. His chest and hers still heaving, he gathered her in his arms, holding her to him desperately. He clenched his eyes shut, it was too much. He felt the tiny drop on his neck where her head was buried and he knew if he opened his eyes and looked at her, he just might lose it. So he held her tightly and she wrapped her arms around his back, crushing herself to him.

Neither of them knew how long they'd lain pressed together like that when Sam shivered.

"Sam?" Jack called quietly.

"Hmm?" She hummed into his neck and he could feel her smiling. He couldn't help the grin that escaped him at the sweetness of it.

"You're cold." He said. She moved her head back to glance up at him, her eyes practically glowing as she showed him that smile, before tucking her head back into his neck. "Sam, whilst I'd be more than happy to stay right where I am, I'm gettin' a little chilly here too and…well there's a problem with the blankets."

She giggled up against him and it was the most incredible feeling in the world to him – holding Sam Carter, feeling her body shake as she laughed – he was determined to repeat that as often as he possibly could, though maybe not when they were buck naked, that could be bad for his ego.

She shifted again, this time tilting her head down to look at them on top of the bed, her heart constricted at the sight of his long, strong legs entangled with hers and then she realised what he meant before she gazed back up at him with a bight smile. In their haste earlier, they hadn't bothered to pull down the bedding and were lying across the bed. She was suddenly very glad she'd invested in the King.

"Jack?" She murmured burying her face into his neck again and pressing a soft kiss against his skin.

"Sam." He replied roughly, swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat when he heard his name, his actual given name, on Sam's lips. He pressed his lips against her temple, his arms tightening involuntarily around her.

She tightened her grip on him in return, savouring the feel of his arms and his lips and drawing his scent in deeply before she continued. "We've still got those donuts." She felt his lips thin into a smile against her skin.

"True, and coffee." He replied, loosening his grip on her as she shifted her weight.

She adjusted her position so they were face to face, her head resting on his firm bicep. He kissed her lips softly and she graced him with a dazzling smile.

Abruptly Sam poked him in the chest, "Come-on General, Krispy Kreams wait for no man." She said, raising herself to her elbows before sitting up fully. Her brows creased in confusion, her head turning as she searched the room. Oh right, their clothes didn't manage to make the trip to the bedroom. She could feel the blush spread over her skin and silently cursed her fair complexion, but refused to acknowledge it. Spotting her underwear on the floor, she rose nimbly from the bed and made her way there.

Jack watched her as she sat up, slightly taken aback, but monumentally pleased at her playful attitude. She called him 'General' and for the first time ever, he actually liked it – was that wrong? Still he preferred to hear her say his name. Surprisingly it wasn't awkward or embarrassing. They'd come together so easily, as though they'd been doing this with one another their whole lives. He noted the colour that spread across her pale shoulders, up her neck and, no doubt, over her face as she scanned the room for her clothing and he smirked. His eyes were fixed on her as she left the bed and unashamedly retrieved her underwear. He hadn't really had the time to look at her before, but he did now. She was gloriously naked and she was a goddess! He felt himself stir and knew that if he hadn't just been so totally satisfied, he would have had her back in that bed with him.

She felt his eyes on her but refused to feel self-conscious about her nakedness, or at least to let it show. He'd seen her naked before anyway she reminded herself, it was inevitable in their line of work, though at the time she knew he had made a serious effort not to look at her. This time however he allowed his eyes to rove over her body freely. She snuck her own glimpse at his prone form. He was tanned, his body chiselled and strong. Obviously flying a desk for nearly two years had had no effect on his fitness. She knew he had kept up his field fitness regime in the gym but…wow! His muscles were taut and well defined, and they rippled enticingly under his skin with his every movement and he was very lucky she didn't jump him right there…again.

Jack managed to duck out of the way just in time as his boxer trunks came sailing through the air and Sam disappeared into the bathroom that adjoined the bedroom. He leapt out of the bed and pulled them on before going off in search of his other clothes.

He felt her enter the room as he bent to recover his leather jacket from the kitchen floor. Apparently she'd already found her jeans, but he saw her pulling her black top over her head and his blood pressure shot up when he realised she hadn't bothered with her bra. God! Her clothes were rumpled and her hair was messy; she was perfection!

Sam ran her hand through her short hair trying to smooth her wayward locks as she slid past him and behind the kitchen island. Jack sat himself down on one of the stools as she finished making the coffee. He knew he had a silly smirk plastered to his face but he couldn't seem to make it go away and he found he didn't give a damn.

"By the way, thanks so much for the requisition forms you left me." She said with a smirk as she brought the full cups over and sat on the stool next to him.

"You sayin' I did that deliberately Sam?" He said opening the donut box for her. "Shame on you!"

She shot him a disbelieving look.

"Okay, okay, but you know you're way better than me at the paperwork stuff." He grinned, both cheeks dimpling and she couldn't take her eyes off him.

She reached up, softly touching his roughened cheek with the tips of her fingers. She'd always wanted to feel those deep indentations. Her touch was tentative though as she realised she didn't know if he would mind being touched this way, but her fears were allayed when he moved, his tender eyes capturing hers.

He covered the back of her hand in his larger one and kept his gaze on her as he softly pressed his lips to her wrist. He found he loved the way her eyes closed when he kissed her there. She opened her eyes with a soft smile and he released her hand.

She turned back to her coffee, "I am not better than you at paperwork, I just don't procrastinate."

"Pro-what?" he said, unable to keep the amusement out of his voice.

She giggled silently at his dumb-ass act, her shoulders shaking.

Her brows furrowed slightly in thought and Jack leant over running his thumb over the small crease between her brows.

"Carter, I can hear ya thinkin'." He said. She giggled again and damn!

"I was just thinking…" Her smile brightened as he raised an eyebrow at her, "I guess…" She paused as she tried to find the words, he waited. She waved her hand between them, "This…between us…I thought it might be…"


"Awkward, but…"

"It's not."

"No, not at all. And that's what's…"


"Exactly." She grinned at him and when she heard his quiet chuckle she felt her heart nearly leap out of her chest. He never laughed audibly – or at least it was so rare as to be next to never. It was better than when she'd heard his alternate laugh; this was Jack, the real Jack, her Jack.

He jumped off the stool, "Right back." He said and headed toward the bathroom. When he returned he found her on the sofa in the living room flicking quickly through the stations on the television set, the donuts and their drinks on the coffee table in front of her.

"Hey." He said, seating himself close to her. She shot him a smile but her eyes returned to the TV as she continued hopping channels; he'd never pegged her as a channel surfer. "Hey that was the Simpsons." He said as she flicked right passed it.

She stopped depressing the remote button on some weird foreign movie with subtitles and turned to him with upturned lips. "We have every station known to man at our disposal and you want to watch Simpsons reruns?"

Jack was not unaware of her turn of phrase and he was absurdly happy about how it sounded.He was distracted from his musings as he gazed at her luscious lips, he was sure there was a little icing still in the corner of her mouth and he wanted to taste it.

"But it's the Simpsons." He said petulantly.

"Jack…are you pouting?" Sam laughed, a sweet sound in his ears.

"No! USAF Generals do not pout." He replied.

"Well then it must just be the retired ones." She said playfully, God he was adorable! "Fine, I'll make you a deal. I'll watch the Simpsons with you, if you watch Futurama with me."

Both his eyebrows shot up in surprise, "You like that show?"

"Yeah, I think it's clever."

"It's sci-fi." Jack said with distaste.

"It's made by the same people who made the Simpsons." Sam defended.

"Yes…but it's sci-fi." He said as though this explained everything.

"It's funny."

"So that's the deal hah?" He asked.

"Take it or leave it." She replied lightly.

"Fine." He surrendered and she immediately switched the television to the appropriate station. Jack studied her a moment as the glow from the TV flickered over her face in the dim lighting of the living room. "Sam? How come I didn't know about this?" The truth was he sometimes watched Futurama too and quite enjoyed it, but he'd never admit to it, not even if they threatened him with the Tok'ra Zanex thingy. But he was genuinely surprised that his own personal super-genius watched it.

She regarded him and shrugged, "I guess it never came up." She lifted her coffee from the table and snagged one of the donuts, before settling back comfortably on the sofa.

The credits for the TV show started running and Jack snatched the remote off Sam's lap - apparently she was a remote Nazi - shutting the television off. She blinked at him and smiled, they'd shared a comfortable silence, broken only by their occasional comments and snickers as they'd watched both programs and Jack was surprised and happily relieved at how comfortable they were together. Not a single 'sir' came from her lips and she engaged him the kind of playful banter he'd always secretly yearned to share with her. He'd seen glimpses of it but it was so rarely directed at him and when it was it was a somewhat diluted version.

Jack slid forward to the edge of the couch displacing her legs that had somehow both ended up draped over one of his and replaced his second cup of coffee on the table in front of him.

She watched him as he brought the fingers that had recently held his third donut to his mouth, licking the sticky icing off. She was mesmerised by the sight of his tongue and his lips closing over each finger; the bite sized piece of her own donut lay forgotten in her hand.

He felt her eyes on him and turned his head slightly, catching her staring at him and froze for a moment, his thumb still in his mouth. Was she…? He slowly and deliberately withdrew the digit and a lopsided smirk appeared on his face. He slid back into the couch and grasped the wrist of the hand that still hovered in the air in front of her. Her eyes met his and he saw her chest expand as her breathing rate increased. Her reaction had his own pulse quickening.

Plucking the small desert out of her hand, he touched her lips with it and pushed it onto her tongue when she opened her mouth for him. Quickly licking the icing off his own fingers, he drew the hand he held to his lips. Slowly, methodically, his eyes never leaving hers, he sucked each delicate finger into his mouth. It was hard to believe, Jack thought vaguely, what these same graceful fingers could do with a P90.

Holy Hannah! She wanted to close her eyes at the sensation of his lips over her fingers but found she couldn't take her eyes off his.

He removed the final finger from his mouth and used his other hand to cup her cheek. Her chest was heaving now and his eyes were drawn to her lips as her tongue darted out to lick at the icing that was left in the corner of her mouth. His eyes darkened until they were almost black. This time he intended on tasting it so he leant in, his lips closing on the left corner of her mouth and his tongue flicked out.

"Jack…" She breathed against his lips, her free hand threading through the short strands of his untamed hair. Her breath was coming short and fast as she turned her face, forcing his lips into more direct contact with hers.

The kiss was fiery and intense; pure undiluted passion.

He felt rather than heard the hum that flowed from her throat and Jack thought he might just die from the taste of her and the exquisite pleasure of it all.

God! The man could kiss! Every fibre of her being was electrified and her body, her very soul sang for him.

He released her wrist and allowed his hand to find her back, slipping under her shirt to find her smooth skin. He broke the kiss, both of them panting, her sweet breath washing over his face. They were getting carried away again, and though ordinarily Jack wouldn't mind, he wanted to take his time, he wanted it to last so he could know every part of her. She latched onto his earlobe, sucking it into her mouth before biting gently and running the tip of her tongue over it. Shit!! "Sam…bedroom." He said, his voice coming out as a husky growl.

Sam bit her swollen bottom lip; that had to be the sexiest voice she'd ever heard. She took his hands in hers and rose to her feet and with a slight tug he followed her.

As they neared the bedroom his eyes found the spot on the back of her neck that he'd been studying earlier and, in his current condition, he just couldn't help himself. Disentangling his fingers from hers, he gripped her waist and pressed himself into the back of her, lips fastening onto her neck. Her quiet moan nearly undid him.

He spun her around for another kiss, swallowing her gasp. The fingers of one of her hands threaded through his hair, the other grasping his nape while his large, hot hands ventured under her shirt again, sliding up her sides and over her back.

"Jesus Sam, I can't stop touching you." He rasped against her lips.

"Don't Try." She breathed.

He stilled, staring intently into her blue eyes, he'd been rather successfully trying not to touch her for years, but now…She allowed him to search her eyes, to find what he needed. They shone brightly at him as a small smile graced her lips.

"You're mine." He said huskily as though it was a statement of fact, but she knew he wouldn't move another muscle until she confirmed it.

"Always." She said firmly. His eyes blazed and he kissed her hard, possessively. His lips trailed to her neck and, whispering, she repeated "always" into his ear.

Jack became a raging inferno at these possessive words, he needed to own her, he needed to be owned by her. All thoughts of slow and passionate fled his mind. He moved forward forcing her backward, pinning her soft body up against the wall and he took her then, hard and fast and she called his name as they both climaxed together.

Breathing heavily he held her, her legs still wrapped around him, his head buried into her shoulder. Reality returned to him and with it a sudden fear. Had he hurt her? Had he offended her? It was only their second time together – and in the same day – and he'd just had sex with Carter up against a wall. He felt like crap at the prospect that he may have hurt her, this…what he felt for her went way beyond sex, as mind-blowing as it was, it could never be just that with her, and he didn't want her to think it was. He slowly pushed himself away from her, allowing her to lower her long legs to the ground and forced himself to look into her face inches away from his. She was flushed red. He tried to say he was sorry, but nothing came out. Her brows furrowed as he looked at her.

She knew that look on his face - self-recrimination - and there was no way she was letting him get away with that, especially for something as incredible as this.

"Jack O'Neill," She said sternly. "Don't you dare apologise!"


"Uh ah…" She said, using one of his favourite exclamations and putting two fingers over his lips to silence him. "You don't think I could have stopped you if I wanted to?"

It was true, she could probably kick his ass, or at least give him a serious run for his money – was it wrong to be seriously aroused by that fact?

She leaned into his ear and whispered, "I didn't want you to stop Jack." She moved back again so she could look him in the eyes, "And you didn't hurt me." She smiled widely, "That was amazing."

His features shifted as he relaxed and his cocky smirk returned, making her heart flutter.

She kissed him softly, "Stay?"


Sam woke abruptly sensing that something was amiss. Jack's arms were no longer wrapped around her, but she could sense him behind her. She felt the mattress dip as his weight shifted and she switched a lamp on before rolling onto her back.

"Jack?" She called faintly. He was sitting up on the side of the bed, but turned his body toward her when she called.

"Sorry, didn't mean to wake ya." He said, blinking in the soft light.

His brows were drawn together. Sam knew there was something on his mind but she knew better than to prod, so she lay silently and waited, trying not to allow her personal fears to show. Was he going to leave? Tell her it was all some big mistake? After a time he continued.

"Ya know, when I came over I didn't…I should have told you…Sam…ah crap!" He growled running his hand through his hair in frustration. "Ya know I'm no good with words…"

Sam's fears evaporated as she suddenly understood what he was trying to say and knew how hard it was for him to say it. The fact that he was trying meant so much, but Jack was a man of action not words.

She sat up and raised her hand to his handsome face.

Sam silenced his stammering with two fingers to his lips. Jack gazed into her loving eyes as she spoke.

"It's ok, you don't have to say it Jack." She said softly.

"You deserve to know." He murmured into her fingers. She smiled and it was that smile the one he knew now was only for him; it did incredible things to his blood pressure and heart rate.

"Any jerk can say the words Jack. I don't need to hear the words…just…show me."

God Sam was incredible! He'd tried to tell her that he loved her because he needed her to know, he didn't want her to think differently. He remembered how Sarah had always complained that he never said the words and he so didn't want to screw this up just because of his emotional handicap. But Sam, she knew him. She knew words weren't his thing and she could read him in a way no one else ever could – with Sam he didn't need words, she would understand without them.

Sam only needed him to show her how much he loved her. Actions, he was no good with the talking thing, but actions he could do. He took her lovely face in his palms and felt the electrical charge as her fingers slid from his mouth to caress his chin down to his neck and collar bone. Slowly he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her. He kissed her long and slow, when he finally released her lips he saw the flush in her cheeks and the rapid breaths she was taking. He smirked at her, tilting the right corner of his mouth up and deepening the long dimple in his cheek.

He had no idea what that smirk could do to a woman's insides.

"Show me." Sam repeated breathlessly.

So he did.

Jack's love for this woman swelled in his chest at her words and he was determined that she would never again doubt how goddamn much he loved her. He would show her, all the time, in every way, beginning with this way.

He kissed her again, more passionately. The heat building up between them, he brought his hands to her back and gently pushed her back down on the bed. He made love to her then. Not frantically, not desperately, but deliciously slow. He kissed and caressed every inch of her, worshipping her, and when she reached up to take him, he batted her hands away. Being Sam, she understood, he wanted to do this for her, to show her. She let him.

"Jack! …Oh God!" She gasped as she reached her peak, clenching around him and he followed her only a moment after, her name "Sam…" roughly escaping through his gritted teeth as the passion tore through him.

He was spent, but not wanting to hurt her he made to roll off her but she tightened her grip on him with her legs and arms. She wanted him to stay there he realised.

Oh thank God! He really didn't want to move, he liked where he was. He allowed his full weight to gently fall on her, pressing her into the soft mattress and buried his face into her. He felt her contented sigh in his ear as she relaxed under him. He pushed his arms under her shoulder blades, his hands gripping her shoulders as he dropped light kisses onto her neck and shoulder because, really he just couldn't stop. He thought idly that maybe he was addicted to her bare skin.

Sam lay with him atop her, still buried deeply inside her, as she caught her breath. She caressed his hair lovingly and with her other hand she ran long strokes over his taught shoulder and down his muscular back. She loved the feel of his firm body under her hands.

She could still feel the current running through her and the warm tingle in her neck and shoulders where his lips touched. She had never felt passion this strong for any one, nor love this great. She had never been with anyone who affected her the way Jack did and she was amazed at her own body's response to him, every single time he touched her. She could still hear the way he called her name - almost reverently.

She turned her face toward him so her lips were by his ear and he tightened his arms around her as she breathed, "I love you too Jack."


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