by Blue Dreamer

Disclaimer: Basara and everything affiliated with the anime/manga is not owned by me. Tamura is the rightful creator…

Synopsis: Beware spoilers of the manga/anime. I've decided to make my own ending of the story. I just hope you'll like my version even though I believe it's hard to match Tamura's style...

Chapter 01: What did he say ?

-"Shuri! Shuri!" Sarasa was crying desperately as the water separated her from the love

-"Sarasa!", Shuri yelled trying to speak as loud as he could "If we don't find each other, here, go to the Red Palace, you hear me, the Red…. Arrrr"

The water pushed them apart one another and the two were not able to do anything against this torrent. It took several hours for the water to drain off and let the people get back to their feet. However, Sarasa was helped by the chief rebel who grabbed her out of the water

-"What are you going to do now little girl?" he asked

-"Fight" she simply answered 'Yes I must fight and get rid of the Red King, then only I will be able to be Sarasa again. I have to become Tatara again to fight the Red King. I have no choice, this is my destiny. Shuri, please wait for me. I have to do his for my family, you understand, don't you Shuri', Sarasa was thinking to herself.

Having decided to become Tatara again in order to fight dictatorship and injustice, Sarasa decided to postpone her search for Shuri 'It's better that way, I must be concentrated'

As Sarasa recovered quickly, Shuri had regained his palace and had decided to finish off with Tatara once and for all. 'Once this rebel killed Sarasa, I promise I'll come and fetch you… and we'd be together, forever'

Irony was taking place as the two heros were hating the person they loved most without knowing. Could anything come out of this or were they bound to be separated?

A few days later, Sarasa thought back of her last seeing with Shuri… "If we don't meet, come to the Red Palace" Shuri had said, but what had he meant by that? 'I know he has some affairs to deal with himself… could he… be hating the Red King as well? That's the only explanation possible. Oh Shuri, I did not want to see you until I kill the Red King. However, having you by my side would be a great support. I hope you'll understand and …'

Sarasa was confused. Nagi, her confident came in and felt her sorrow

-"Sarasa, what's wrong?"

-"Nothing… I…"

-"You'd feel better if you told me"

-"Oh Nagi, I don't know what to do or think"

-"I can tell you're in love, am I not right?" he asked

-"Yes I am…the problem is that I think… I not sure actually…" Sarasa was confused as she did not quite know what Shuri wanted to do at the Red Palace. After all, he may be an ally of the Red King.

-"Little girl, first of all your destiny's to fight injustice and to bring peace back to this country. Then, you'll be able to do whatever you want"

-"I know, I know all of that" Sarasa answered a little sadly "First the mission…for that, I have to become once again Tatara"

As things were discussed between Tatara's troops, they were going to head towards the Red Palace as the Red King's army seemed to be weak at the moment according to one of Ageha's spies. As they came near to the Palace, they decided to stop and put up their camp. Sarasa decided to go to the hot springs near by, hoping to find Shuri their even though she thought he wouldn't be there. She told her people she was going to inspect the surroundings and make sure the place was safe.

As Sarasa got to the hot springs, she let go her hair, in order to have be her real self, a girl. As she approached the water, one of the Red King's guards were there and caught her off guard.

-"What is a beautiful girl like you doing here alone?" he said laughing

-"Get the way out you…"Sarasa said angrily and a little desperate as she had left her sword behind a rock.

The man got hold of Sarasa and put his hand over her mouth in order not to let her cry. He then reached under Sarasa's dress and tried to remove her underwear. Sarasa bit his hand and screamed. Fortunately, her cries were heard. As she was going to get a slap from her assaulter, someone threw a sword right to his heart, killing the guard instantly.

Sarasa turned back to see who her savior was. It was her beloved Shuri. She tried to get on her feet, but as she got such a shock with what just happened to her, and the fact she had Shuri in front of her, she fainted.

The next moment Sarasa woke up, she was in a beautiful room 'Waouh, where I am? Can this be where Shuri lives? It's beautiful' As she looked around, she was surprised by the fact most thinks in the room were red. As then, the door opened, and Sarasa gasped in horror.